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How Empowering Women and Girls Can Help Solve the Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/27/how-empowering-women-and-girls-can-help-solve-climate-crisis

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Very good to see this article by Jimmy Carter and Karin D. Ryan !!

A wave of nostalgia swept over me when I saw Jimmy Carter’s name.

This madness we are all living thru has got to stop.

PS: You know, I watched Peter Paul and Mary’s Christmas Special in New York last night.

We are better than the society we see in the news each day ~

I continue to press the premise in capitalism that inextricably ties it to predation: “Externalization of costs” is the laundered lexicon version of institutionalized DENIAL by a hegemonic system to claw back resources, agency, power and domination. And when that begins to fail - as it ALWAYS WILL - increase the killing machinery and monopolize the communications media industry AND the messaging/narrative.

Most important to note is the temporal realm of this premise: eliminate from consideration from the get-go to “externalize” / dissociate otherwise integral components without which life dies.

sound familiar?

When you read articles like this you are reminded why the GOP serially demonizes Carter and the DNC pretends that he never existed.


God I love Jimmy Carter. I guess he made mistakes in his administration, but he kept us from attacking Iran when he had plenty of provocation and for that he lost the presidency, when he should have been knighted or something! And when you compare him to that slimy POS Oblahma, who lied to us for 8 years and handed us over to corporate rule, and is now attacking the Progressives IN HIS OWN PARTY, Jimmy Carter IS a knight, still fighting to restore power to the people: a true Democrat.

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Also, the consistent trend, as women gain in autonomy, they subsequently have fewer children on average.

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Project Drawdown climate change solutions #6 and #7.

Surprised this wasn’t referenced in the article.