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How Europe Played Greece


How Europe Played Greece

Alex Andreou

"They have decided to strangle us, whether we say yes or no", said a Greek woman to me yesterday. "The only choice we have is to make it quick or slow. I will vote "oxi" (no). We are economically dead anyway. I might as well have my conscience clear and my pride intact."


“There is a terrifying poetry to that, since the entire crisis was caused by too much phantom money in the first place.”

“Phantom money”, I love the term. /s



Marx called it fictitious capital.


Read this paragraph and then contemplate how the pervasive use of the WE pronoun spreads onto The People the culpability and cost of what’s been done unto them by outside elite agents and agencies:

“Corruption and tax evasion had been rife for decades. Accounts were falsified in order to facilitate entry into the Euro. Unforgivable economic crimes were committed. These weren’t committed by most ordinary people of course - the very people now asked to take on the burden of the follies of our rich oligarchs. Corrupt politicians who passed the country back and forth like a joint were quick to secure their money in Swiss bank accounts. But we must share in a collective responsibility for them. We all knew what was going on and we either became part of it or didn’t rebel soon enough or loudly enough.”

A common staple of warfare is to use words & language to demonize an enemy prior to any actual attacks.

In today’s economic war against citizens, a parallel strategy is being used that insists that everyone–that great homogeneous WE–is responsible.

This is a clever form of propaganda that passes beneath most persons’ cognitive radar. And it’s particularly useful in allowing the perpetrators of all sorts of damning and dangerous policymaking to go scot-free while all “the little people” are told they hold the blame.

And by the way, this kind of messaging works because it coincides with the long-standing belief in sin propagated by Bible authorities and those who adhere to traditional patriarchal faiths.
I think it’s useful to point out the parallels to Ukraine here, too. The former head of the nation understood that accepting the bargain with the devil" propped up by Europe’s Central Bankers would have meant awful austerity and an inevitable contraction of the economy. He said no, and the next thing you know, a coup is orchestrated, an Official Narrative blaming Putin is put in place; and the people in Ukraine will be held to debt usury which is the new custom of war-by-economic-practices.

This is probably going to signal the demise of the E.U. Spain will carefully observe what’s going on, as will Italy, and perhaps both will find ways to utilize “The Iceland model.” It’s also a strategic time for the BRICS nations to step in…

What’s most mortifying is that the entities pushing these miserable policies and so enthusiastically spreading suffering around have mountains of wealth already.

Some C.D. “revolutionaries” push for a voters’ house-cleaning without understanding that today’s foe to liberty are global corporations; and that they are running oppressive agendas that are global in scope. The fact that the fine print within the TIPP and TPP are kept from the public is proof positive that rules of a lot more than trade are about to be enforced without ANY citizen input allowed.


“”“There are consequences beyond the financial. If Europe chooses to create a failed state on the edge of its borders, with a Middle East and North Africa ablaze and a Russia and China looking to expand their influence, the fallout will be unpredictable”"".
This foreboding statement looms large- Maybe the the European Commission (EC), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the European Central Bank (ECB) should start looking towards Greece as an asset, other wise the Greeks may make allies elsewhere…This situation could have unspeakable unintended consequences…
Germany was bailed out in A HUGE way for their “War Reparations” to the West back in the 50’s- Why now punish Greece?


Never mentioned is that Deutsche Bank somewhere around 100T euros in unsecured derivatives contracts.

This is discussion topic on Keiser Report recently. No wonder the German rep on the ECB damns Greece in the media at every chance. If Greece claims its legitimate autonomy from the Goldman Sachs gaming sold to Popandreu by Lloyd Blankfein and John Paulson Deutsche Bank might have to make good on its (whatever it is that they’re calling it today)


“We all knew what was going on and we either became part of it or didn’t rebel soon enough or loudly enough.”

We Americans need to think long and hard about this statement as it fits our country all too well – I don’t want to take responsibility for what our elected terrorists and the Wall St terrorists are doing, especially when this country goes down the tubes like Greece has.


A US college graduate being financially drained by the US government college loan program knows exactly what is happening to Greek citizens … indentured servitude.


No kidding. I was getting the heebie jeebies reading that now that we’re so very close to losing our own democracy to the TPP


Yes, the corporate coup de etat long predicted…and so VERY few know a thing about it. We should all be in the streets


Don’t you worry one little bit.
You will most likely be in the streets soon enough but not for the reasons you are thinking today.
If it works and Greece falls in line who will be next?


Action is half of the equation; but it’s Yang and that’s why you boys identify with it as if it’s the only thing that matters.

Consciousness, and that means thoughts–do hold and contain energy; and consciousness works as the other *(Yin) half of the equation. In this case, the equation I am identifying is that of the ACTUAL transformation of a society as opposed to replacing one group of dominant baboons with another.

You may or may not like David Icke but he makes a lot of solid points, and one is that 10 years ago when he began exposing how the Illuminati operated in its efforts to institute a New World Order, people laughed at him and didn’t attend his talks. Now he attracts viewers into the many thousands. His point is that a shift is taking place and more and more people recognize the extent that trusted authorities lied to them.

That AWAKENING may take place in the mind of a devout Catholic upon learning how the church hierarchy covered up pedophilia in priests.

It may surface when citizens recognize that their paychecks are not meeting basic cost of living expenses, or when they can’t afford to properly educate their children.

It may emerge, as it did in the case of Cindy Sheehan, in seeing her beloved son lost to a war that held no real meaning or necessity.

It’s showing up in the communities on the front lines of fracking, oil spills, burning derailed trains full of toxic materials, and so forth.

And it’s hitting people who–even with medical insurance (odious Obama “care”) are facing bankruptcy due to the cost of treatments.

It’s impacting communities where jobs have migrated overseas, the water is being shut off, or schools shuttered.

It’s said that no government can remain in place if it loses the trust implicit in its contract of looking out for the citizens it arguably represents. THAT threshold has been met.

Millions of people know that the Official Story for 911 is a lie. Millions know there ARE UFOS and possible intervention on this planet. The fact that the Pope spoke about baptizing aliens is the beginning of what many predict to be a long overdue “Disclosure.”

In any case, it is largely the massive shift in consciousness across the globe that will shift the foundation upon which the oligarchs have built their dark temples.

Shift is happening, and collapse in and through the Natural World is part of the calculus.

Taking to the streets is fine. Speaking truth to power and educating wherever one can are also useful. But this next Shift is bigger than what most can imagine or anticipate.


The problem is of course is that shift in Conciousness which I see happening will be met with brutal force and for the first time in Human history the nature of that force could destroy everything.

Further to that the mentality of those in power is that they would rather Rule in hell then serve in heavan.

They are truly disturbed mentally and like a species apart.


The oligarchs believe that their money will allow them to escape the hell that the ones they rule will suffer.


And THAT is what makes them the inbred retards they really are!