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How Extrajudicial Executions Became "War" Policy in Washington


How Extrajudicial Executions Became "War" Policy in Washington

Rebecca Gordon

Think of it as the Trojan Drone, the ultimate techno-weapon of American warfare in these years, a single remotely operated plane sent to take out a single key figure. It's a shiny video game for grown ups -- a Mortal Kombator Call of Duty where the animated enemies bleed real blood.


Why not use technology for the good of people and the planet?


Why am I paying for this?

It's just creating more terrorists!


Excellent summation by Rebecca Gordon. But, just change some of the words around a bit, and her arguments describe the ENTIRE illegality of US aggression since 9/11. Even further back, false reports of a second attack in the Gulf of Tonkin handed a carte blanche ticket to the executive to do whatever he pleased to Viet Nam.

Today we are faced with the prospect of our elected representatives illegally surrendering our national sovereignty; that is what a vote FOR the TPP, or the TTIP, on any so-called "trade" agreement that includes the ISDS represents. It is treason, pure and simple, nothing less. But it will not be such a large step for our intransigent political class, as they have repeatedly, and continue to do so, shirk their constitutional duties. Would we be so worried about the neocon Clinton or the fascist-leaning Trump being elected it we trusted that the Legislature would perform its constitutionally mandated duties?

Both Parties of the closed and non-representative official government are guilty of gross negligence, dereliction of duty, and moral turpitude. It is an illegitimate government. I has acquiesced in breaking international treaty and law by not preventing aggressive US war. It has not investigated, charged, or prosecuted any of the principals responsible for the lies and dis-information that were used to "justify" these wars. "How can you get a permit to do a damned illegal thing?"

The US government now operates outside the boundaries of international norms and law, and fails to exercise its own constitutionally mandated responsibilities. The fact that almost 60% of likely voters are dissatisfied with the pres choices is also strong evidence of the democratic illegitimacy of the US government. It may now just be a rancid stew of "beyond the sell-by date" ingredients, but one of these nightmares will become the next destroyer-in-chief.


History will not be kind to these war criminals and those who support them...


Obama not only uses drones with impunity, he has said this is the new type of war for the future. He is proud of it and fancies it as the cleaner way to wage war. How nice for him. He can (and so will Hillary) wage war all over the world and never get a soldier killed. Why aren't we happy with that?
They could never entertain the idea that peace might be a better choice. They are preparing for and agitating for world war and total domination.
If I believed in heaven and hell, I would have to say the devil is winning. These people are sick in the head. It's a Kakistocracy, or rule by the worst among us. The crazies are running the asylum.


As I read your article, tears of shame are in my eyes. What has happened to the people that are running the US government? Have they no decency as human beings?


The purpose of the drone program, like most military operations, is to enrich the manufacturers of these murder machines. Capitalists will do ANYTHING to ANYBODY in the pursuit of excessive wealth and they will make you pay for it while they reap the profits.


Welcome to government by sociopath. Although psycho and sociopaths make up only a tiny portion of the population, they are heavily over-represented in our government. Where else can you lie unreservedly while the evidence you are lying is often hugely obvious and still keep your job? This is a big lure for sociopaths to go into govt. In fact, people have come to accept politicians are lying and think it is no big deal; just part of "the game.". In any other setting the average sociopath would be fired in a short time...but in politics they can lie morning, noon and night without fear of reprisal. The best liars get lifetime careers and a Congressional medal of freedom as well as roads, buildings and bridges named after them and statues dedicated in their honor where their lying faces are enshrined for posterity as a symbol to youth of the value of a great lie. Don't forget...all governments are serial killers. That is no coincidence.


Of this I am well aware. We just need to make sure people never forget this. Is there room to correct this? Not as long as people keep saying this is the way it has always been (not a critical statement directed at you). Do we need to continue to tolerate such government; such people?


Those imbeciles in the photo no doubt grew up Mortal Kombat and Thrill Kill with the same kind of joysticks. For them, the world is divided into "good guys" and "bad guys." I hear that some of these guys commit suicide. I don't know why they all don't. That's the least they can do for what they have done.


The change of the terrorist acts against humanity is the global scope. The last 100 years imperialist amerika murders in an increasing global scale! The positive side is the empire is collapsing! Suffering eventually brings a fall; the sooner the better!


De acuerdo, yet we must keep on with Right Effort!


The current mass murderer in chief is as evil as the previous ones! Sadly, killary or fascist trump will continue the war on the World.
The People Must get on with the Rebellion!!!


"Silly rabbit! Trix are for kids!"


That's the idea, Tom. The more innocents we kill, the more people will react and therefore become "terrorists."
* The more "terrorists" there are, the greater justification for the Wehrmacht to be expanded and to invade and kill still more people, which creates more enemies, which calls for further expansion.
* It isn't just the banksters who know how to make and profit by a growing market.
* And, they get to do it on our dime!


The only problem is that "History is written by the victors" who often are the ones with the biggest guns. Look at our expanding arsenal.
* Eventually, like all empires, the US Fourth Reich will collapse from its own dry rot, but the cost in lives and misery will be astronomical.


Perhaps in the short term, but eventually they will be revealed and ostracized for the war criminals they are. It has only been recently when the truth about the Founding Fathers is coming to light. As the US empire is in decline, my sense is that these war criminals will be held to answer sooner than later...


Its gonna be a hard fall; but, it must happen!


All empires fail! Imperialist amerika is collapsing Now!