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How "Family Values" Conservatives Are Hurting Families

How "Family Values" Conservatives Are Hurting Families

Livia Gershon

To Lorena Barrientos, the idea that politicians would reduce women’s access to contraception is baffling.

“Do they understand if they cut that off that lots more people are going to be pregnant?” she said.

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The greatest hypocrisy is that for the past three plus decades GOP defunding of family planning in the US and abroad has consistently resulted in HIGHER abortion rates, despite the GOP pretending it is anti-abortion.


Dr Gabor Maté - Why Capitalism Makes Us Sick

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‘Family values’ is merely code for paternalism.

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21st century legislators should be looking at the incipient problems caused by overpopulation…not aggravating it with medieval restrictions on contraception.

Get real, they will just preach personal responsibility at you, state that abstinence works 100% of the time, and that your choices are not their problem. And then turn around and call themselves Christians…


This is about control not compassion or values.

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Yes! And of course the righteous watch Faux News.

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Of course, they are the righteous and mighty and perfect.

Abortions are “evil” for people unless it’s for their own families , and then they will try to hide that. Biggest hypocrites ever.

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“Family Values”

It comes down to whose families are valued, doesn’t it?

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The GOP definitely values impoverished families who work for low wages and volunteer to become cannon fodder when their other job “opportunities” go south.

Thank you. He is brilliant!

Yesterday at my congressman’s town hall meeting a woman asked about ACA and whether the new Republican bill would still cover birth control. Somebody from the “State of Jefferson” contingent booed loudly. But they’re against abortion and against paying for other people’s children, something that affordable access to birth control would help prevent. Go figger.

You are in the state of Jefferson too? I’m planning to finally go to the local Democratic county meeting this week. Figure I might be able to learn something and help boot my tea party congressman out. It’s going to be tough though, but it’s not going to happen if I just sit online.

I’m in El Dorado County, hooked up with one of the progressive groups here (seems to be totally grass roots, as opposed to Indivisible, which seems to be Democratic party). I’m a little leery of hooking up with the Democrats, but know some people with connections.

McClintock is my Congressman, he’s your Congressman too I think. I’m finally getting off my backside to try and do something about it, even if I just make a few copies or something.

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Yep, he’s my congressman too. I’ve been at two of his last four town hall meetings, got to speak at the last one (Oak Ridge High School). My focus is campaign finance reform. There’s also a group trying to get progressive candidates elected/appointed to local positions, a youth group, a health care group, etc. etc. Glad to have you involved.