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How Friends and Family Remember Daniel Berrigan


How Friends and Family Remember Daniel Berrigan

Eric Stoner

Like countless others, including all those whose stories follow, Dan Berrigan had a profound impact on my life. I grew up in a conservative Catholic family and community, and was on the fast track to a very different life as a defender of the status quo. During a college class on nonviolence that I took while interning in the world of private intelligence, I read Dan’s beautiful letter to Ernesto Cardenal — a priest who supported the Sandinista’s armed resistance in Nicaragua.


Thank you, Mr. Stoner. This compilation brings Daniel Berrigan back to life. I wish I had known him, or marched with him.


Seems we've lost a beautifully being, a servant of GOD, with not many in line to replace him. Rest in peace good man , May GOD forgive you.


Thanks Eric. We all will miss him.


During the 70's I attended a retreat conducted by Father Dan
at a retreat center somewhere in Pennsylvania.
During one of his presentations, he said,
''Religion should not be a big, comfortable, stuffed pillow.''
He was a person of action, -- through and through.