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How Gaddafi’s Ouster Unleashed Terror


How Gaddafi’s Ouster Unleashed Terror

Jonathan Marshall

The bloody terrorist attacks in Paris had their genesis not only in the poor Muslim suburbs of France and Belgium, and on the battlefields of Syria, but also in NATO’s operation to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. The Libyan strongman gave the West fair warning at the time that his ouster would give an enormous boost to radical jihadists. Because no one in power listened, thousands have died in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Mali and now France.


He rode through the streets without a "dictator-mobile". Must have been a real tyrant... /s

Who was going to save Africa?


Can we relax, redux, and reflect? There is a better way.


Or you can look at it this way: the manpower for a potential army to take out Assad was available, and they need but be armed. All the abandoned material that the great liberating army of the US left behind in Iraq wasn't quite enough for the task so why not unlock all that Libyan gear?

The author closes by reminding us not to forget our help in creating ISIS. Sheeit - it'd be more honest for us not to forget ISIS help in taking out Assad for us. Maybe we could give them a fast track to citizenship for their service, eh, like we do for other non-citizen soldiers in our "volunteer" army.


King of kings and Lord or lords, and he shall...


Orwell explained how yesterday's enemy becomes tomorrow's ally. This is known. Proof is found in U.S. relations with Germany today, added to that of Vietnam, and so forth.

What this suggests--and the example is brought to life through real events that transpired in Afghanistan--is that all of the weapons supplied to a temporary ally--will almost invariably end up in "enemy" hands.

What better way to ensure a constant supply chain of weaponry to reconstitute the "lost" materials?

Besides, in asymmetric warfare where the developed nations bludgeoning the undeveloped nations naturally have superior weapons, "the fight" can be better sustained if at least some of those more efficient weapons are left behind.

To those who recognize that the modern world is being run by Oil barons, bankers, corporatists, and the MIC... War is the business they strive for. And if "the opponent du jour" can be too quickly "taken out," what would that mean for War As Business... and the assurance of steady profits to the Beast (MIC)?

Libya's split-apart and the blowback it would create were understood from the get-go. The same goes for Iraq where human nature is such that when necessary goods are in short supply, competition will cause old internecine wounds to open. Then, the sectarian conflicts can be blamed as the cause for all the instability.

It's amazing how the real perpetrators of so much global catastrophe set up narratives that blame their victims for being the causative agencies of all the destruction.

This same model operates inside the U.S. as a collection of fascist-lite political whores push the narratives that make "terrorists" (= Muslims) the cause of the various global conflicts while conveniently leaving out the entities that broke into their homes to unleash the response of violence in the first place.

Of course, when media is wholly controlled by those who want war... the public will never hear the true story.


Oh geez let us cut to the chase and not tip toe around it by suggesting the rise of ISIS in the region some unforseen consequence of policy that gave rise to ISIS in the area.

The US armed and supplied ISIS. They are a tool of US Foreign policy and always have been. Their presence in the region is exactly what the Government of the United States of America wanted which is why they trained then and continue to arm and train them.

It is the view of the thugs in power in the USA that once ISIS used to destabilize the Middle East and then Africa wherein "out of concern for Civilians" Western Militaries are inserted to keep the peace and those Nations divided up into smaller more easily controlled entities, that those same ISIS fighters can then be infiltrated into Russia and China to help break those countries up from within.

This article is so much hookum as it later claims ISIS fighters started shipping arms to allies in Syria. It was the US embassy that was organizing that under the guidance of Hilary Clinton. That all these arms "come from plundered Qaddafi Military bases" is just more cover for the true origin of those arms which are coming from Turkey and ultimately are of US origin.

Both Russia and Syria have captured some of these "Isis Fighters" and they are armed with US weaponry. Gaddafi did not buy his weapons from the USA. Gaddafi's ouster did not unleash terror. The United States Government and Western Allies unleashed terror.



She was repulsively glib... https://youtu.be/Fgcd1ghag5Y