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How Gates' Billions Silences Criticism of His Development Agenda


How Gates' Billions Silences Criticism of His Development Agenda

Nick Dearden

In a plutocracy, it’s no surprise that the world’s richest man is one of the most influential voices in the future of global agriculture and healthcare. What’s surprising, is how little that influence is questioned. But if you’re Bill Gates, you can afford to put most potential opponents on the payroll too.


In addition to healthcare and agriculture, Gates is also heavily influencing education, starting with getting as much Microsoft product into schools around the world and funding the ballot initiative campaign that brought charter schools to his home state of Washington.


Excellent analysis, Mr. Dearden... particularly your concluding paragraph:

"The ultimate power of the super-wealthy in our world derives not simply from making something happen – from supporting this initiative rather than that one – but in changing our very language and the way people see the world. The real power of the world’s richest man lies in his ability to coopt and marginalise any accountability."

Gates sees the living world AS a machine.

It's not just capitalism that he's marketing. It's a model of life based on MAN-MADE controls.

Gates wants nature to line up in rows and as Ray mentioned, his view of education sees children's creative, diverse minds as a singular "terrain" to map, render subservient to standardized tests, and thereby exploit.

His disgusting endorsement (and funding) of Monsanto, a company that, having designed Agent Orange is guilty of war crimes speaks for his "moral" vision.

As I have gone on record to state in the past, as the seer (America's "Sleeping Prophet") Edgar Cayce explained, "Many Atlanteans would be reincarnating into America and bringing their genetic technologies along with them."

Gates is a dangerous former Atlantean. Its minds like his intent upon working against life and nature that destined THAT continent for demise. And he's back on track doing likewise for our own.


Other than having lots of money, for what reason should anyone listen to Gates and his "big solutions." A great piece that eloquently encapsulates my thoughts about the super wealthy and their oversized influence on the world.


Something I've noticed among all the rich poeple I've been acquainted with (i.e. people worth more than a million dollars or so - I've never personally known any billionaires of course) is this incredibly conceited belief that they are smarter than me or you. If you try to correct a rich person regarding something you are knowledgeable of and the rich guy isn't - brace for a torrent of scorn!