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How Gov. Scott Walker Is About to Decimate Wisconsin’s Public Schools


How Gov. Scott Walker Is About to Decimate Wisconsin’s Public Schools

Bob Peterson

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is expected to do two things in the next few days: Formally announce his candidacy for for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination and sign Wisconsin’s biennial budget. The first may receive national attention, but it is the second that will disastrously affect Wisconsin if the budget isn’t changed — and that should receive national play.

Buried within the budget are 135 non-budget policy items — a toxic cocktail of attacks on public education, democracy, environmental protections and labor rights.


I became a teacher in 1971 in Racine, Wisconsin. My $7500 contract was enough at the time. If it had been all about the money I would have become a hedge fund manager and make 30,000 times more than I did. Oh, wait… were there even hedge funds at that point?

We went out on strike to have our union recognized by the Racine Unified School District. It worked. They got the point. Scott Walker has undone all of this. Sad.


It’s rather a taboo to mention it, but by placing these two items together, what should become clear is how this type of maneuver is to The Separation Between Church and State what the removal of the Glass Steagall Act was to retaining a wall between Wall St. speculation and official banking:

“Vouchers schools on the whole perform worse than the Milwaukee Public Schools. In the last quarter century, vouchers schools have drained over a billion dollars of taxpayers’ money away from Milwaukee students who depend on the public schools.”

“The budget is also expanding the statewide voucher program, under which tax dollars are funneled into private, overwhelmingly religious schools. (The program is modeled after Milwaukee’s private school voucher program which began in 1990 and which now includes 112 schools and 25,000 students.)”

Like many others, I see a danger in this type of funding since it is pushing a Christian Theocracy with as much respect for diversity and Democracy as is demonstrated by the Taliban. THE outcome in fact would be an American Entrenched Christian Taliban!

This problem is already significant within “military culture” and impacting women’s access to reproductive freedom in too many U.S. hospitals and clinics.

Check this out for the military data:


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Talking Point repeated… ad nauseum regardless of evidence, circumstances, validity.