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How Govt Crackdown on Whistleblowers Betrays Public Interest: Report


How Govt Crackdown on Whistleblowers Betrays Public Interest: Report

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. government is not doing enough to protect national security whistleblowers, leaving those who expose corruption vulnerable to prosecution, undermining valuable information exchange for journalists and the public, and allowing government abuse to run rampant, a new report by a free speech advocacy group published Tuesday has found.


Not mentioned are harsh penalties for violators under the TPP's Intellectual Property chapter dealing with the internet. Further assault on our democracy and freedom.


If everyone who dealt with classified information started talking about what really is being done in our name and paid for by us, we would get a good dose of the shock and awe we give to those who stand in the way of 'our' 'interests'. There would be a mad scramble in the Propaganda Department to discredit all the whistleblowers and the Department of Injustice would be working overtime to put them where no one will ever hear from them again. They can deal with an occasional revealer of the truth because one or two voices aren't usually loud enough to do much damage. But the people like Snowden must be used as an example to others in the know. Better keep my thoughts to myself or there goes life as we know it. He has shown remarkable courage and patriotism. He stuck his neck out to make his country be the reality and not just a false facade. Don't come back, Mr. Snowden until you are assured of a hero's welcome. Your languishing in jail for years and years would certainly dishearten us. It is unbearable to think of Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange caged up.


and what time the next football game is on T.V.


During the 2008 primaries only two issues differentiated Obama from Hillary...1) Hillary supported the Iraq invasion, Obama did not, and 2) Hillary was for an individual mandate in health care reform, Obama was not.

Seeing how 1) Obama as state Senator was not empowered to vote on the Iraq invasion, we will never know how he would have acted in the federal Government at the time, and 2) Obama made the individual mandate the hub of his Affordable Care Act (ACA), the only conclusion a logical person can reach is that there is zero difference between Obama and Hillary.

In view of "the Obama Administration prosecuting more whistle blowers than any other president" why would any logical voter support Clinton who will likely treat whistle blowers as bad or worse than Obama does ?


If you want to know the truth of where Obama is on the political spectrum look no further than his treatment of whistleblowers. Obama has assisted The Right in their war on the truth from the moment he took the oath of office.

All the Obama outrage we have heard from the right is nothing more than a massive smokescreen used to obscure the truth.


Those powers smile broadly when they are criticized by someone picking up their own lexical bludgeon. Reiterating the scorn intended for people most heavily under the extractive thumb; denied generations of efficacious education plus multi-billion$ PR advancement of the divide in describing those most heavily subjected to that perverse societal inversion as "sheeple".
You hand them a second triple header high five by repeating the above in a double-down of projected perverse dehumanization claiming that the 'peasants' care a lot about the bathrooms used by transgender persons "he she it". "It" is used when the speaker adopts an authoritarian position (claiming authorship over the personal agency of another) necessary to the narrative being asserted. It is a subtle but important example of internalization of the divide and conquer strategy repeated in black and white.

More often than not it (the action) occurs in contexts that overwhelm recognition of personhood. That is, a person is rendered a dehumanized instrument (either individual or as a 'class/classification') of aggressive assertion, indeed, sometimes referred to as a verbal 'weapon'.


Yes, but Barack Obama has all the protections in the world when his administration leaks classified information to the news media via a cabinet secretary, the CIA or Pentagon! You know, all of those unnamed sources said!


My experience has been that when someone sets them self up to be the scornful author of the condition of others they tend to have nothing real to say, no real alternatives to propose and adore pointing out with sound and fury - ultimately signifying nothing. You are consistent, I'll grant you that.