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How Greece’s Creditors Trounced Syriza


How Greece’s Creditors Trounced Syriza

Kia Mistilis

As the final votes poured in last January, Greece seemed primed for a political earthquake.

Syriza, the nascent left-wing coalition led by the telegenic Alexis Tsipras, rocketed to power in a decisive vote against the devastating neoliberal economic policies foisted on Greece by its international creditors and implemented by Tspiras’ predescessors.


No doubt the bankers are already divvying up the islands based upon loan amounts. Who will get the Parthenon? Watching this war of conquest is sickening--a betrayal of The Enlightenment.


This is the first example of the future. I am glad to be in my sixties and I fear for the future. Even at my age, I may die a slave in one form or another.

Minimum wage in the United States is just another form of slavery. Enjoy your fast food and crap from big box stores.


The Nazi's actually did win the 2nd WW-
This should be A no brainer for any one supporting any future wars of aggression-