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How Harvey Exposes America's Dangerously Dilapidated Infrastructure


How Harvey Exposes America's Dangerously Dilapidated Infrastructure

Ryan Cooper

Hurricane Harvey is wreaking devastation on Houston and other parts of southern Texas. Rebuilding will cost many tens or perhaps even hundreds of billions of dollars. But what then?

Climate disasters like Harvey illustrate an undeniable fact: American infrastructure is living on borrowed time. We not only need large new investments to bring things up to par, we need a surge of national investment to address the dangers of living in a riskier climate.


America hasn’t invested in new infrastructure, nor rebuilt infrastructure here in the US since that would require a LOT of tax dollars. Currently those tax dollars are going to the military and to the rich through tax cuts. The Interstate Highway system is the last major infrastructure improvement we have undertaken and it was financed by Eisenhower Era tax levels.

Ironically, the ones who whine the most–and thus obstruct–large public works are the rich, the very ones who benefit the most. Around here I hear gripes like, “I don’t want my tax money going to build/fund…” And from the same complainers, “I built/earned my own wealth with NO HELP from the government, so why should I let the Government steal my earned money/tax me?”

Those cry-babies don’t seem to realize they can’t have it both ways!


“Those crybabies HAVE had it both ways” for more than three decades… at our expense.

Saint Ron, who accelerated that paradigm more than anybody else is more loved and revered today by the “crybabies” AND many of the folks that paradigm continues to hurt, than he has ever been loved and revered.


Politicians are getting richer and MIC profits are terrific … what could possibly go wrong ?


Texas free market economy has allowed all development in high risk areas.
I am not in favor of bailing out their greed and ignorance.