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How Human Rights Laws Help Keep Us Safe


How Human Rights Laws Help Keep Us Safe

William Schulz

Maybe we can blame it on an evolutionary response to danger, but at times of crisis human beings tend to default to the extreme. “All Muslims could be terrorists.” “Keep all refugees out.” “Nowhere is safe.” The more frightened we become, the more we are tempted to adopt simple solutions to complex, even intractable, problems. The recent events in Beirut, Paris, Mali, Colorado Springs and San Bernardino have put all of us on edge.


We need to go up the chain of events and place a magnifying glass upon the neocons that drive the metaphorical child into the pool in the first place. With luck and proper positioning, the sun--being the most effective disinfectant--will shine through the glass and burn these devils out of their hidey-holes (often in plain sight).


i find it odd that shultz acknowledges the fact that the u.s. bombing campaign is a major cause of throwing so many hapless people into a state of crisis, yet not one word of this essay suggests that this exceptional nation stop warring. he speaks of living up to "our highest national traditions" and america's responsibility for helping these displaced people after bombing and droning them out of their homeland. i guess war is the one national tradition shultz sees no reason to stop.


An evolutionary response to danger? I think not. Historically it could be said to be a systemic premise reflecting a perversion of the siloing into the contentious and frayed concept of 'human nature' floating in a centuries old, polluted pool of exclusion for isolating and colonizing for 'resources'. It also premises 'human rights' on whether or not those addressed can 'serve' the former premise. When this is politicized in that silo It does default to internalized 'terror' of being forced to live out of the creative spectrum of natural balance. Human nature exists only to the extent that it resonates in full natural spectrum - something being ripped apart by predatory, extractive premises dominating 'capitalism' as all-powerful, profligate corporate behemoths.

Safe from what and free from what? The consequences perhaps of an extractive premise requiring killing and destruction so that a failed premise that requires lying and secrecy so that it can maintain its delusional bells and whistles of hegemony?

A drowning child? Why not an ethical basis of being permitted to exist in the full spectrum of natural diversity with language and practices in harmony with 'nature', place and needs?

I am reminded that 'sacrifice' - what one is willing to give up, reflects what is held as 'sacred'.


"Let’s assume that that child ended up in the pool by dint of some action of our own. There is good reason to believe that ISIS exists today in good measure as a consequence of the U.S. invasion of Iraq."

Prosecute the Bushites!

Instead, the oligarchy places a bust of Cheney in the Capitol.


"There is no better symbol of such an embrace than the Statue of Liberty."

And she is confined to an island offshore of the USA. Rather like those incarcerated in the Guantanamo Bay torture camp.