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How ICE and Other DHS Agencies Mine Social Media in the Name of National Security

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/05/how-ice-and-other-dhs-agencies-mine-social-media-name-national-security

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Last summer I stopped along the Mississippi River at Hannibal, Missouri and spent some time ruminating at a statue of Mark Twain. Twain was a great person of the World who happened to be an American. Yes, those terms were order purposefully by me in order of their significance. “National Security”. I sit in unrequited awe of what Twain would have done with that term. Or Voltaire. Laughter truly is the best medicine. The sociopaths that pervade history, past, present, and future are all laughable on many levels. The tragedies they have wreaked and continue to induce are not, however. The world needs a break from them.


In a related development:



If this is not a sure sign of the stealthy approach of authoritarian fascism, I don’t know what is! We are frogs in a pot of water, and it is steadily warming.

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This is about gov’t agents making themselves look busy like they are doing something when in fact they are accomplishing nothing. However, it doesn’t matter because its all politically correct behavior in the eyes of republicans. So, you can count on republicans doing nothing to stop this wasteful expenditure of gov’t resources- our taxes!

The question IMO shouldn’t be “is it effective?”, but “is it legal?”, and if not why is a federal agency breaking the law with no push-back?

They need to spend less time mining social media and more time keeping them alive until their status is decided.

Hi UnclePo:
This is horrifying! But then, I suppose that the police and the government will have to start hiring food tasters and arrange to have medical work and dental works done outside of Australia. : ( Yes, the People get angry when their human rights are destroyed!
But then as Australia would not stand up for its own citizens, Julian Assange, then who is surprised that this has happened. Does ABC news stand fir Australia Broadcasting System----or is the ABC the one on America? If so----whoa!

This is absolutely chilling to the bone, and soul.