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How in 2015 Political Leaders Fanned the Flames of a Country 'Awash' in Hate



Eat Hateys and Fearios and start your day out right!


I think this article is misleading. From my point of view, there are a lot more groups awash in love. Bernie Sanders is proof of that and too many others to name here.


For more than half a century corporations and the politicians they own have been so successful at increasing profits and winning elections by pushing the 99%'s fear and greed buttons that they are going to ignore at best, or destroy at worst Bernie and others who actually offer the 99% viable improvements.

Although Trump gets uber air time because he is second to none at pushing Murkins' fear and greed buttons, he is simply vocalizing what all the other GOP contenders think and will act upon if elected.

The media ignores or demonizes "groups awash in love" and hides the fact that Bernie offers real solutions because the media and corporations that own them make huge profits pushing Murkins' fear and greed buttons.


Well said! Too bad the corportocracy of greed and hate rule.


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You've made a good point, Cookies.

As the saying goes: A wounded bear is the most dangerous animal in the Big Horn.


I think the article is perfectly accurate. These hate groups pose a real danger to this country and its people overall. If the media didn't expose these hate groups for who they really are, what they stand for, and what they say, the media wouldn't be doing its job.


Actually, I'm more concerned with the indifference in this country. Yes, there are a few loud mouths who spew hate, but the vast majority of Americans are apathetic and indifferent to their president's war crimes; to the administration's ties with right-wing demagogic leaders in Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey; to the irrational policy of regime change; and to the constant harping on Russia in order to initiate another Cold War. These are issues that can terminate life on earth as we know it. And the indifference of the American people to these issues -- the lack of protest or even serious critique -- is appalling.


Yes, the hate groups are small potatoes compared to the gargantuan hate groups that threaten our whole planet; besides these small hate groups love the publicity and the exposure because it brings them more hate mongers! Also, it is a red herring that diverts the attention from the biggest hate group of all: THE MILITARY,INDUSTRIAL,CONGRESSIONAL,COMPLEX!


The oligarchy has pretty much eliminated the young minority with their WOD/private prison establishment and coopted the elderly evangelical minority vote with by bribing its churches.

What will they think of next?