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How It Came to This: A Palestinian's View


How It Came to This: A Palestinian's View

Muhanned Tull

RAMALLAH, West Bank -- First there was a small explosive sound, then a terrible piercing whistle that I could feel in my hair and skin. Then a huge explosion as an Israeli missile toppled the Voice of Palestine transmission tower about 300 yards from where I was talking with a friend. Terrified, we ran inside and turned on CNN--where, a little later on Thursday, we saw that Madeleine Albright was calling on Yasser Arafat to get Palestinians to drop their rocks. We stared at the TV in disbelief.


i’ve read about stories like how soldiers would pelt school children walking to school with rocks. how israel bombs everything saying they are being used for cover. we still aid israel with aid and weapons and call upon the palestines for peace.