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How John Bolton Tricked Clueless UK Tories Into Confrontation With Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/23/how-john-bolton-tricked-clueless-uk-tories-confrontation-iran

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Kind of funny in a nuclear confrontation sort of way.
And the Brits are seemingly as hapless and doltish as the USians… And now they have BoJo at the helm… He and JoBo are two of a kind.
The inmates really are running the asylum…


Madness; we are ruled by madmen (and women)!

Meanwhile, off the coast of Yemen, an oil tanker with over a Million barrels of crude, stranded by the war, has deteriorated over the years and may explode or its hull breach releasing an environmental catastrophe.
None of the combatants will make a move to stop the impending disaster and the UN - that toothless fraud - lacks the power to force any change.
And still the worlds “leaders”, AKA state terrorists and psychopaths, build more weapons, talk more war and destruction, and capitalist exploitation/usury rules the day, as they foment racist hatred, ignore the poor and helpless, watch the planet burn and the mass extinction accelerate, as if nothing was really wrong - madness!
The “religious” nutters believe Jesus, you know, will come-back and fix everything. Beside this isn’t the real world, that comes after death - nothing to see here, move along, move along - Wheel of Fortune is on at 8.


What is this silliness about being “tricked”? Phone call is made…“Get it done.” And our puppets in the UK seize the Iranian ship.

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This also illustrates the mindset of the persons who currently serve in a nations Military and especially those all but worshipped “Special ops” forces. The military unit that performed these actions did as they were ORDERED to do even as it was a War crime under international law. IN no way shape or form was the orders the british soldiers following lawful orders.

This is what in fact distinguishes the Special Forces units form regular military units. They are part of the “elite” because they will do anything they are ordered to do even if it involves the murder of children. This also why the Western Militaries now favor volunteers over conscripts. A person that volunteers to join a nations Military , and especially the Militaries of the World that have a history of committing such crimes , are much more likley not to have a conscience in such matters.

Just as the Government of the United Kingdom showed itself to be a lapdog to the United States of America and thus the 1 percent , the soldier that blindly follows these orders is a lapdog to their Government and by extension the 1 percent.


Oddly enough, evidently Trump has been dissing Bolton as the main man
for 'NUKE 'EM" … whatever the nation is.

Oh my!! I had not heard this… insanity…

Britain underestimated Iran. Iran is a major global player now. They are contending with the US, and coming out on top.