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How Libertarian Theology and Trump Are Destroying the Internet—and America


How Libertarian Theology and Trump Are Destroying the Internet—and America

Thom Hartmann

Check out this lede from Buzzflash in 2021:



This is an example of the old adage that if you head one direction and keep going, sooner or later you end up where you’re headed.

“Security” at one end and terror at the other has been the libertarian wet dream. Sadly, the underlying premise is that if amoral/criminal/self-serving activity, under the name of government, is quicker and more thorough in absconding with ______ (fill in the blank), then its YOUR FAULT if you end up being victimized. Its the delusional (sans consequence) notion of the distortion of “survival of the fittest” as ‘most powerful’ rather than best adapted. Hence, we witness the capacity to adapt being thrown overboard until, woops, the consequences come flying at you from this, hilarious were it not so profoundly tragic, governance as auto eroticism. Oh yes, and as systemic premise, anything and everything can be and is subject to “externalization of costs” - the lubricant that leaves teflon in the dust.

Give these guys the golden shit shovel award.

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Everything Hartmann asserts in this article is absolutely true. His only omission is that the Chairman of the FCC, Pai, was appointed by Obama. Trump elevated him to the Chairmanship, but it was Obama who appointed Pai from his former position as a VP for Verizon. The appointment under Obama made it two Repuds to only one Democrat. Like Reich, Hartmann always tells half truths. Both mainline parties are corrupt and rotten to the core. Just once, I would like to see Hartmann tell the ‘whole’ truth. But year after year, that seems less likely.



Obama was compelled by law to appoint Pai or some other Republican, to the FCC. The seat was not allowed to go to a Democrat. Life is complicated like that

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Well, if Dump is so libertarian ( with them getting off on small or no governemt- why does he give so much money to the military( which is part of our gov security? I can’t stand the libertarians or Dump.



Why is the current technology vulnerable especially to foreign attack rather than from hackers inside America? Because the technology is growing faster abroad.
Why is the technology growing faster abroad? Because their manufacturing is making more of the high-tech stuff.
Why is manufacturing abroad more high tech?
Because the education is better, in reading, in writing, in math, in science, in geography, in a hundred overseas countries than in the US.

Most Americans cannot locate the countries we are at war with on a map. News stories avoid using maps when military conflict is being reported. Americans have been dumbed down.
Why have Americans been dumbed down? Is the that the way to manage a democracy?



Why does it matter whether a million people were killed with a nuclear bomb or with guns?
Why isn’t warfare outlawed altogether?
Why doesn’t the discussion against nuclear warfare appear in American textbooks?
Why is it that some countries can have nukes and other can’t?



The FCC board has to have equal numbers of dems and Reps hence Pai’s nomination.
This being said Obama was a good republican (based on policies) no doubt and Thom will NOT call him a “republican” in democrat clothing. He SHOULD! That is a big part of why we lost in 2016!

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" “the market, not government, is best positioned to drive innovation and leadership” " - sacred commandment numero uno of extremists. Beyond reproach, questioning and accountability, the market is always immune from all criticism that would ensure the market served society. Challenging market coercion and domination is forbidden. Considering implementing democratic market accountability is presented as demonic and unrealistic. Using market indicators to demonstrate the fallacy of market knowledge/authority is extremely unpopular.
Keep that in mind as the world order, guided by market principles, continues to produce anti democratic, pro inequality, market controlled governance that will continue to castrate the citizen while emboldening the minority wealthy few. While people continue to die from market produced pollution by the 100,000s and then millions, the market continues to deny access to healthcare, medicine, living wage work, and the possibility of a decent living, empowering it’s right to lie and dominate society.
Protected by the disguise of rule of law, people will someday awaken to the historical fact that the divine right of kings has been replaced by current modern, autocratic regimes beyond citizen control. Like the kings before, they can say and get away with anything they want. The ugliness can only get more ugly.
Brought to you by libertarians and other deceivers of freedom.

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While the right is obsessing over how AOC, the GND and socialism are going to change our culture, they are missing the very real revolution that Trump is pushing along right under their nose - making Technocracy global. It’s furthest advanced in China, which has been the testing ground for this technology. Now they’re ready to take it worldwide. Pay no attention to the hundreds of birds that fell from the sky recently in the Netherlands due to 5G radiation, or the mini cell towers popping up in 30 US cities, many close to school playgrounds.

The GND does propose to install “smart” grids, which is a disastrous swap of fossil fuel pollution for cancerous electrosmog. This agenda is trying to piggy back onto a very good idea, to improve our social services with a strong fiscal policy investment. But green energy solutions need to be decoupled from the GND so that we can move forward quickly on our healthcare and education crisis while considering a total ban on 5G technology.

"Who really cares whether his 5G-connected refrigerator keeps track of the food items inside it and orders new items when the supply dwindles? Who has to have a 5G driverless car that takes him to work? Who must have a 5G stove that senses what is being cooked and sets the temperature for four minutes? Who lives and who dies if a washing machine doesn’t measure how much soap is stored inside and doesn’t order new soap? Who is demanding a hundred devices in his home that spy on him and record his actions?

With 5G, the ultimate goal is: every device in every home that uses energy will be “its own computer,” and the planetary grid will connect ALL these devices to a monitoring and regulating Energy Authority."

Elaine Chao, Trump’s Sec. of Transportation and wife of Mitch McConnell, was the keynote speaker at a recent tech event:

“Some 4,500 exhibitors will unveil life-changing technology across every major industry atCES 2019. CES provides executives, industry professionals and government leaders access to the very latest transformative tech including 5G/connectivity, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart home, smart cities, sports tech, machine learning and more.”

Technocracy originated in the 1930s and is an idea that belongs in the 20th century, along with the libertarian brainchild, neoliberalism.

“The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book, Between Two Ages, 1970