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How London’s Sadiq Khan Triumphed Over Race-Baiting


How London’s Sadiq Khan Triumphed Over Race-Baiting

Padraig Reidy

This year’s London mayoral election, only the fifth time citizens of Great Britain’s capital have directly elected a mayor for the whole of the metropolis, initially promised to be the boring one.


Goldsmith sounds like London’s version of Trump.

I hope the London election outcome runs parallel with that of the U.S. national election. Fingers crossed…


Galloway isn’t Labour, he’s a member of the Respect Party. They lost five council seats in this election.


That’s not what Ken Livingstone said. He was suspended from the party after supporting Labour MP Naz Shah who said all Jews should be expatriated from Israel to the United States, and then saying himself that Hitler was a Zionist, which offended many in context of the holocaust and all, and then refused to apologise for his remarks. The Blairites who stirred this up did so not get at Livingstone but to get at Corbyn and undermine his leadership. Livingstone behaved irresponsibly in giving them to tools to do that. And if Sadiq Khan, as a Muslim, had agreed with Livingstone and Naz Shah, then he may as well have kissed his mayoral campaign goodbye.


Are you saying you think it’s unjust for someone, a Muslim, to be pulled up for saying Jews should be expatriated from Israel to the USA? You think that’s a good idea? There are people saying the same thing about Muslims in the Europe and the US. That they should be expatriated back to Muslim countries. Would they be being ‘unjustly pilloried’ for saying that?

I don’t think he’s cowardly or a Blairite. He’s not as left as Jeremy, true, but not as pro-business, Tory lite, as Blair.


http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/apr/27/naz-shah-suspended-labour-party-antisemitism-row " second paragraph in. What do you think she meant by moving a map of Israel onto the USA? That they move the land but leave the people in the hole it once existed in?

Khan was more a Brownite than a Blairite, he supported Gordon Brown’s policies and protested openly at Blair’s foreign policy. Blairites are Tory lite, he is more soft left. Being a Brownite he was given a cabinet position in fellow Brownite Ed Milliband’s government.