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How Long Can Big Money Keep Democrats In The Charter School Camp?


How Long Can Big Money Keep Democrats In The Charter School Camp?

Jeff Bryant

It’s obvious 2016 is an election year when Democratic candidates need to draw a bright line to differentiate themselves from Republican opponents.

With Donald Trump leading the GOP ticket, and most leaders of his party getting in line behind him, it’s doubtful Democrats will find urgent need to “meet in the middle” on issues such as civil rights, women’s reproductive health and equal pay, immigration, minimum wage, gender equity, and climate change.


How long can big money keep Democrats in the Charter School Camp ?

Answer: As long as the Democratic Party continues to be addicted to corporate money and so many voters continue to shun Green Party candidates, socialist candidates and other third party candidates in favor of Democrats.

Didn't the teachers' union endorse Clinton ?


I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
--Mark Twain


Another example of why it's not just the Democratic party that needs to be transformed; it's the entire corrupt political system. Bernie Sanders, aside, neither the Republican or the Democratic party will voluntarily reject any source of money that can be had under the few rules that now regulate campaign financing. This is hardly news to anyone, but expecting either party to self-regulate agains their own interests is unrealistic. Not going to happen, certainly not with a Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump at their party's helms. Both parties evaluate their leaders on their ability to raise money, all the more so now that the system is so openly pay to play.


And then they came for our children, oh, and our food and water.
There is very little left in this county that isn't being exploited and privatized but these two just make me furious.
Most people don't realize how damaging Common Core has been to a generation of children. It's discussed back and forth but in the mean time our kids are being poorly educated and data mined as we speak. Charter schools are creating segregation and who knows what with no accountability.
I'm with this author, how long? These two subjects and the ending of wars should be on everyone's mind. We can't forget in our fight to take back our country, that Common Core and Charter's have to go asap.


The "leadership" of both the NEA and AFT endorsed Clinton, without a vote of the membership.

No major Union has endorsed Clinton with a vote of the membership.


Although low income areas do have non productive and ineffective schools, they are not all poorly managed. Unlike charter schools that can cherry pick their student body, public schools are required to take all comers that not even the best management can fix.

Charter school critics rarely send their kids to private school seeing how charter schools give them a less costly option compared to private schools.


Public schools have been intentionally undermined by the same "freedom and liberty (for investors)" propaganda and interests that then push the privatization of education.

And aside from the overall strategic intentions of the looting class - and granted that some sincere people have worked to launch honest and decent charter schools for their own communities - but educational outcomes are ACTUALLY WORSE in charter schools overall, while total costs are ACTUALLY HIGHER. Which of course is generally true for ALL such "privatized" programs.


'til the money runs out!


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I live in the Los Angeles School District, and our local elementary school is a charter school which accepts all students in the area. Like almost any complicated issue, the topic of charter schools should be treated not as a single entity which acts and performs identically in all instances, but as an alternative that may be better or worse in a given area at a given school. Of course there are ways to mislead with statistics and I haven't researched the area well enough to know if CREDO at Stanford is looking at performance objectively - if they are, one can quickly see that they report both improvements in some areas and some locales as well as schools that are doing worse. If you have you kids in a school that happens to be doing better than a previous public school (and in a way that is really unambiguous to you), you aren't going to appreciate being told that your school must change the way it works based on some national statistic of how well or how poorly charter schools are doing.

In my case, I was not in the area before the local school become a Charter school and I can only compare it to the school I went to 40 years ago (when a ton of things were different), but it seems pretty good to me and I'd want to be careful with changes being made to it.

With respect to common core, I have some major complaints as an engineer on the way they rolled out the math changes. They had the outline ready, but no open source materials explaining how to solve problems with the new terminology. Parents should not be forced to register with private websites to figure out how to help their kids with elementary school math. And on top of that, I found the way some math was decomposed into new ways of explaining to be more confusing, but I recognize I have learned one way and possibly they have research to show more people have a better understanding of math after learning it a different way. But in that case, I'd want to be convinced by research which I don't see being offered very often. But I probably wouldn't support eliminating common core just yet, but it is in need of some reform before it will get wider support from parents.


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Unions of all kinds are very Conservative. They will be at home with HRC. Teachers are ,for the most, Bernie supporters.