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How Long Will Gerrymandered GOP Congressional Maps Stand?


How Long Will Gerrymandered GOP Congressional Maps Stand?

Eliza Newlin Carney

If Republican strategist Karl Rove was right when he predicted in 2010 that “he who controls redistricting can control Congress,” then the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s newly drawn congressional district map spells very bad news for the GOP.


See, this is exactly why Jesus wanted Americans to have guns, so we can shoot any activist judges who allow people to elect baby-killing liberals. I think it says so in the book of Revelations.


Here’s a good question from Michael Tomasky.


Poll after poll after poll after poll has shown that large majorities of Americans on a host of issues invariably favor progressive policies and ideals, from gun restrictions to immigration to gay marriage to legalizing marijuana to a woman’s right to choose, to single payer healthcare, to higher taxes on rich people, to environmental regulations, etc, etc, etc.

If gerrymandering were outlawed nationwide, and voting districts were drawn based on completely neutral, non-partisan boundaries, the Republicans would find themselves in the minority just about everywhere. And that includes right-wing Democrats who are actually Republicans but call themselves Democrats. Without gerrymandering, purging voter rolls, and other cute little election “tricks,” the GOP would rarely be in power anywhere. And they KNOW that. Which is why gerrymandering will never go away :slight_smile:


I agree with your summary of the GOP’s situation. In 2012 they had a big meeting and it was recommended that they move more toward the center as the demographics of the US shift against them. The GOP is basically the party of white Christians and that that group continually is shrinking as a proportion of the US population. It was recommended in particular to soften their immigration policy. In 2016 the party actually went further right. So the Republican are ignoring the demographic shift and instead are doubling down on policies that are undemocratic but to their benefit. And they have brought the alt-right into the mainstream and with that views that resemble those in Nazi Germany.


Agree, and drawing those neutral boundaries is very easy. Every state is divided by counties, (in LA. they call them parishes), block the counties into how many voting districts you want in a given state. Unless the physical boundary changes (very rare), the voting district does not change, ever.


I totally agree, exactly.


You’re right. They HAVE to become more and more radical, and more and more fascist/white nationalist, if they want to hold on to their outdated and Neanderthal views. As you yourself state, they themselves recognize the leftward shift in ideology of more and more Americans - they can read polls just as well as anyone else - and as whites become more and more of a minority due to the growing number of brown-skinned Americans. They can either soften up and become less rigid and more “progressive” and recognize this new reality - which to most Rethuglicans’ reptilian brains is a form of surrender and, thus, unacceptable - or they can double down and be even more repressive and fascist and unrelenting in their backwards, authoritarian views. Which is precisely what they are doing. However, they acknowledge that those positions are becoming unpopular and more and more in the minority, so they know the only way they will ever hold power is by cheating - gerrymandering, voter suppression, election rigging, disenfranchising voters, etc, etc - everything from the standard GOP playbook.

They are a sad dwindling cult, but becoming more and more dangerous in my opinion, as they run out of options and see the progressive tide overwhelming them as time goes by. This is forcing them to adopt extreme tactics and yanking their ideologies even further to the right into obviously fascist territory, and a large number of them are doing so unabashedly and even proudly. I would not be surprised to see a day not far in the future where a large number of them rise up violently against the legitimate democratic institutions, screaming “fake news” or “fake election” or “witch hunt!” when their Dear Leader (Trump or whatever caveman demagogue rises up in his place) is voted out. Those that say “nah, will never happen,” are not taking the threat the Right poses seriously enough.


I would take the threat from the right very seriously and would not rule out that the divisions that are being created in the US could lead to another civil war or at least widespread violence. Anyone not convinced of this threat should read the book “Alt-America.” This book describes in great detail who is in the radical right and what they are up to. The two main factions of the radical right are white supremacists and Patriot movement militias. Both are potentially dangerous and have been involved in considerable violence. Of course the FBI and local police forces are on this but if these groups continue to grow anything can happen.


“How Long Will Gerrymandered GOP Congressional Maps Stand?”

Until America discovers statuary independent non-partisan electoral authorities and begins to move on from its status as one of the world’s more retarded attempts at ‘democracy’.


“…And they have brought the alt-right into the mainstream”

Not quite: Below is from the ‘National Socialist Movement’s’ ‘25 points’.

“The abolition of incomes unearned by work The breaking of interest slavery.”

"In view of the enormous personal sacrifices of life and property demanded of a nation by any war, personal enrichment from war must be regarded as a crime against the nation. We therefore demand the ruthless confiscation of all war profits. "

"We demand the nationalization of all businesses which have been formed into corporations (trusts). "

“The passing of a law instituting profit-sharing in large industrial enterprises”

“The creation of a livable wage”

“The immediate discontinuation of all taxes on things of life’s necessity, such as food, clothing, shelter, medicine etc.”

"We demand the treasonable system of health care be completely revolutionized.

We demand an end to the status quo in which people die or rot away from lack of proper treatment due to the failure of their medical coverage, Health Maintenance Organization, or insurance policy.

We further demand the extensive development of insurance for old age and that prescription drugs be made both affordable and accessible".

Of course the ‘25 points’ also includes things like: “Only members of the nation may be citizens of the state. Only those of pure White blood, whatever their creed, may be members of the nation. Non-citizens may live in America only as guests and must be subject to laws for aliens. Accordingly, no Jew or homosexual may be a member of the nation.”

Republicans are conservatives and neoliberals who do some ‘dog-whistling’ to disaffected near lumpen with a racist heritage who wonder why their ‘racial superiority’ is not privileging them. But Republicans are not ‘national socialists/nazis’ or ‘fascists’ as they are primarily concerned with maintaining the status quo in regards to the distribution of wealth, power, and privilege.

Know which enemy you are combating and which ground you should fight.


The Voting Rights Act protects the right of (racial) minorities to elect their own kind as representatives. So your statewide rule won’t work as expressed.

As to North Carolina’s gerrymandering, someone in their legislature wrote me that they are forced into it partly to make sure blacks can elect enough blacks to Congress.

(I understand that Democrat party caucus rules provide a way for minorities to split off and elect delegates = their %. …)

Long ago Supreme Court decision says that districts have to be approximately == in population. So some counties, like Los Angeles county CA, are divided into several districts. Also, while physical boundaries rarely change, the population in counties and states do change. Detroit MI, for example, has less than half the population that it once did.


“Elect their own kind”, their own kind happens to be my own kind.
BE GONE you racist twit.


First, the Wall Street Journal observed that PA’s Supreme Court, with a ‘Democrat’ majority, tossed out the pro-Republican ‘gerrymandered’ Congressional district map. This will aggravate the problem we are already developing where the courts and judiciary are politicized.

Consider the ‘shoe on the other foot’ case. No one doubts that maps in California and Maryland, deep blue states, are gerrymandered to give Democrats permanent control of the states and Democrats a larger say in national politics than the vote in those states would imply. And the state Supreme Court is not going to toss those maps out. The gerrymanders in those states will stand.

Second, the hope that ‘non-partisan citizens commissions’ to draw district boundaries will be fair and represent the people best… that hope is naive and forlorn. Something as partisan important as district boundaries is certain to be perverted and corrupted. I have seen an article discussing that exactly that happened in California, and the Citizens Commission drew a pro-Democrat gerrymander. Something else is needed. I put this forward as one suggestion: that anybody, the Republicans, the Democrats, Public Citizen, League of Women Voters, etc., can propose a map. The voters will then choose one map from the proposals at the next election.

Perhaps no one here would mind if the Republicans went the way of the Federalists. But consider the larger question…

Places like Mexico after its Revolution was dominated by one party, the ‘Institutional Revolutionary Party’. Argentina had a left-wing coup in the 1940s and has been dominated most of its history since then by the ‘Justicialists’ (better known as Peronists). India for decades after independence was dominated by the socialist Congress Party. Several U.S. states have in recent years become one-party states. Are the interests of the people in those places well served by one-party government? Recall that many on this forum want multi-party government; (presumably multiple flavors of the left …)


Certainly that is a risk; but I fear Democratic perfidy just about as much.