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How Low Will They Go? Trump and Ryan Slash Protections Ahead of AHCA Vote


How Low Will They Go? Trump and Ryan Slash Protections Ahead of AHCA Vote

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump appear to be testing just how cruel their healthcare plan must be to win enough Republican support to pass Thursday's House vote.


This makes total sense. Men don't need maternity leave, so they definitely should be the ones voting to take it away. That's smart.


Whenever I see that snot-nose punk Ryan smirk as he lies and deceives America to serve vast wealth and throw millions out in the trash, I just want to smash his face........truly an ugly American who should be seen for what he is by all Americans..............especially his constituents that voted him in! Maybe now as he betrays those people he will be voted out!


Sanders: "Trump lied." Yes, but we now have a 4/8 year LIAR-IN-CHIEF.. nightmare for a president and we have not seen anything yet? How low will Trump go? Like I said: WE HAVE NOT SEEN ANYTHING YET!


Every day brings at least one, sometimes several, truly horrible disclosures about the intentions of this administration to step on the 99% as hard as possible. Please tell me that the act of taking away maternity care, thus throwing 50% of us under the bus with a single blow, will finally wake up the nation to the fact that this regime wants nothing less than our total destruction.

I shudder to think what is on the other side of your statement "we have not seen anything yet!"


Those exploiters unfortunately will have a free reign at least until 2018/19.

That is, when we have to put a stop to them. In order to accomplish them we will have to consolidate the progressive organizations into one cohesive unit. And that unit is already evolving:
Here are some figures underlining why the Justice Democrats are a force worthy for your organization to align with:
After just two months or so from the date of their inception they have already:
• Signed up 257,651 supporters
• Received 4,387 nominations
• 41,793 donors raising $1,024,367 for an average donation $24.50. No donations from corporations or billionaires accepted
• 30 candidates have gone through the stages of the vetting process and are now in training.
Your organization need not change either aims or identity, but just by aligning in a group there will be mutual support by the diverse memberships, some sort of “cross fertilization”.
See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOSzAZDwYrE
The Justice Democrats so far consist of an association of 'Brand New Congress' (https://brandnewcongress.org), with Bernie’s own ‘Our Revolution’ https://ourrevolution.com/action/ ) and using the powerful video news organization 'TYT' (https://tytnetwork.com/) as their megaphone to the public.


" This regime wants nothing less than our total destruction."

True. If there is any government in the world, that needs regime change it is ours!


Just think back to a number of totalitarian governments. Nazi Germany, for instance, but you can go all the way back to Rome.
* The healthy workers were taken pretty good care of, but when you became too old, injured or infirm to be a factory worker or cannon fodder you were thrown away, being of no profitable use to the fuehrer or the party.
* We can see the same thing going on here, edict by edict, tweet by tweet.
* There are lots of hungry, homeless, young people, desperate to work, to feed their families. They can be hired at low wages and worked to death. When they can no longer work, they are discarded. To the Oilagarchy, anything to promote safety, or to provide help to those who can't pull a shift is considered a waste of money that could be turned to profit. After all, there are legions of the poor to be exploited.
* They now seem to have the fascist, Nazi government they have wanted for so long, and they are phasing We the People out as fast as they can.
* Hitler had his rubber stamp Reichstag, Twitler has his rubber stamp Congress and Senate to do the same.
* Perhaps a relatively peaceful way to bring them to heel is to BDS the lot. Those millionaire and billionaire alleged representatives of We the People are heavily invested in their Master's companies and if we boycotted them all, divested from their stocks, sanctioned their operations and programs, their income would drop along with their Master's. Perhaps, if there still remains some sort of elections in the future, they can be replaced with genuine representatives of We the People.
* Sure would beat the crap we are living with now!


I am afraid,that is not quite correct. Germany had a very sound social support structure, established by Otto von Bismarck through a number of bills during the 1880s and maintained at a level, we can only envy still today, throughout the Third Reich until now.
See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_Socialism_(Germany)
Even after the loss of WWII Kriegsversehrte (war maimed) were granted privileges over and above the general population, something American veterans do not enjoy even today. That is, where your idea of spent usefulness applies.


I do strongly support the gist and intent of your post and voted it up.
But you seem to miss the gist of the progressive message and that is to stop this system, which includes both parties and allows them to rage this havoc on innocent civilian populations of countries, which have done us no harm, until we invaded them for he purpose of keeping the profits flowing for our arms industries and in some cases to raid them of their oil.


That is, why it is imperative, that we must seize the initiative and bring about a change, as soon as possible.
See (my) post at #6


In the mean time:
Federal Election Commissioner Ellen L. Weintraub has sent a letter to President Trump reiterating the need for the president to produce evidence to back up his outlandish claims that millions voted illegally in the 2016 election.

Link for those interested in adding their name to become a co-signer of Commissioner Weintraub's letter, and demand that President Trump produce his evidence.

And... link to a Credo petition Stop the Republican assault on Medicare and Medicaid


I agree, but in my opinion, the oligarch's, plutocrats, war mongers, war profiteers and fascists that have done a coup on the American 99% will not change. They will do whatever it takes to keep their plenary, political powers.


I could not agree more, with your post & with the ongoing efforts by Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress and Our Revolution to "Repeal and Replace Congress".

Some see the devastation of the Democratic Party as a disaster. These organizations have chosen to seize the opportunity to take over the empty shell that remains and infuse it with new life.

This makes a lot more sense than attempting to build a "third party" to challenge the two heads of the corporate beast.


Not quite. Their ultimate goal is to kill off as many as they can (a figure I keep seeing is a global population of 300 million; their domestic strategy is a diet of alcohol, nicotine, junk food, and diet soda along with denied healthcare), and then to enslave the remaining. Sounds undo able? The cruelty displayed in The Hunger Games is not that far removed from what the elites are pushing now, only swifter. But we have to get there first. And we are well on our way.


Unfortunately the "American Left" is by and large simply the other head of the two-headed snake that runs the American Empire and shares no affiliation with the global populist, environmental and antiwar movements. It exists within the same self-serving bubble inhabited by all American elites.

I turn to Mint Press News, The Real News Network, TeleSur and Russia Today to keep abreast of the atrocities committed by The Empire overseas. Zero Hedge, more Libertarian than Progressive, is also surprisingly forthcoming with news regarding The Empire's machinations abroad.

Surely there are others, but you are sadly correct, the so-called American "Left" is by and large concerned only with seizing power from the other head of the snake.


It's not just people being subjected to our lawmakers' cruelty.


Please define "American left" do you mean the Dem party establishment or the movement, which identifies with Bernie Sanders?


Oh shucks, and mess up that 'pretty' face? Let's all call/crash the GOP direct line for comments: Single-Payer or F-You GOP! Then fight like the devil in your community to educate the public on Single-Payer Healthcare.

Call the GOP (202) 863-8500

I am re-posting this:


That is, why it is up to us to make a concerted effort, to deprive them of the power to do so, in 2018/19