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How Low Would We Go for TPP?


How Low Would We Go for TPP?

Stan Sorscher

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, the huge new 12-country trade deal, raises the question: How low would we go to get the next NAFTA-style deal?

The basic idea of a trade deal is that we will lower our tariffs, you will lower your tariffs, and trade goes up. That would be a trade deal.

TPP is much more than that. The tariff schedules in TPP are not controversial. Really, TPP will not pass or fail based on the tariff schedule.


Brand Obama is hollow. Fuck it for wanting to race to the bottom for the sake of having an “economic policy victory” to its name. Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it.


When taxpayers bailed General Motors (GM) out in 2009, GM used the money to buy back stock, close US factories and build more factories in China, all of which benefited stockholders at the expense of US workers, cities and states they live in.

To hit US workers while they are down, next month the first GM cars (Buicks) made in China for the US market will arrive in US dealers’ showrooms.

As Sorscher points out, currency manipulation enabled by the TPP will produce even higher profits from GM’s operations in China.


“How low would we go to get the next NAFTA-style deal?”

I am going to call this bogus framing out for what it is.

How much of the TIPP and TPP have to do with “We”?

WE, which is to say the citizenry, has been 100% kept out of the loop. These trade deals–which some wise souls, thanks to Wikileaks exposing some of their content–have been described as ultimate deregulation. They are far more about erasing environmental and labor LAWS (of sovereign nations) than about trade, per se.

WE have nothing to do with them!

The elites wrote these trade agreements for THEIR purposes.

What part of the conclusion drawn from “The Page and Gilens Study” does Mr. Sorscher fail to get?

What part of the facts of Globalism and the financial servitude it’s ushering in as revealed by the financial logistics of the Piketty Study is Mr. Sorscher ignoring?

This is nothing that WE, the PEOPLE endorse… heck, senators aren’t even allowed to take notes when they view the TPP and TIPP in secret closed rooms!

Since transparency and the consent of the governed form the fundamentals of Democracy and BOTH are missing, do not DARE attribute the devious decisions drawn up by elites to the great amorphous “WE” that’s intended to define the population pool!

It is a LIE! And one that’s told far too often in these days of oligarchy and/or Inverted Totalitarian Rule.

Already the Press Corps has sent out willing writers to rewrite the history of this recent pre-election debacle. Using every trick in their tool-chests to install Hillary, they will THEN argue that with her nomination comes consent for TIPP and TPP. As friggin if!


The concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few is directly related to Globalization. At the level of the individual we as individuals exert the most influence within first our own households and then our places of work and neighborhoods. The further away we get from our immediate environs the less influence and power we have.

As power is vested in first local governments , State and provincial Governments and than National Governments , our influence on the decision making process wanes and it is replaced by the monied interests. In Greece we see a clear example of this with the people at the local level electing a new Government , but the Banker class in the EU headquarters making that change irrelevant.

This is what trade deals are about and nothing more. They are about centralizing power and the decision making authority into far off centralized bureaucracies that are controlled totally by money. Globalization EQUALS wealth inequality. That is its entire purpose. Any politicians that push these deals even as they express concerns over wealth inequality, are trying to deceive you.


You might find this interesting. It an article on “Magic” and how it was used to manipulate the people as it relates to modern society and how the masses manipulated. A Professor who gave a lecture on this in Chicago was murdered in a University in a classic hit style shortly after doing so.

In essence mass media works on the imagiinations of people to lead them into acting in a certain manner , a manipulation technique that has been practised for a very very long time and is refined with modern technology. The use of “honey traps” , blackmail and other things that are used today relate directly to “tools of binding” under that old lore.

A selected passage

The social world, built around the Great Manipulator, is different as it is organized along the principle of network connections surrounding the anonymous magician who exercises not direct, but indirect, implicit control by subordinating the imagination. He does not maintain simple propaganda, but instead by creating the illusion of meeting expectations and human feelings, he exercises skillful control over subordinates by dominating the zone of fantasy. In order for the Great Manipulator to exercise this power, it is crucial that people remain susceptible to their passions and that society consists of people who are not involved in a common cause, but are rather dissolved into uncoordinated, selfish, and self-centered groups and coteries. Instead of hierarchy, there is but a network; instead of direct submission, there is control; and instead of a common cause, there is selfishness and an absence striving towards the divine, replaced by naked sensuality or indifference.

A fascinating read.


Thanks. Like me, you have eclectic tastes and reading interests.

Actually, Public Radio had a story that several Republicans were now trying to pass a bill on protecting magic… from the likes of David Copperfield. They are calling it art, and it has the support of Republicans who usually brand my field of Astrology as Black Magic–which is clearly is not.

These sure are strange times! I will read the article link you posted.

Very likely that Edward Bernays was aware of this version of “Magic and Mass Mind Manipulation.” Looks like the thesis came to Bernays but was not his own “invention.”

There are a lot of interesting facets to the article, but I don’t like its definition of Love. Of course, Eros is not the only definitive archetype for love itself.

I would also say that there is BOTH a power pyramid AND modern societies based upon complex networks. One does not negate the other.

Imagination and the unconscious mind… the spheres of perception that are not governed by logic are of course susceptible to these levels of image-sound manipulation.

My favorite book on the negative use of occult forces in the political process is: “The Spear of Destiny” by Nigel Ravencroft.


TPP and TTIP are vehicles upon which corporations can run roughshod over the desires of people as expressed in laws that protect workers, the environment, and even entire economies. Any economic benefit that might accrue to ordinary people that in any way impacts the bottom line of the corporation is paid back to the corporation from government coffers. That burden falls squarely on the shoulders of the most vulnerable, either in higher taxes or reduced government services. Minimum wage law, environmental law, tax law, ANY law that in any way might reduce future profits (as determined by the corporations themselves, who, as we all know, are paradigms of honesty) is subject to the economic will of the corporation and, at the behest of the corporation, requires socialized profits paid by the people of the country who dares pass laws to protect them or make their lives better. If that seems to be a really bad idea here, just wait to see the impact on poorer countries who cannot afford to maintain corporate profits through taxing their citizens. Those countries will be mere vassal states to the corporation, unable to economically sustain the burden of socialized corporate profit, and unable to govern corporate behavior in any way. This is the slave plantation writ globally, a return to abject colonialism, only with corporations replacing states as the colonialists. That a black man is foisting this scheme on the world would be laughable irony if it was not so insidiously evil.


Like any school of thought, each has its doctirnes and principles unique to itself. It does not mean they are all truths while there can still be many truths.

My bookshelves are filled with these types of books and insights, some of those insights and thoughts given directly contradicting that in another. I get a certain amount of joy in exploring all of this understanding that humankind has been around for many tens of thousands of years and that contrary to what is suggested, our technology does not mean we smarter than those peoples that lived on this Earth 5000 years before.

I spend a lot of time in old bookshops :slight_smile:


Obama did a good job of getting Congress to approve fast track authority to expedite Congressional approval…


Obama’s support for the TPP and TTIP shows his duplicity. There are multitudes of people opposed to these trade deals throughout the world. The lack of concern by the leaders of these countries for the people’s opposition to these trade deals is more than frightening. I don’t believe that Hillary won’t fall in line with them if she (unfortunately) wins the election.

Again, I don’t believe Hillary won’t support these trade deals should she be elected. This endorsement makes me sick. “…we’ll build on the progress that we’ve made…” Whose progress might that be Mr Obama?


HRC, our “experienced, pragmatic” vagina will of course support these deals.

Remember she campaigned to continue Obama’s work - especially in those early Southern primaries. His water carrying was less direct and more elegant, as per his personal style, but her (and her husband’s) highly paid bending over for Wall Street wasn’t even a yellow light for educated white women who couldn’t see beyond her gender. Sanders was excoriated by these women when he reasonably asked her to release the transcripts of her speeches. Poor HRC was being held to a higher standard than her male competitors. Sanders had no transcripts because he made no paid speeches, and the repubs didnt need to. They bend over publicly and repeatedly for their masters, without apology.

Wall Street is her constituency.


It seems to me that the dispute settlement portion of this so-called trade deal exists because the billionaires know that climate change will have to be slowed and eventually reversed, if any kind of human civilization is expected to survive. They have the supercomputers, and they’ve run the simulations. They know what’s coming. But they know that cutting carbon means cutting their profits. This way, they can have both worlds: cutting carbon emissions, while suing countries and keeping the billions flowing from taxpayers. Isn’t that wonderful? And it’s all based on expected profits: what they hope to gain the future. They get free money so that the world doesn’t turn into an inhospitable wasteland. My taxes and your taxes shouldn’t be used so that poison-proliferation companies can stay in business.


"Hillary Clinton says she “opposes TPP before and after the election.” "

LOL! Whats the over/under on her changing this position x days after her coronation?


Sorry, we already know how low Wyden will go. He voted for Fast Track. Not getting my vote.


The magician reference is really good. Anybody who has ever done a magic card trick knows that the key is distraction from reality. You must have a good story, “patter” which has no relation to what you are actually doing. You must move your hands around so everyone is focused on “over there”, while the action is “back here”. I do this all the time while teaching university in China to make this point about total attentiveness. Of 1,000 students, only 1 guy got the trick. Why? He said he could not understand my English, so he just watched. Excellent attitude. Ignore the spin story and just pay attention.


“President Obama wants us to set the rules, so China doesn’t. Good.”

Why is that good? It is only good if you are soaked in patriotism stupidity. It does not matter who proposed the rules. It should be whether or not those rules are good or bad.


Here is the first thing Congressional opponents should do. They should all reveal everything they read in the TTP to the public consequences be damned and have some real display of guts and integrity. What are they going to do - throw out half of the House and Half the Senate? I think not… Then stand on the steps of the Capitol and talk about how terrible this trade deal is for average citizens. And keep doing it every day until the wind changes and the deal is scuttled.
But of course I dream…



The economics of globalization favor the largest manufacturers serving world markets, trans-oceanic shipping lines and cross-country trucking. A Bell Curve can show just how inefficient globalization truly is: the gains of (wage-slave labor) mass production are lost in fuel-dependent distribution worldwide. The most fuel/energy efficient economies transport finished products least distances. Local economies transport least, but cannot efficiently mass produce. Metropolitan area economies can mass produce and distribute reasonable distances most efficiently.

In theory, all scales of economy are important and at some level must function. However, today’s global economy undermines local, regional, State and National economies. Every nation should establish and maintain economies which must function after the era of petroleum-driven trade ceases to exist. Nations dependent upon trade become vulnerable to any disruption to the means to conduct trade, ie, petroleum supply and its drastic effect upon Earth’s environment. Globalization is the End Game.