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How Mainstream U.S. Media Is Failing Us On Trump and Bolton’s March To War With Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/01/how-mainstream-us-media-failing-us-trump-and-boltons-march-war-iran

If you watch MSM and witness this betrayal of trust, call them, email them, write them, or even stand outside the officescope of the station and milkshake the anchors or execs.

Make a statement of your dissatisfaction.

Choose Strawberry!


They are not in fact “failing us”. They are not there to investigate and inform and arrive at the truth so as to allow the public to understand what in fact goes on.

They are there to promote wars and indoctrinate the Public into accepting them as “for the good”. They are doing this on behalf of the 1 percent and the system called Capitalism which uses the Corporate model to plunder the wealth of other nations and return that wealth to the 1 percent. They do not just parrot what the Administration might say without scrutiny. They actively LIE about what is said and they actively try and marginalize any voices that might speak words that are contrary to that Corporate message.

This is not something that happns just under the Trump administration. It happened for as long back as any of us can remember , from their mindlessly stoking the Cold War by repeating the lies the adminsitration at the time wanted repeated (see the Missile gap , all fabrication or the Tank gap, all made up) through to to Vietnam , the assassinations of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King, to Granada and Panama and Iraq and "babies thrown from incubaters).


On target (pardon the expression)! The Imperial Corporate Media exist only to promote the mass-murderous agenda of the United Corporate States of Avarice and Aggression.

The true motto of the NY Times is “All the ‘news’ that fits the imperial agenda.”


Another in a long line of examples of the NYTimes promoting the status quo (by the way, the reporter doing this interview is a 1 percenter of the highest order):

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We shouldn’t forget to tie this all to money, profiting, and greed.
The good life of the rich and famous is something the 1% thinks we all want, or should be wanting.
It is sad that the things of the good life, ala, financial security, personal security, be it a body guard or a gated community residence, and medical security, are things the 99% should have access to as well as the 1%ers. You shouldn’t have to spend the majority of your life working for the man, saying hello to your family and then going to sleep so you are fresh enough to increase production, without a raise, for the rich CEO’s.

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All my life I’ve seen the same crap repeated endlessly over and over and over, like a nightmare that keeps coming back every time you go to sleep. Except I’m awake. Which is worse.

The people who watch freaking tv (85% of the US population) not only cannot break free from this habitual mode of sucking in the mind poison being delivered to their eyeballs but I fear have been bred to produce zero critical thinking skills or have any sense of deductive logic in their heads.

Unfortunately I see no directional change in the future except the continuing spiral downward…

Ralph Nader’s article on counterpunch today about who gets paid the most (the worst of us) and who doesn’t (the best of us) fits right into the ‘SuspiraDeProfundis Model’ of the MSM doing exactly what they are paid to do. Yep, you got that right SDP!

I see no way to change this without the entire Empire edifice falling flat on its face. And that looks to be coming regardless of what we do because of the ongoing and accelerating catastrophic climate collapse and/or the insanity of those who control us lust for war. It’s becoming a toss up which gets us first.

Guaranteed nobody I know is going to like dying this way in either direction…me, neither.

Hey, does anybody know if ANY food crops have been planted in the Midwest yet? Or are the farmers waiting for the Canadian snowpack to melt first? I don’t have any contact with the distant part of my family in Iowa since Granny died. But I do know that no crops = no food = no civilization. Have the MSM broached that subject yet?

Not likely!



Mainstreet media (corporate media) is failing us in delivering news and real journalism. My friends that only watch corporate media are very un informed and misinformed if they are Fox News entertainment listeners. Of course all of media is just entertainment with a slash of what they want us to hear and know.

The MMS fails us … on nearly EVERY important matter.


Simple. They are NOT us. So, they do not represent us

It’s not that they PRESUME we all want to go to war, show our manhood and win military battles to secure the nation.
— They DON’T presume that. They just couldn’t care less.
— Oh, sure, they’d like as many of us as possible to agree with their "news’ and “analyses” of events.

But let’s face it, THEIR job is to SEE — not REPORT — positions held by the natiion’s largest power brokers who DECIDE for us(not our “representatives”) what our Policies really are, … and present it to us from the “official Point of View” — and make it look like … “news.”
… talk about “fake news” lol.

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There is something that trump began early in his realm. Once again perhaps the best offense is a good defense. What I’m saying is that the liar-in-chief pronounced all other media “Fake News” because it did not fit into Fox’s or his narrative. The only way to make their stuff work for them was to lie about the voracity of it, and it has been working swimmingly from then til now.
I don’t even know if trump knows he is lying all the time.
What does the MSM have to say that will remind us that this is an age old pressing for war. Apparently we need war to survive in a way the 1% want us to live.


This country continues getting war because 95 to 97% of those who vote, do so for the same two war parties.


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It’s amazing that the higher the good you do in society the less you get paid for it .So teachers,nurses,carers, refuse collectors ,ministers get paid very little .They have little value? The higher the value the less the pay. Do things that serve the individual and not the common or highest good and you get filthy lucre.
Where do these ideas come from.
It’s humanity’s ideas about God that create it’s on the ground reality. You see God and money don’t mix. For an understanding of all this was read the book What God Wants by Neale Donald Walsch.
There are institutions and people long in place long in power that do not want you to read that book .They will know that their game is up !
What Does God/Life want or Need .
We must change the beliefs of those in power and change our own beliefs and those of our young.
As beliefs create behaviours .The world doesn’t have to be the way it is but at the moment is being created by those in power .
Unfortunately we are not challenging those in positions of power .Power is always given never taken.
It’s long overdue to take the power back .The power is ours we simply don’t want it .At some point we traded our power in for something we wanted more …The 3 's
But freedom is not something thst can be oppressed forever fear will subside .

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“No one does anything wrong given their understanding of the world.”

Time for a New understanding to be brought forward .

Tel Aviv based news outlet Ha’aretz article from 2003 “White Man’s Burdern” : “In the course of the past year, a new belief has emerged in the town: the belief in war against Iraq. That ardent faith was disseminated by a small group of 25 or 30 neoconservatives, almost all of them Jewish…”

Mark Dubowitz rhymes with Paul Wolfowitz. And what a coincidence that 4 of the world’s 5 largest media conglomerates are Jewish owned and/or controlled. The 5th is more Zionist than the other 4.

So millions more will die for Israel and the Jewish neo-conservatives. The Israelis have shot more than 23 THOUSAND Palestinians this past year and have digressed from apartheid to what appears to be a fascist state. They are deadly serious about using the United States military to kill their enemies. And it appears their American policy/propaganda arm AIPAC, now controls American foreign policy.

It’s only natural for Bolton as an Israeli to be pushing to weaken or destroy Iran as an adversary of Israel, Any medium pointing that out would be accused of antisemitism…

Excellent point! The corporate, media told us what happened in the assassinations of: JFK, MLK, RFK, but never told us the truth of why they happened! The Fascist MSM reported about 9/11 but never reported any alternative 9/11 theories by very reputable scientists on why 3,000 American citizens were murdered on 9/11! They have reported about the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, but have been nothing but fawning sycophants and cheerleaders in their reports on these wars.