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How Many Civilians Can We Kill?


How Many Civilians Can We Kill?

Robert C. Koehler

"The wooden carts that residents use to carry vegetables and other wares in the once busy market area instead ferried out cadavers recovered from the rubble last week."


"Begin reporting on war...from the perspective of its victims...not its planners". Thanks, Robert, for another humane critique and blast of conscience in writing about our shameful acts in Iraq, Syria, and yes now Yemen. So when will this happen, that the actual pictures and words of survivors, of the bombed out homes, the bloodied corpses of kids and moms and old people, flood our laptops and phones and TV screens? And then, will the words and analyses of those 'war planners' begin to have less anodyne effect on the public? Will the words of Andrew Bacevich, and Kathy Kelly and (the late) General Smedley Butler ("War is a Racket."), and other dissenters from our current foreign 'policy' be given some airtime to engage with those war makers, so the public can see and hear their debate? I look forward to that day, should it come. Meanwhile, I am so ashamed and sorry, as an American and a taxpayer who is funding this carnage and its justification. All the donations of one person or many, to groups like Doctors Without Borders and Oxfam will never ameliorate the suffering going on in those countries, in our name.


Begin reporting the war from the human condition and consequence to all involved. State how someone joined the MIC for economic survival and came back in a body bag. Reveal the gung ho gun nut aiming to be the next Sniper. Show those being maimed by the unnecessary actions twenty four seven. Detail the plight of the drone strike victims an hour a day. Show the mansions of the war profiteers in Fairfax county and their servants quarters. Interview the servants.

Aah who am I kidding. CNN can't rake in enough with its Trump and Poncey show.

Change the monetary system first, I guess.


"What I’m trying to say is that the public truly lacks the will to wage war and has already begun abandoning it as a religion." Really - what evidence do you have to support that? Most of America is asleep and don't have a clue what their government is doing overseas.


Hey - has anybody seen the white helmets in Mosul; or do they just appear in countries we're trying to topple?


"...War with its unquestioned Trillion Dollar Drain from the US budget remains a" Kind of Religion", but only if the Public at Large can be kept at a distance from its Stench and Realness."

Hard not to be kept at a Distance since the Media's been De-Regulated and allowed to be Completely Owned by Entities that like things Just the Way they Are.


The Federal government is a colossal war machine that also administers domestic policy when it can spare the time and the dollars. War is now our political system. It is beyond the reach of voters and any accountability. To even question it it is to risk being branded a traitor and unpatriotic or, in the case of the MSM, access to government officials and reporting privileges.

The American war machine fights to make the world a safer place for American interests, meaning American corporations and their profits. It is literally the global agent of predatory capitalism, as in capitalism and diplomacy at the point of a gun and, as we are now seeing, those guns are slowly turning on our own citizens via the militarization of our police forces.

Welcome to the most warlike country the world has ever seen.


even better, i'd say, that the public initiate, lead and participate in the debate. the powers that be have defined the role for us citizens to be as members of the audience who sit in a darkened theater to observe our bigger than life heroes and villains prance about the stage. as long as we support their fantasy, we aid and abet their efforts to hold any hope for a real democracy of, for and by the people at bay.


you know, i really grasped why some among us feel so drawn to war as a way of life while reading george a. a. martin's game of thrones. more than a religion, war is a drug! remember when tyrion led the defense of the castle against stannis baratheon's well-trained invading forces? no one expected tyrion to prevail and yet the little man seemed unstoppable as his plan to set fire to the lake and his ideas to worked to repel the enemy. tyrion was there in the midst of it all swinging his battle ax against the foe. he lived only in that moment with all his senses, his hearing, his sight and physical strength beyond anything he had ever before experienced. in the book's version tyrion after vanquishing many enemy soldiers lost part of his face and his nose from a battle ax wielded by one of baratheon's powerful combatants. he was then carried unconscious left to die in peace. yet live he did! as he lay recouping from his nearly fatal wounds, tyrion thought about what he had experienced on the field of battle. for the first time in his life he understood what big brother, jamie, call battle fervor--an emotion so intoxicating and exhilarating that not even sexual climax could approach. we know this as an adrenaline surge which in moments of extreme stress and fear can overwhelm the body with "super-human" strength and perception. adrenaline is a natural drug created by the body's own self-defense system---and it's as powerful as any drug known.

a percentage of young men, and even some young women among us are particularly susceptible to adrenaline's allure. i do believe that what psychologist call type-a personalities are born to be drawn to danger. the may chose such careers as bull riders, stunt performers, police and soldiering. maybe we all have a touch of it, but most settle for the thrill of a carnival ride feeling a moment's exhilarating fear yet in the knowledge that the ride is designed to come to end in safety. some, however, become so addicted to the drug they feel compelled to take greater and greater risks. remember evel kninevil? never think that these men and women are "fearless" for that's not the point. fear is the point! for the fear itself provides the stimulus for the addictive drug.

now, what i still cannot comprehend is the related "thrill of the kill" response. the hunter who enjoys felling a beautiful buck not because he's hungry, but for the trophy horns to display proudly on the wall. and also the professional soldiers who thrill in taking the lives of other human beings. most young people who answer the nation's "call to duty" desiring to be seen as heroes become discouraged by the reality of horrors done in the name of "honor" and spend years dealing with or denying the symptoms of ptsd.

i was mulling it all over last night thinking of those incidences of police officers shooting a child or unarmed man. they often claim to have "feared for their lives," but i wonder if the real reason might just be for the intoxicating siren song drawing them to the thrill of the kill?

this is what we who want a peaceful community must deal with. how do we cure the obsessive personality disorder which has kept the world at war for centuries?


"The Trump administration’s plan to splinter Syria and establish a permanent garrison in the eastern part of the country won’t be stopped unless the American people express their opposition en masse. Investigative journalist, James Carden, recommends that Congress pass a “No Presidential Wars” resolution that “would prohibit the president from “initiating wars against state or non-state actors without prior congressional declarations under Article I, section 8, clause 11 (Declare War Clause).” It’s a great idea, but it won’t happen without pressure from below. People will have to get more involved if they want the bloodletting to end. There’s no other way."

Yes, when will this happen?


OOPS! i meant to write the author's name as george r. r. martin.

also, i wanted to say trophy antlers, not horns,

i did not realize we have a time limit to edit!


Since the start of the Trump Presidency, the US has massacred more than 1000 civilians.


Clearly, outrage at the thousands killed on Sept 11, 2001 notwithstanding, the Democrat and Republican power structure, and US mainstream media, embrace the notion that the US is entitled to massacre masses of non-US civilians with impunity.

This practice is unlikely to change without a strong anti-war movement in the US.


The bodies that are not counted

And do not count


The f**cking public. I only hope that America gets exactly what it gives. The only good American mercenary is a dead American mercenary. I hope they're all killed, f**cking murderers.


American military terrorists deserve the worst fate possible. I applaud every time I read that an American drone pilot has commited suicide. After what they've done, that's the least they can do.


Welcome to the last Terrorist Empire on Earth. We have 700+ Military bases from which we can generate Death and Human Suffering.

We'll sell you weaponry to use against your own people or your enemies. To U.S. it matters not.

We'll even aid you in a specialty of ours, 'Death From Above'. Collateral damage is extremely likely to occur.

We thank you for contributing to our vibrant economy.

The above was an advertisement for the Military Industrial Complex of the United States of America.


Show the deformities of the babies where the military dropped nuclear warheads. Look at that and see the shame reflected back.


One EXCELLENT post Kathynh1 !!!
You said everything that I wanted to say and more-


Excellent post! I have supported Doctors Without Borders in the past, and they do a lot of good but unfortunately," they will never ameliorate the suffering going on in those countries, in our name".


Saw an interview with some idiot General and when asked about the horrible carnage of 200 innocent civilians he justified it by saying there were a few ISIS terrorists using the innocent men, women and children as shields!