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How Many Global Crises Can a Fifteen-Year-Old Afghan Take On?


How Many Global Crises Can a Fifteen-Year-Old Afghan Take On?

Dr. Hakim

On 31st Jan, I followed Zekerullah, an Afghan Peace Volunteer who coordinates the Borderfree Street Kids School in Kabul, to visit Zuhair and his family in their rented room. Zuhair attends the School on Fridays with 92 other working and street kids, a minuscule number in the context of 6 million working children in Afghanistan.

My heart squirmed at the unequal math of today’s economics.


Thank you for the touching version of a day in the life of a young Afghani boy.

The bike shop is a great idea!

And thank you for being a witness to peace in an era where thus far, the warriors are calling the shots (literally and figuratively).


Great article, really says everything....


An article that makes it all feel real and talks about the state of things in a place known to most of us only as a target zone. Most telling is when they say that they are told that the Taliban or ISIS 'bit off' their water. You get the sense of them being pawns and expendable then. The little people no one thinks about. What was it like to contribute what little money they could to pay for a water pipe and then be robbed. To have the boy come home to fetch water instead of learning a useful trade for the future.

This was Osama bin Ladin's starting a jihad against the west.

This was America's fight against it.

This... the carrying of water.



That was the justification, drummed in endlessly, but the reason would be the Taleban's refusal to agree to the oil pilpelines.


Thank You to all involved in this story.


Many thanks for the wonderful story. Thanks again.