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How Many Palestinians Have To Die For the World to Stop Israel's Crimes In Gaza?


How Many Palestinians Have To Die For the World to Stop Israel's Crimes In Gaza?

Abir Kopty

The sickening video of an Israeli sniper apparently filming himself gunning down a Palestinian protester across the fence in Gaza then rejoicing and praising his "success" with other soldiers has been widely spread and condemned. A week before, another video documented the shooting of another Palestinian protester in the back. This video has also received wide condemnation.


Please know, Ms Kopty, that there are plenty of Americans who care deeply about the crimes of Israel and their puppet, the US Government. Tragically, it’s become obvious at this juncture that in their zeal to never forget or allow a repeat of the Holocaust, Zionists are now willing to commit genocidal acts of their own.

The 2-state solution is dead: Israel killed it.


We really do need a list of everything Israel makes for export so we know everything to boycott.

I would never knowingly buy anything from Israel or any company that trades with Israel.


It is not just that Soldier that reveals the sickness of the Modern Zionist State of Israel. Platforms have been setup around the strip which Israeli Citizens use to watch the demonstrations and cheer the soldiers on as those soldiers murder demonstrators.


The false reporting on the Gaza issue is huge. Hamas, which rules Gaza with an iron fist, uses western and Arab aid to procure Iranian weapons, dig tunnels to infiltrate Israel, and fill the Swiss bank accounts of their corrupt leadership. They forced thousands of people to the Israeli border, used their kids as human shields, and fired bullets, threw rocks and molotov cocktails and fireworks at the Israeli Defense Forces. Two days ago it was falsely reported that a “Palestinian Journalist” had been killed, then it turned out to be a Hamas activist. My only caution here is that there are so many false reports about Gaza and the people who are responsible for the disaster there. There is a reason that a half million people are dead in Syria, 20,000 are dead in Yemen, a million in Sudan, 250,000 in Iraq, and 40,000 in Egypt—the U.S. and Israel have nothing to do with it.


The sniper went to court and was found not guilty as the court broke into applause. The rats could shoot a child in the head and film it, and nothing would happen to that state sanctioned murderer. That is Israel.


Deck: that is an outright lie. 2,000,000 human beings are trapped in the world’s largest outdoor prison starving, butalized living on a $l.00 day. Sewage running in the streets and the sea. Palestinans not permitted to fish in their own sewage filled water. Electricily for maybe 1 or 2 hours a day. Food rotting delivered by the zionist fundamentalists, and YOU wonder why they would be protest. Do you know the history of the Polish Ghetto? Zionists in their quest to take territory from whomever…for the Greater Israel, (google that) are the terrorists in the middle east, along with the vile evil Sauds. The world majority stands with Palestinans…ever follow the vote in the UN?


Garrett: remember when Henry Zionist Kissinger told the zionists, :If you keep doing what your doing Israel wont be here in 20 yrs"…well if Trumpolini delivers shock and awe to Syria (Assad NOT guilty of chemicals weapons and using them on his people), will be equal to there is WMD in Iraq. Truth: Prince Bandar delivered chemical weapons to the fundamentalist wahabbis invaders in Syria…they released those weapons on Christian neighborhoods who support Assad. Syria is a secular nation stuck in the middle of moderate muslims to Alquada, Al Nusra nut jobs, fighting Assad. Assad and his army have been winning against them. The country is destroyed and millions dead, no medicine or food, people are trapped…surrounded by these nuts using the chemicals so it will be blamed on Assad and the WEST coming in with WMD to take him out, so they can move in. Israel should be terrified of that prospect. P.S. UN inspectors were on the ground 10 blks from the attack by the rebels…Do you think Assad is crazy enough to bring on his own demise. UN Commission have not determined WHO is responsible for the attacks. Read the UN report on this.


There is a boycott on Israel…its the BDS Movement. No that some countries call those involved traitors and terrorist organizations. Thats how much power Israelie ziionists and zionists sitting in the US Congress are beholden by this rogue nation.


The Israelie and US governments demanded Gaza have an new election to get rid of Fatah. Hamas was strictly delivering food, medicine etc to Gazans. Gaza voted (jimmy carter group) witnessed election said it was fair. The minute Hamas was elected the zionist criminals immediately called them a terrorist organization. Hamas has made huge offerings to Israel, everytime Israel demands something different. The truth is Israel wants NO peace, they want the property belonging for centuries of the Palestinans. In the 1920’s christians, Palestinans, jews lived side by side, no problems. only in 1949 when the brits drew a land in the sand and delivered Israel to these lands, all hell has broken lose.


The real question should be: How many Palestinians have to die while being used as human shields, terrorist stand-ins and human cannon fodder BY Hamas before the “Anti-Zionist” world admits to itself what Hamas really is–a terrorist organization that uses flesh and blood to forward their extremist Islamic agenda? Your prejudices blind you to the truth. And in prioritizing your prejudices above all else, you show as little concern for the welfare of the Palestinians and the future of their children than Hamas does. Your phony self-righteousness is flimsy cover for your own hypocrisies. For shame!


Bill Clinton: “I Killed Myself to Give the Palestinians a State,” but They Rejected It


Do you buy anything made in China?


Obesity has become prevalent in the Gaza Strip



BDS is collective punishment.
575,000 Iraqi children died from sanctions.
BDS is immoral.


Jews lived in Gaza for centuries until they were ethnically cleansed from Gaza by the Palestinians.


To put the Gaza situation in context, it should be noted that Egypt as well as Israel is blocking Gaza. So the situation is a bit more complicated than Israelis versus Palestinians. It is also Egyptians versus Palestinians. This is nice mess for Mike Pompeo to tackle if he becomes secretary of state. What would Trump, Pompeo, and Bolton try to do? Is that a scary trio or what?


You need to take the time to read the labels. I have found jams in the food dept and socks in the clothing line.


We live in a world where those responsible for killing millions of citizens and military are not held responsible for crimes against humanity. This inhuman constant state of wars plus the resultant pollution from the weapons used for the mass murders has been the normal state since post WWII. War is good for the economy and that is what is most important !


You trust Bill Clinton? You’re even dumber than I thought.