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How Many San Francisco Cops Does It Take To Subdue One Black Guy With A Prosthetic Leg? 14, Evidently: Four To Assault Him, 10 To Block the View


How Many San Francisco Cops Does It Take To Subdue One Black Guy With A Prosthetic Leg? 14, Evidently: Four To Assault Him, 10 To Block the View

Another video, another assault on a black body - in this case, one-legged - in what's become the "quotidian...mundane...everyday harassment" that is policing in America. Journalist Chaédria LaBouvie caught hordes of cops brutally taking down an evidently homeless man in a high-tech area after someone reported he was waving around "sticks," aka his crutches. Four cops pinned him to the ground, stomping on both his good and bad leg, as 10 bulky cohorts formed a ring to block cameras. One observer: "They sure served and protected the hell outta that guy."


What happened to “serve and protect?” Fourteen cops to take down a black man with a prosthetic leg because he was seen waving his crutches around? And this is a crime in SF? Maybe he’d lost his balance and was trying to regain it. Of course, he’s black–that changes everything!


i never watch the video links. My rage is intense enough just reading the reports.

Somehow we gotta stop the idiot cop culture of brutality and escalation to enforce compliance with whatever stupid thing the cop says. Hey any cops reading this? It’s IDIOT COP CULTURE.


The results on BART’s (the Bay Area’s subway) public app for riders to report “suspicious activity,” etc. to the authorities are in, and it turns out the people reported on are overwhelmingly homeless and black and not doing anything illegal; rather, they are sleeping, being unwashed (due to the filthy social priorities prevalent among certain housed people), sometimes talking loudly, allegedly. Even the BART cops admit the vast majority of what’s coming to them from the good citizens reporting are “not crimes,” but they like it anyways, as it gives them “a sense of what people’s concerns are.” (I’m paraphrasing.) One of the best papers around, though, is Street Spirit, sold by many houseless ones for the deal of just one buck. After Oscar Grant’s killing by a BART cop who actually was found legally guilty of an oopsie manslaughter and did a tiny bit of time (only because so many raised so much hell over the case, and the shooting through the back of unarmed, handcuffed, face-down Grant was captured on too many cell phones to be able to confiscate all of them), I wondered whether BART management would try to put up some new window dressing of care about young black men, say, depict on some adspace some homies smiling about riding BART or something. But no, images of black men who are not suited up as acceptably conservative and clearly not homeless or poor simply do not appear in any of the many BART system ads “thanking” and “appreciating” their yuppie riders. It’s just a subtle thing, I know, but the invisibility of black men’s lives in official messaging just screams undead white supremacy. So do the ways these app users are overwhelmingly complaining about the living presence of their melanin-sporting, money-lacking cousins.


Homelessness is illegal. What kind of $#!+ f*ck country do we live in that treats human beings so poorly?
They do not care! People who have never suffered nor struggled just don’t get it. This country is one based on competition, not cooperation. It’s all about getting more than the next person, and then showing it off. They make people jump through hoops like attend mandatory meetings just to keep food stamps. They don’t care if you are sick and don’t have a car. Feeding the homeless is supposed to be a crime, too. Well, I guess that makes me a criminal! I have bought food and water for these poor folks, and I know if I were in their shoes, I would hope some kind person would do the same for me. It is easier to fall through the cracks in the USA than one might think.
Criminalizing compassion! What stinking fascist pigs!


Not the San Francisco I lived in. With the Google buses and insane housing prices comes the rabid victimization of the poor. SF is now the poster city for greed and displacement. Such is the fate of an American city when it becomes boutique.


This troubling video is not an aberration, it is a portrait of an entire system in so many different levels and aspects. But I only have 3 tangential observations: (a) 15 people hired by the people of S.Fran and paid at the least a 70k/year (with benefits) - who spend their time for this, (b) the tacit acceptance of the people around who go about their day instead of outraging, screaming, pushing and organizing to help and protect this poor desperate soul, and © compare the SF video with the video of this little Greek island’s people http://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2015/aug/18/greek-island-leros-europe-migrant-crisis-video


Here’s an idea. Fire every last one of the f##kers, everyone in the SFPD, top to bottom, and fire the bureaucrats who dispense the pay that supports them, as well as the attorneys, judges, who protect them, and the politicians who collect the taxes that fund the fascist state. Clean out the crap in the Augean stables of the rancid city and state and start over again. Does the population of SF have the integrity, intelligence, and the courage to do it?


Excellent point and one that needs to be discussed in the Dystopia.


If you were in their shoes you’d find the poor and homeless would treat you better than the wealthy and connected. Remember when the meme was " let the police handle it ". Well, now they are and we see the result. America, where punching and kicking down, has become a popular art form.


(Her family name is LaBouvier, Abby. Cf Jacq. Bouvier Kennedy)


If this man happened to be homeless in Albuquerque, NM and camping without a permit in the hills, he might have been attacked and executed for his “crime” like James Boyd was by pathological killer cops armed with assault weapons. Boyd was white. Was his murder really necessary or were the depraved cops just looking for a thrill, shooting and killing a “perp”? The entire US police system is corrupt and out of control!

View James Boyd’s execution/murder on video here. http://www.policestateusa.com/2014/james-boyd/

HEY, this just in! http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/aug/18/new-mexico-police-officers-murder-trial

These lying pig murderers will probably be acquitted like almost all are, but let’s see…


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Anyone still think Bernie shouldn’t be embracing and encouraging the Black Lives Matter movement?


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Q: WTF Happened?
(and greed!)


What happened to Protect and Serve??

It exists and in fact has changed not at all over the centuries.

The police protect their own and serve those with political or economic power.

Things are no different today. It simply feels different because everyone has a recording device and thus a very few cases of police brutality are exposed to the light of day (still the vast majority occur away from prying eyes and are, virtually each and every time, defended as proper and ‘within departmental guidelines’).

Hopefully people in this country will begin to recognize that the entire justice system is at best a shakedown racket and at worst legalized slavery.


Bernie would do much better to get advise regarding racial issues from Glen Ford and Bruce Dixon. The young ladies in the Black Lives Matter movement appear to have been co-opted by the power system and the black misleadership class.


What do you mean? What evidence do you have of this?


I really don’t understand what’s his crime? It’s stupid and disturbing to watch the video. The question is what kind of training these policemen get before their street duty. This is horrible, insane and inhuman act. The policing should be for protecting the community not intended for brutalizing them. Besides it is extremely racist since he is blackman having a prosthetic leg and homeless. Is it a crime? The idiot policemen should think that they could be in the similar situation after losing the job. This is highly unacceptable.


Hey, this was funny in all its idiocy. Thanks for the chuckle. Oh, wait. I guess I am not amused after all.