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How Media Obscure US/Saudi Responsibility for Killing Yemeni Civilians


How Media Obscure US/Saudi Responsibility for Killing Yemeni Civilians

Ben Norton

A coalition of Saudi Arabia, the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, with minor support from several other Middle Eastern nations, has relentlessly bombed Yemen since March 2015. This August, the coalition ramped up the ferocity of its airstrikes, killing dozens of civilians.

On August 23, the US/Saudi coalition bombed a hotel near Yemen’s capital Sanaa, killing 41 people, 33 of whom—80 percent—were civilians, according to the United Nations.


Thanks Ben, for this measured and yet sharply critical and humane, account of our shameful funding and enabling actions that murder thousands of civilians and civilian kids in Yemen, with our U.S (and GB) taxes. Death from the air/starvation/cholera for these suffering Yemenis, in the name of cold war ideology and our gainful business interests with the Saudi,s continues to rain down; when will we stop it?


And this article contributes to the obfuscation by failing to mention that the US is doing Israel’s bidding by acting as its proxie in its war against all things Iranian.


USA! USA! USA! the majority of Americans do not have a clue to what is done in our name.
Then many of us who do don’t know what to do about it. Yes, small little things like email and write but don’t even find any war protests to go to anymore.

Corporate media is a failure! Americans are complacent and arrogant and we don’t even know it.


This is one of the most confusing wars. One view is that it is another proxy wary being Saudi Arabia and Iran. But I don’t think it has ever been clearly established if the Iranians are really supporting one side. I think it is clearly a war between the Shiites and Sunnis. The goal of Saudi Arabia seems to be to prevent the Shiites from taking over Yemen. The US should be playing a neutral role. Instead, it seems that Trump has sided with the Saudis. The last thing the US should be seen doing is favoring either the Sunnis or Shiites. The US has already been blamed by the Sunnis for allowing the Shiites and Iran to gain control over Iraq. That was due to the stupidity of Bush and Cheney who furthered the interests of Iran in the Iraq war. US policy remains totally confusing in the Middle East. Are there any clear objectives other than trying to deal with the jihadists and protecting Israel? We need less bombing and more thinking.


Thank you for the detail on the reporting---- A US military helicopter went down in Yemen about a week ago,with no other reporting. Most people in the US have no idea what is happening in Yemen in their name. Why do they hate us? The US media is criminal in its neglect of reporting what the US military is doing----the same could be said of Afghanistan. Democracy Now does more reporting on real news in one hour vs. a week,month or year of reporting by MSNBC,CNN,ABC,NBC,CBS. At least the print media do some reporting on these issues. Its also amazing how little reporting on the flooding in Bangladesh----thank you Democracy Now.-------The public airwaves should go back to the public----the private corporations have cable and other ways to broadcast.


Trump is siding with the Saudis.

Just like Obama and Clinton.


Are there any other clear objectives?
Thank you Ben for the news analysis. Thank you Lrx for a why. I’ll give you another why. Remember during the election how many sided with Trump for the single reason of avoiding war with Russia? Notice how Russia had taken a bigger and bigger role in Syria. Today Pepe Escobar has written up in atimes.com that Russia has aligned with Turkey and Iran to end the Syrian conflict, with the US, rather clearly in the article as Daesh and AlQaeda, are bowing out.
I suggest that perhaps the Yemen and Afghanistan escapades are partly a cover for a major retreat in another area. While I am disgusted with all of it, I can see that some would find more advantage to being in Afghanistan than in Syria. All of it of course is a major boondoggle and not of it remotely justifiable as national defense… Even the flimsy oil interests argument is ridiculous now that clean energy is more viable.