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How Mitch McConnell's Do Nothing Republicans Are Killing You

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/27/how-mitch-mcconnells-do-nothing-republicans-are-killing-you


“Businesses like Tesla in Alameda County, California, and Tyson meat packing plants in Iowa remained open during previous shutdowns, and both companies suffered COVID outbreaks. No exceptions this time around.”

Right. All animal slaughter houses/mink farms and any facility dealing with raw flesh/animals for slaughter should be closed.


Thanks for the handy list of what needs to be done. Good ammunition against the dead-enders both in and out of congress. I wouldn’t hold my breath until McConnell does even some minor token gesture of concern for Americans. This is a man who takes pride in calling himself the Grim Reaper. The only chance to rein in his callous disregard for all of us is if Ossoff and Warnock win their runoff elections in GA. Do what you can to support them. Send them money. If you are good on the phone, join a phone bank to call GA voters.


Reich is so good at telling half the story.

The Pelosified democrats rushed to push through the so-called Cares Act and in doing so

they guaranteed the current situation.

That act was primarily a bonus for the wealthiest corporatists and all of the things that Reich

is saying are needed now were deliberately ignored back in March.

Since March, the frauds in the democrat front for corporate domination have made it a

priority to act as if they were tricked by McConnell and their republican allies.

Do you really believe the democrats are as stupid/hapless as they need you to believe

and, if so,

WHY would anyone keep supporting their ineffectiveness?

Reich is as much a hack spreading propaganda and misrepresentation as he is a source

of information.

The republicans rely on the democrats to give the phony impression that there are two


Just watch how, again this year - like every year - the democrats and republicans will

overwhelmingly pump up the bloated, toxic “omnibus” sausage and shove it through

while (like the corrupt “Cares” act) they will insist that there isn’t time to see what is in it.

Reich’s chief agenda is to keep people blaming the republicans and ignoring the role

of the democrats in this sadism.


McConnell has earned himself a good case of lead poisoning.


In the next few months, at the various huge in person gatherings held to celebrate Divisive Donald’s impressive accomplishments while in office, Mitch McConnell deserves countless high fives, handshakes, face-to-face congratulations, and hugs from all those patriotic MAGA types who stridently defend their inalienable right to not wear masks or take any precautions whatsoever because “Covid is just a paranoid conspiracy theory designed to take away our rights”.

Failing the predictable result, may a significant number of those many armed MAGA types become aware that the reason that so many of them and their friends and relatives are hungry, unemployed, and being evicted from their homes – is directly related to Mitch McConnell’s obstructionism with respect to allowing the needed stimulus payments to be made to Main Street and State governments and the People during the Covid 2nd and 3rd waves.

May McConnell soon retire, he has done enough.


Professor Reich asks, “To them I ask: How much death and suffering must the American people endure before you act?”

The answer, ESPECIALLY from McConnell, is “The more, the better.” For McConnell and many others of his ilk, it’s not a glitch but a feature. They are sadistic sociopaths of the lowest order.


Maybe the professor will eventually explain why they are allowed to do the killing.


Along with the trumptard.


I agree with you – if Peloser and Schumer (hard to come up with a negative name when his name really is Schumer) had any cajones they would harass him every chance they got, but it’s hard to push him when they are just as guilty as moscow mitchybrat.

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“moscow mitchybrat”

This characterization is way off the mark.

I do not think Putin would put up with someone as obviously corrupt as McConnell.

I’m not defending Putin, but his current rise to power is largely due to the fact that he knows

the Russian people are fed-up with the type of capitalist predators who flourished under

Clinton’s buddy Yeltsin and they would make short work of an asshole like McConnell.

Russia-gate is mostly fraudulent democrat-intelligence right-wing propaganda which is

designed to increase feelings of insecurity for more militaristic stupidity.

Both Biden and Trump are closer to McConnell than Putin is. McConnell is the essence

of arrogant stupidity and apple pie.

That you would think Moscow has anything to do with that pig is indicative of your

brainwashed state.


I do not think people realize how bad it was in Russia during the Yeltsin years. FOIA documents and a book I can not recall the name of detailed how the administration of Bush the elder explicitly instructed its agencies to plunder Russia of all they could while Yeltsin in power. The Western banks were to bleed Russia of all of its wealth and this used to line the pockets of the investor class in the West and the Oligarchs in Russia.

Putin was a great man as far as the west was concerned up until he booted out the western bankers, After that he was evil incarnate.

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Reich is a perfect example of all of my ‘good liberal’ friends, righteously telling half a story that I can agree with then conveniently leaving out the bits that reveal their own contributions to our long-running demise. Convenient that.

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say what?!!?

Unfortunately, anyone who stays in office for decades, amassing power & becoming enthralled with their own selves & all that power they crave & are corrupted totally by it…they can only be the corruption that they become.
It qas nevwr meant to be lifelong positions of high authority – doing favors, taking special favors & having their ass kissed all those years.
It is called “public service”. You serve your country & go back home…not grow old, crotchety, a fossil who cannot see or do anything new, a nasty old thing with many grudges & who thinks the country coyld not run wuthout thrm in it.
That is when you know you have been there too damb long! Go home! Keep your Party alive & vibrant with fresh ideas & this Country needs the same fresh aporoach, growth & new ideas. Not same shit 3-4 decades later.
SOME PEOPLE & we can all name a few, have been in office WAY TOO LONG & THEY PREVENT any good dialigue with new ideas. They fight any change tooth & nail.
This PREVENTS PROGRESS! They become THE OBSTACLE to the job they are supposed to do! Stagnate. Stalemate. Can’t negotiate & compromise in goid faith. Nothing gets done that needs to be done! It becomes about power & personalities & NOT ABOUT RUNNING THIS COUNTRY IN BEST INTEREST OF US ALL.

Sound familiar yet? It won’t get any better cuz’ the old codgers have made it a lifetime power position & they WON’T GO HOME!
They must be SENT HOME & new ppl brought in! If not…well just look at what crap we have right now! Do they really get much work done FOR US, or jyst bunch of talk & little action?!
Too much power is addictive.
Too much campaign money.
Too much recesses & fun stuff.
Too much royalty treatment.
Pay & perks are too much $$$.

Too far removed from REAL problems of REAL Americans!

What other job lets you give yourself raises when you want?

They focus on their re-elections & raising $$$… What about doing the job we put you there to do?


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Give him only bottled water, from Flint, to drink - with enhanced “additives.”


Time in office doesn’t assure that. McConnell has been this obstructive destroyer from the start. He’s just gotten more openly contemptuous as he has also gotten free rein.

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I was thinking of a different phase.

Oleg Deripaska was a key player in the Mueller Report. Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, was giving secret briefings to Deripaska on the American elections. Many believe that this information was going back to Putin and Russian Intelligence agencies. Recently, sanctions were lifted on Deripaska in a controversial move by the Republican-led Senate. Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, was a key advocate for the lifting of these sanctions. Shortly after the lifting of sanctions, it was announced that Deripaska’s company would be making a $200,000,000.00 investment by opening an aluminum facility in Kentucky. Mitch McConnell is the senior Senator from Kentucky. Was this a $200,000,000.00 campaign contribution? Yes, in an indirect way. See Sanctioned Russian Oligarch’s Company to Invest Millions in New Aluminum Plant in Mitch McConnell’s State from Newsweek Magazine for more on the McConnell-Deripaska connection. See this very interesting story, A Kremlin-Linked Firm Invested Millions in Kentucky. Were They After More Than Money?, from Time Magazine for the latest on McConnell and Deripaska.

This is where the name Moscow Mitch came from, and yes, it not only fits, but is a pretty accurate take on Russia (see: “A Kremlin-Linked Firm …”)


Nope another 6 yrs of McConnell------I guess the people of Kentucky like getting screwed but why do they have to screw the rest of us----same for the people of Maine , Iowa , N. and S. Carolina’s—

Americans pay into a healthcare system from their first day of work but don’t get that healthcare until they are 65-----if they make it to 65----what a racket-------We should of had Universal healthcare 70 years ago???

Why do people vote for the Plantation Owner McConnell???