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How Much Taxpayer Money Has Scott Walker Wasted Fighting Courts That Told Him to Do His Job?


How Much Taxpayer Money Has Scott Walker Wasted Fighting Courts That Told Him to Do His Job?

Charles P. Pierce

Because we are on our way to San Antone—mandatory nod to Bob Wills—we are making only two stops on our tour this week, but both of them are cherce. We begin in Wisconsin, where the desperate attempts of Scott Walker, the goggle-eyed homunculus hired by Koch Industries to manage that particular midwest subsidiary, and his pet legislature to subvert both democracy and the duties of Walker’s office have reached the level of what my sainted mother used to call high-sterics.


I have a question, Why isn’t Walker in jail for contempt ? I’m sure any other citizen would be.


How many brutalized kids have become angry sociopaths? These people who recommend assaulting little children to “discipline them” should be institutionalized.


Or Republicans (or am I just being redundant?)


Yeah, if anyone needs to be spanked it is Walker. Sorry, I think that was my last nerve that just said that.


I live in Paul Ryan’s district, and would like to see both him and Walker “vanish into the night”!


I hope you guys get rid of both of them. Wisconsin deserves better than those two. Your state has traditionally produced some of the best and most principled Public Servants: Sen. Robert “Fighting Bob” LaFollette; Governor and Senator Gaylord Nelson (Founder of Earth Day); Russ Feingold. Wisconsin has proven that it can do much better than Walker and Ryan. Good Luck!


This is a GREAT point that Americans rarely bring up, frankly maybe out of sheer lack of intellect. The right has been doing this for decades now-creating imbroglios and crowding the legal system with their crap. We are obliged to let them have their day in court, while we all pay for it. Just the amount of excess litigation the modern Republican party has causes at large should be telling to people. They don’t give a damn how much gets spent, they intend to run anything and everything down to the breaking point. The biggest fucking bunch of liars ever, starting with Reagan himself and his hidden, lying counter-offer to PATCO in the famous strike. What Walker does is what most of them do now-tie up procedure and movement. Like the treason committed by McConnell on blocking the Garland hearings for SCOTUS, for which he should be in prison for right now.


Yahoo America!