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How Much to Buy a Congressional Vote? New Research Seeks Answer

How Much to Buy a Congressional Vote? New Research Seeks Answer

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

While it is conventional wisdom that money influences politics, researchers released a report Tuesday aiming to answer the longstanding question of exactly how much political spending it takes to sway a Congressional vote.

And many believe the Democratic Party can be ‘Reformed’ and moved to the left.

To those, I say, “The Democratic Party has already left.”

Left to go to the Bank.


Our oligarch forefathers rigged the system a long time ago. We the Sheep simply follow.

Direct Democracy


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:41366”]
How Much to Buy a Congressional Vote?  New Research Seeks Answer
– Lauren McCauley, staff writer
. . . The results indicate that for every $100,000 that Democratic representatives received from finance,
the odds they would break with their party’s majority support for the Dodd-Frank legislation increased by 13.9 percent,” the report states. "Democratic representatives who voted in favor of finance often received $200,000 – 300,000 from that sector, which raised the odds of switching by 25–40 percent.</I>"[/quote] And the DamnocRat are still arguing about why they lost in 2016, and what to do about the “perception” that their ties to Wall Street (and the Military-Industrial Complex and Big Oil and Multi-NaZional Korporations) are too close?   Sheesh!!!   (And this article doesn’t even address Hilliary’s speeches, or the DNC fat cats, DWS and Podesta, the Senate, stupordelegates, etc., etc.)


The best congress money can buy, indeed !


The use of the word “contributions” is an affront to anyone’s intelligence.
They’ve managed to “legalize” graft through a increasingly sequestered legal system.


I can’t believe there is this going on with Amerikas elected officials. Thought all this time they worked 24/7 for us on Main Street.

I do believe right now with my tin-foil hat that the so-called govt. of the people might be in control of the .01% but sure that just me being paranoid. Right?


yes. “contribution” implies something entirely benign and civically grounded. They are bribes. Not always for votes, true, but at the very least, for a level of access that no ordinary person could ever hope to have.

I get why Democrats have dragged their heels for so many years on this issue. Instinctively, they understand that if they concede that this system is beyond repair, that they’ll actually have to do a lot more than weekend social marches and take far more risk to find another route.

There’s a significant incentive for a lot of people to deny this reality.


“It is sort of grimly humorous or might make you want to throw up, depending on how you look at it,” Ferguson told the International Business Times.

Mr. Ferguson, the candor of your assessment is endearing.


Well, money didn’t help Jeb or Hillary. It seems to me to be a lack of imagination more than anything else…that all politicians always have their hand out for ‘contributions’. Even the better ones like Franken, Whitehouse, Murphy, etc. I ask them what money has to do with it and, so far, received no answers.
Assuming votes are counted accurately (a long shot), people do have a choice if we have a memory. That is, not believing the last thing we’ve seen or heard which advertisers count on.
The 2016 recounts in PA, WI, and MI were not clearly wins. They were fudges, hand wavers, and very obscure.

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Now retired, NY Dem Rep Steve Israel admitted, in a TV interview, that he spent 90% of his time groveling for Campaign Money.

Gotta deliver, if you want more, and that is their premier concern.

How much can you give me, and what do you want in return for it?


After listening to many sensible voices during the Iraq Draft Resolution hearings, he STILL voted FOR the War.
(I heard his vote as he went into full Bullshit mode - "Last night I sat my daughter on my knee, and…)

sometimes one can feel paranoia because he or she is correct; not because of an over-active imagination. you’re not paranoid–you’re aware!

recently i read that the house democrats all are unified for single-payer healthcare. hmm, in 2009 the voters had given a majority democratic congress to obama, right? well, remember the first words from #44, pelosi and fienstein were “single payer is off the table!” guess it’s like ms. clinton explained after leaks revealed she had different public and private opinions. isn’t that like snake oil sales techniques? apparently, honesty won’t get the votes. is that the politicians fault or ours?

Well if the numbers above can be relied upon, then that means that the American people only need to raise about $195 million in order to purchase total ownership of half plus one in each house.

Only $390 million to own the congress outright.

C’mon, folks, we can do it!


Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean that people aren’t plotting to get you! :wink:

Thank you. Bull’s eye.

Good comment.

How much of that campaign war chest wound up in the coffers of corporate for-profit media?

What ever happened to these recounts? The last news I really heard about them is that Trump was contesting them in court???

This is news???We have a totally corrupt political system and the media along with it. I’ve been seeing utube videos on democratic town halls were people are demanding healthcare for all—and people are calling out the corruption of the political class.

How Much to Buy a Congressional Vote? New Research Seeks Answer4 The title should really be (HOW MUCH TO BUY A CCNGRESSMAN?SENATOR") The are relatively cheap for the millionaire/billionaire clubs and they are essentially tax deductible.