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How Much Will the War On Unions Cost You This Labor Day?


How Much Will the War On Unions Cost You This Labor Day?

Richard Eskow

The decline of unions has probably cost you, or someone close to you, thousands of dollars since last Labor Day.

A new study by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) found that income for nonunion workers fell substantially as union membership declined. And it hasn’t fallen because of some immutable economic law. It’s a casualty of war – cultural and political war.


With all due respect, Mr. Eskow, the cultural aspect (Gordon Gecko) is the antiseptic administered prior to the shot!

The shot is NAFTA, CAFTA, and every other trade treaty that not only makes it possible for corporate firms to relocate to nations with far lower labor standards, but frequently provides them with financial incentives for doing so!

If a company's CEO and board of directors deem it cheaper to relocate to Mexico, then workers will have a very weak bargaining position.

Unions were undermined largely on account of Trade Deals. The cultural narratives that prized the rich were part of the calculus... but hardly the causative element.

I find the absence of mention of this particular factor troubling... with TPP and TIPP breathing down the world's workers' necks.


Just as "Eisenhower bragged about union growth", Obama can lay claim to signing more "trade deals" than any of his predecessors, without TPP, TTIP or TISA being in the tally.

What went up now goes down,,,sadly.


In the case of South Carolina, jobs. Governor Nikki Haley stated that the Detroit big three union auto plants, Ford, GM, and Chrysler are not welcome in South Carolina. Why? Because they are union plants. By the way, South Carolina needs jobs very badly. Such a shame people suffer, because of this war on unions.


And who are the union leaders supporting for president this year?? Labor Day in this country is a JOKE!---Can't wait to see the massive Clinton rally to fight for working people on this labor day. Or will Clinton be hiding out in the Hampton's?????


Unions are corporations, and corporations do not get to be large in this country unless they are corrupt. That is, with oversized lobbing, CEO salaries, and probably some sort of "revolving door" for the elites.
Unions used to be great; we owe the 40 hour week to them, as well as child labor laws, but modern unions are not the same, at all.
Think co-ops!