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How Muslims Became the Enemy


How Muslims Became the Enemy

Juan Cole

These days, our global political alliances seem to shift with remarkable rapidity, as if we were actually living in George Orwell’s 1984. Are we at war this month with Oceania? Or is it Eastasia? In that novel, the Party is able to erase history, sending old newspaper articles down the Ministry of Truth’s “memory hole” and so ensuring that, in the public mind, the enemy of the moment was always the enemy. Today, there is one constant, though.


There are other later anti-Muslim sources of the current situation, but the first was the Israeli/Zionist demonization of Palestinians trying to achieve some justice after the Zionist taking of much of Palestine, The Occupation, and massive ethnic cleansing to secure territory to be for Jews only. The pre-meditated drive to “get America into our fight” was the goal spoken by Israeli leaders of the time, that worked very well, and that began a process and very slippery slope that precluded dialogue with Arab states and peoples, especially Palestinians, branded as terrorists to the last child!

Israeli propaganda and enormous political pressure inside the US led to a de facto lap-dog political reality in American politics culminating in the trump regime sycophant treason. That subversion was exemplified by America turning their back on the US Navy victims of the USS Liberty attacked by Israel in 1967 and covered-up to this day. The intentional murders of US citizens - like Rachel Corrie - protesting Israeli racist policy by the IDF forces and those murdered never supported by their own government!

The demonization of Arabs was fed by a captive/bought-out US media dedicated to the Israeli narrative, not truth, and led to wars of exploitation and destruction as planned in Iraq and Libya, with Iran now in the sights. Israel pushes their lap-dog to destruction of any claimed “threat” to Israeli racist expansionism, and as a diversion of world focus.from their terrorism, violent occupation, ethnic cleansing and illegal colonization of Palestine, including any public resistance such as the BDS movement.

Look no further than the racism and exceptionalism of Israeli Zionism, expansionism, and contempt for any other people seen as vermin by the Zionist regime and narrative, and the subversion of US foreign policy to reflect this plan!




Not sure you could find a more incomplete story-line as to how Muslims became the enemy. Trump didn’t start this, he just uses it, to pander to his base voters. No mention of the false flag 9/11, and how it was used to demonize Muslims, perhaps because a large part of their culture sat on top of one of the largest oil reserves in the world. No mention of how the occupiers of Palestine needed this to achieve their goals of stealing a country for themselves. No mention of how this silences the Muslim opposition voices from other parts of the world to the above atrocities committed by the US and the occupiers of Palestine. The US has been planning this for years, I recall the transition in the military in the early 1980’s, training was shifted to the desert and vehicles were being re-painted with desert colors (from the jungle colors of Vietnam). The Iranian takeover of our embassy could account for a small part of this, but not a full-on shift. Those of us in the lower ranks didn’t understand why at the time, but it all makes sense now. As much as I despise Trump, blaming this on him is a non-starter, and fails to see the resent historical build-up of how we got here.


What would flying a plane into a building would achieve? There are far better ways to damage a country and actually declare war on it. Somehow, the majority of the dumb populace in America bought the false-flag. Thought they were doing it for “democracy” and “freedom” reality was it was all for the rich and powerful elite. They wanted resources, money, land and also to test their weapons for their own weapons industries. Bush family had a huge investment in Oil, and Military (Arms) industry. They literally became rich overnight after 9/11. A lot of so-called investors benefited, Pentagon’s budget and audit department was targeted which was tracing all the money that was stolen from the budget. It was all a well coordinated procedure, the ones who benefited most are all located in USA, including Larry Silverstein the owner of World Trade Center (who suspiciously added a clause for insurance against terrorism two months before the incident). All other Muslim countries were looked at as savages, bombed mercilessly, discriminated against internationally, Hollywood made a mockery out of them, the Israelis got a justification for murder and land-grabbing. What did the Muslims get? They got nothing but misery. Their economies tanked and dropped, they became refugees, they became the target for unjustified anger. The real culprits were never caught. Saudi Arabia is a staunch ally of USA and Israel, the Saudis have close links with the Israelis and it’s all due to an incident which occurred a few years back. It’s all a coordinated effort. Instead Bush goes on to attack countries which have no links with 9/11 (nothing at all), invades Iraq, threatens Pakistan to join the war and offer it’s land to the USA drones, jets, arms supply and become it’s slave (they weren’t considering Pakistan as an ally, more like using Pakistan for their own benefit), and finally doing attacks left and right in Afghanistan, this in turn causes flood of refugees in Pakistan, also a spillover effect of terrorists into country with regular bomb-blasts, Yemen because Saudi Arabia has oil and USA obeys them. The guy who owned Black Water Erik Prince head a hard boner every time he would shoot or kill a bunch of bystanders, in that incident of Nisour Square massacre. Refugees are getting abused in Jordan, Greece and other parts of Europe and are being exploited. It’s very sick. They simply became the enemy because they were weak, they couldn’t fight back and had resources to take. They wanted the large dumb populace to focus their attention and hate somewhere else while they swindle the rest of the world.


And sadly nothing has changed because of the gate keepers that control and brainwash the populace. If Goebbels were still alive he would be proud of how the fascist, MSM has been able to still sell the fairy tale of 9/11.

" Make the lie big; make it simple; keep on repeating it in the media; and eventually the populace will believe it.: Adolf Hitler