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How Neocons Destabilized Europe

How Neocons Destabilized Europe

Robert Parry

The refugee chaos that is now pushing deep into Europe – dramatized by gut-wrenching photos of Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi whose body washed up on a beach in Turkey – started with the cavalier ambitions of American neocons and their liberal-interventionist sidekicks who planned to remake the Middle East and other parts of the world through “regime change.”


Putin, now there’s a fellow who can show you how to think fast by thinking slowly.

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One wonders what the real reason is for the neocon demand for “regime change” in Syria.

The ‘sarin attack on his own people’ story, which looks like a false flag incident, has been pretty much discredited as the real reason for the neocon attack.

So there must be another reason for the attack.

Could it be, as was true in Libya and Iraq, that Assad has strong socialist tendencies and so has to go?


Excellent, comprehensive piece by Parry. Neocons are evil slugs who leave a long trail of other people’s blood behind them. Were there actually such a thing as international law they’d all have been tried and convicted of war crimes long ago.

I don’t care for Obama and think his decision to include neocons in his cabinet was insane but you have to give him credit for the Iran deal and for not invading Syria - although his policy of supporting nonexistent anti-Assad ‘moderates’ was only slightly better.

Parry also clearly delineates why WE MUST NOT SUPPORT HILLARY CLINTON under any circumstances.


The Neocons or “corporate fundamentalists” as I like to call them, have virtually seized the reins of power in the U.S. They control the MSM, the Democrats and Republicans for the most part and operate in lockstep with the military. These corporate fundamentalists are the greatest threat to peace anywhere on the planet, yet they’re able to entrench themselves further with each passing day as most Americans still struggle with how the 99% has been unable to make any gains for several generations now.
Every call for “Regime Change”, feeds into the our military industrial complex and its desire for perpetual war. The enormous ‘trickle up’ effect has brought incredible profits to the 1% via the taxes of the 99% to pay for an endless demand for munitions at the expense of every other rational effort to improve our collective lot. “National security” trumps education, the social safety net, our environment, global warming, public transit and housing and of course democracy itself with a public that reluctantly for the most part accepts that the ‘world is a dangerous place and our basic freedoms are at risk.’
In reality our basic freedoms are at risk not because the world is a dangerous place, but BECAUSE our “elected” officials have made the world a dangerous place and for many Americans this is a difficult concept to wrap their heads around. We elect people we expect to reverse this self destructive trend only to find that our elected officials end up reinforcing this vicious cycle as they’re slowly converted to corporate fundamentalists soon after taking office.
As Robert Parry points out, the official corporate narrative is not allowed to be questioned, much less debated leaving the public to either accept the official narrative or else retreat from the political spectrum all together. Whether it is your television, radio or newspaper where you seek enlightenment about the world in which we live in, everything must be “corporate friendly” to pass the mustard. Politicians, foreign leaders, migrant workers, illegal aliens, the “liberal conspirators”, unions, “lazy welfare recipients” and even non profit organizations like the NAACP are allowed to take the heat for all of our collective ills as long as a finger is never pointed in the general direction of our ‘sacred’ corporations who we are led to believe are responsible for any and all of our achievements since the birth of the U.S. almost 250 years ago.
The only “regime change” we should be concerned about, is the regime we’re stuck with here in the U.S., as the rest of the world pays the price of being in the crosshairs of American corporate fundamentalists.


Excellent piece by Mr. Parry. And it’s heartening to see a writer differentiate between the generic “American people,” a/k/a “WE” and the Neocons’ control of narrative, the motor that engenders such bloody outcomes.

However, in response to this quote, I’d offer up a motivation the article does not mention:

“But now a year later, the likes of Hiatt still have not absorbed that lesson — and the spreading chaos from neocon strategies is destabilizing Europe. As shocking and disturbing as that is, none of it should have come as much of a surprise, since the neocons have always brought chaos and dislocations in their wake.”

Suppose the true motivation is population reduction? Certainly that would account for the senseless spread of war, those inured to the refugee crisis who at the same time turn a blind eye to climate chaos and the havoc that it’s wreaking. It could also explain the over-use of vaccines, the hormones and antibiotics in beef, the dangerous spread of bio-tech faux foods, and the engineered financial collapse of much of the global economy.

These merchants of death–since that is what war ultimately is all about–are working to cull the human herd. Then, among themselves, they plan to divvy up what they haven’t yet pillaged, poisoned, plundered, or polluted.

Mr. Parry is too smart a journalist to assume that 911 occurred by sheer caprice:

“In 1998, the neocon Project for the New American Century, founded by neocons Robert Kagan and William Kristol, called for a U.S. invasion of Iraq, but President Bill Clinton balked at something that extreme. The situation changed, however, when President George W. Bush took office and the 9/11 attacks terrified and infuriated the American public.”

The American public’s reaction was cooked into the cake, and a chief part of its recipe. Chalk it off to all those old-school Project Paperclip Nazis who taught the NSA and CIA a good deal about the dark side and its capacity to “sway” human nature (via trauma-based mind control).

Right on, Mr. Parry!

"And, even though the Iraq War “group think” was almost entirely wrong, both on the WMD justifications for war and the “cakewalk” expectations for remaking Iraq, almost no one who promoted the fiasco suffered punishment for either the illegality of the invasion or the absence of sanity in promoting such a harebrained scheme.

“Instead of negative repercussions, the Iraq War backers – the neocons and their liberal-hawk accomplices – essentially solidified their control over U.S. foreign policy and the major news media. From The New York Times and The Washington Post to the Brookings Institution and the American Enterprise Institute, the “regime change” agenda continued to hold sway.”

The above depiction is 100% accurate. That’s why it’s so strange that it’s 100% ignored by those who are intent to use any and every current event (and/or opportunity) to blame voters, refer to U.S. citizens as sheeple, or push their one-size-fits-all “We are all to blame” models in LIEU of deconstructing the TRUE dynamics.

Every war propagandist or advocate of any sort of totalitarian style of governance recognizes the importance of CONTROL of message.

Too many blame those citizens on the receiving end of expert campaigns of disinformation, rather than those dark forces disseminating it.

This idea that the average citizen is in a position to KNOW what’s going on in the Middle East when ALL of us are at the mercy of reporters and journalists who are there or have been there is ludicrous.

This idea that the average citizen is supposed to know what is being kept/done/decided IN the dark is another inverted argument.

What matters is wrestling mass media AWAY from the corporatists, Wall St. hustlers, bio-tech healthy food destroyers, neo cons, and military-industrial-media complex, at large.

UNTIL that is done–or enough Truth leaks out (and is recognized as such within a media blitz so thoroughly clouded by disinformation), how can People act on what they know? All of this deceit was part of a plan.

Miraculously, due to the depressed conditions met by a majority of Americans, most smell that something IS rotten in “Denmark.” And while the least intellectually broad-minded gravitate to a Neanderthal like Trump, in their own way they are trying to act out against the existing Control System. Trump is as much one of them, the guy to have a beer with as was Bush, Jr.

The WAKE UP is happening. The neocons sense rumbles throughout the temple (and its foundations) and that explains why this Hit Team is doubling down… on its planned Hit List.


As always Parry is a lot of work but you always come away having learned something and with the dusty corners swept clean. He is an overview reporter par excellence and leaves you having a clearer sense of place and time by highlighting the connections between people (some in the background) and events (some which are not always what they seemed at first).

Okay he’s a pain in the ___ to read first thing upon arising out of bed (what Descarte really said was >>> “In the morning I drink coffee therefore I exist!”). But by the time you finish reading Parry… you are awake… in more ways than one.


Although you start out intelligently, like the majority of posters you rest your case on a “blame voters” frame.

Let me ask you: How many candidates run on platforms that are anti-corporatist, pro-environment, and anti-war? Where are all those MUCH BETTER choices (on the menu of served options)?

What media gives them face time?

What funding would show up to meet the HIGH costs of campaigns today?

The blame-voters frame is a false one because it NEVER takes into account the underlying dynamics of who gets to run, who gets to be seen and heard (and thus taken seriously) in media, what election campaigns cost within a mass-media owned system, and who counts the votes.

Here it is: That Talking Point made conspicuous BY its daily presence in virtually every comment thread:

“In reality our basic freedoms are at risk not because the world is a dangerous place, but BECAUSE our “elected” officials have made the world a dangerous place and for many Americans this is a difficult concept to wrap their heads around. We elect people we expect to reverse this self destructive trend only to find that our elected officials end up reinforcing this vicious cycle as they’re slowly converted to corporate fundamentalists soon after taking office.”

The logic of this paragraph is akin to that of blaming slaves for slavery, the proletariat for his capitalist overlords, the subjects for their king, the heretic for the church’s punishment, and the Indigenous Americans for their subjugation.

Power equations MUST be properly considered. Your narrative otherwise is on a par with “George Washington never told a lie” and “Columbus discovered America.”

I’m not sure where you find in my response that I “blame voters”. It is true (myself included) that we have voted for people who failed to meet our expectations. I agree that pretty much every politician is bought and paid for by our corporate State and that the public is not given an opportunity to reverse this trend through the electoral process. Nevertheless most voters do not label corporate America directly as our primary engineer of our perpetual plight. This is due in part to the effectiveness of the corporate MSM in framing all of their political agendas within a tight and controlled narrative. I have never said that people are “sheeple” nor have I said now or in the past that the solution to bring down our oligarchy is an easy task. But I have said that the MSM has had a desired effect on a good segment of the population by redirecting their anger at anyone or anything as long as it wasn’t the corporate fundamentalists. The absence of social responsibility by our corporate media is by design and is not that easy to dissect, especially for the vast majority of us who are just trying to make ends meet.
When Teddy Roosevelt decided to take on the “Robber Barons” (precursors to the modern corporate State), the population was more easily mobilized as there were many sources of left leaning, socialist entities from newspapers to organizations to counter the Robber Baron’s narrative. Today though, corporate America has been much more sophisticated than their earlier ancestors in eliminating alternative views from reaching the general public with the notable exception of the internet and social media. All of us have experienced a lack of groups and organizations that support our demands for a level playing field and by no fault of their own. Our current cabal of corporate fundamentalists are like the ‘Robber Baron’s on steroids’ that enjoy more power and influence (via the MSM) than any nation or group has ever experienced in the history of humankind. It is precisely this near absolute control over the national narrative that has disempowered the 99% so effectively. How can we “blame the voters” when we can’t even reach out to each other except through back channeling (the internet) the system or word of mouth? The only time I can “blame voters” is when those voters live in a functioning democracy in which the voice of the many can be expressed freely and without repercussions and those same voters vote to rescind their basic rights. Unfortunately, this is not the case here in the U.S.
I hope I’ve clarified my position here.

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Mr Parry clearly lays out all all of this conflict in the Middle East was years in the making. One thing the Neocons like to do is lay out their strategy beforehand in documents like “the Clean break” strategy and the PNAC documents.

The same happens with Russia as the book “the grand chessboard” outlines.

A powerful and instructive piece by Robert Parry. He describes the world we actually live in. And that world is heart-breaking, with its millions of refugees, devastated lands and drowned children. My God! American imperialists have a lot to answer for! Call them “realists” or “idealists,” they are a dangerous and deluded group of people whose actions have created chaos and mayhem and more suffering than can be fathomed. These vicious louts are practically murdering the human future. Parry is right that the Necons are an especially despicable cohort of homicidal vandals. Iraq is their work, as is Libya and Afghanistan. They must bear a share of responsibility for the horrors in Syria. They are very much responsible for the terrible predicament of the Palestinians. The Necons have caused so much death and destruction it’ fair to describe them as the heirs of the Nazis. It’s the usual story of proud arrogant men (and a few women) who have too much power for the good of the world. Parry is right to point out the continuities between Necon depredations in Latin America and their disastrous interventions in the Middle East. But I disagree that the Necons are a kind of alien presence in the American body politic. It seems to me that they are natural outcome of the Empire’s brutal amoral ways. If they didn’t exist, the Empire would have to create them, as they represent the pure logic of American imperial “thinking”: do as we say, or we will kill you, your children and your children’s children. “Realism” or “idealism” is not the issue.The Empire itself is the real lasting evil…


So a 100% “American firster,” a true patriot who thinks this is the greatest country in the entire universe, exists in the same relation to his corporate overlords as a slave to her master, or a Native American to his conqueror? No, I don’t think this will wash. As you say, “Power equations must be properly considered,” and simple arguments that all hierarchies are parallel do not carry out this mandate.

For a few years now you have been making the argument that any notion that the American people might bear some responsibility for the evils of the Empire slips into the fallacy of “the blame-voters frame.” Obviously, you are right to point out the dangers in underestimating the influence of the corporate media on the public mind. However, in my view, you miss important senses in which SOME sectors of the American citizenry can be held accountable for atrocities.

First, the Empire has need of agents, personnel. Some people are clearly willing to get into uniform and go overseas and kill foreigners. It’s true that the United States has a draft by leave of poverty, but there are plenty of soldiers who join the military of their own free will. Are these people responsible? What of the people who staff prison camps in Afghanistan ? What of the people who become mercenaries or “contractors,” as they like to call them? What about the logistical and technical people; the bureaucrats, the functionaries–are any of these people responsible? Do they vote? Don’t they know full well what they are voting for? You would say that they don’t know, and perhaps that is true. But, then again, adults have a moral responsibility to educate themselves about the ways of the world, if only because they have to pass on the world to their children.

There are millions of Americans who proudly support the violence of the Empire. And some of these people are in a position to know better. They have access to education and to alternative media. But they don’t want these things. They are happy with who they are. These are the people who never can bring themselves to criticize ANY action of the US military. They would rather be “good Americans” than moral persons. They love power and authority, and they lose no sleep oppressing, torturing and murdering others. These are the people that Adorno and his colleagues identified as “the authoritarian personality.” Are you going to say such people don’t exist in the USA? You can see them in their thousands at Tea Party rallies and 4th July parades.

You must be wrong that the electorate bears no responsibility for the corruptions of the Empire. Bush and Obama have committed gross war crimes and yet millions voted for them in full knowledge of what they had done. You don’t have to read alternative left media to understand that the invasion of another country is not a “humanitarian” project. You just have to use common sense. I mean did anyone really believe that slavery was benign and they needed “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” to tell them otherwise? Of course they knew, but they didn’t want to know, because of the moral implications for their own actions. Thus we arrive at the classic definition of bad faith as offered by Jean Paul Sartre: willful self deception in order to keep one from acting freely. Bad faith is everywhere in American society. It turns up in discussions of race, poverty, wealth, gender and class and just about everything else.

If no one in the electorate bore some degree of responsibility for the crimes of the elected, then voting would essentially be an amoral act, and the American people, as a whole, would be an amoral populace, beyond judgment. But this is too sweeping: a single mother in Harlem bears no responsibility for the Pentagon, but a Republican small businessman in Missouri who votes for the candidate who promises to “keep America strong” by increasing the military budget…now that’s another matter.

It is understood that some sectors of German society were responsible for Hitler. It’s easy to see that large numbers of whites in South Africa were responsible for apartheid, and that many Israeli Jews are supportive of the cruel policies of the Israeli government. Americans are no different. SOME of them are definitely responsible to a degree for the criminality of their government.


“For a few years now you have been making the argument that any notion that the American people might bear some responsibility…”

This is a lie and/or misconstruction.

I have defended citizens of conscience against frames that deliberately occlude the doers and deciders from those who have little power, influence, of voice over policy and practices.

It is those of you trained like soldiers (or otherwise stuck in masculine sports arena frames) who can only SEE and conceptualize either-or frames who push this deception.

I have laid out my exact position down to SCORING systems for relative accountability levels… why not? If there are scores for credit reports and standardized tests with medical statistics collated on the basis of scores, why NOT accountability scores? Something along THOSE lines providing a far fairer construct of relative levels of compliance, complicity, and culpability is a FAR cry from the usual… Tag Team putting EVERYTHING on citizens/voters and deliberately masking the TRUE forces and entities behind the various ills of our times. Then, when I challenge THAT ridiculous frame, I meet the polar comeback of–“You say citizens have NO responsibility.”

I never have said that and here you massage it to “some responsibility” to cover your own ass.

Do you people hear yourselves? Or are you so stuck in these bi-polar FRAMES as to not recognize how limiting and DISHONEST they are?

Parry properly defined those who set the agenda. Some who post in this forum recognize how far our Democracy has been gutted. Katherine Austin Fitts says that Government is now a subsidiary of a number of corporations and THAT is accurate. Minitrue defines it as a Fourth Reich with Sheldon Wollin defining it as an Inverted Totalitarian System.

Common to all of these accurate descriptors is the lack of agency held by citizens. THAT is far more honest than the constant conflation of what power does with what the citizens supposedly asked for, supported, agreed to, or voted for. Those who push this meme are apologists for unchecked power and I believe their paychecks depend upon this stance.

Got it now, genius?

."…the lack of agency held by citizens." You mean ALL of them or SOME of them? BTW, Mozart was a genius, but I am not. But thank you for the compliment anyhow…


“… started with the cavalier ambitions of American neocons and their liberal-interventionist sidekicks”.

Correction: that’s “neo-liberal” interventionists. Liberals, lets not demonize ourselves.

And that’s not “neocons”. Its conservatives in general. Don’t let them off the hook for the disasters they are directly responsible for, for their voter suppression, or for their troglodyte brethren they’ve voted into power.

You do realize the U.S. military/Special Ops.are all over Syria right now at this time. So in a big way the U.S. have invaded Syria’s sovereignty

Right you are.
The MSM does not deal in enlightenment.
Its purpose is to ensure that its audience DOES NOT understand what is really happening in the world. That is the nature of propaganda - in which the MSM excels.

If Obama was “arguably a closet realist,” he never would have made the appointments you pointed out.

Please; Trump is an insult to the Neanderthals and their genes that we carry. He is also an insult to the dinosaurs. He is an insult. Full stop.

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