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How Not to Build a “Great, Great Wall”


How Not to Build a “Great, Great Wall”

Greg Grandin

The point was less to actually build “the wall” than to constantly announce the building of the wall. “We started building our wall. I’m so proud of it,” Donald Trump tweeted. “What a thing of beauty.”


In many problems in physics a no-flux boundary condition is achieved by having symmetry between the interior and exterior regions with respect to that boundary. What this simply means with regard to immigration is to increase opportunity and justice to the south and diminish the genuine need for so many to flee disparaging conditions in their countries of origin. Most people would rather live in the nation in which they were born, absent cruel conditions often generated by neoliberal abominations from the US and its corporatism. Symmetry, diminishment of inequality, is the best cure for most of humankind’s woes. Socialism undergirds the most successful societies while well regulated capitalism gilds the same. Balance is key.


Recently saw a picture of the steel slat wall with a big door sawed out of it. Also read about a few tunnels found under the wall. If his wall won’t work, why not let him have it in return for ending all wars and signing the Green New Deal?


That wall will never be built. Ever. Even if he gets his 5.7 billion, everything will be tied up in courts for years, from land owners who sue to funding in future appropriations (the 5 bill is a downpayment, the wall costs 40 billion or so to actually fully build). So this entire shutdown is basically for symbolism and a power grab by a dictator who is looking for distractions from all his other crimes. He and Republicans who are all traitors by the way and belong jailed, have not only shut down the government on federal workers but on the american people who are now basically just paying taxes tfor a military (or military industrial complex) and its victims (Veterans Affairs). All the things we pay a lot of money into are just not being done and Americans are being deprived of their government which does a lot more than just keep museums open and drain toilets in national parks (or cut IRS refund checks).

I am amazed people are not marching and protesting and just accepting Trump’s authoritarian bid thinking this shutdown only affected Fed workers, parks and TSA. And as long as people dont speak up, this tyrant wins.


The picture accompanying this article is the perfect image of our nation…a nation in distress.


“A monument to the final closing of the frontier; a symbol of a nation that believed it had escaped history then became trapped by history; a people who believed themselves captains of the future, now prisoners.”
The impeachment process must continue.
Two more years may be too many. Ah hah! Joke!!
Lame duck Pence pick for VP: Sarah Palin!
Sarah Palin will wipe that stupid smirk off Pence’s face,
continue the clown car parade of orange pig boys idiocy.


That’s a good one. I like wry humor, especially the sharp edged kind.