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How Not to Fight Economic Inequality


How Not to Fight Economic Inequality

Anne Alstott

Hillary Clinton has now locked in the Democratic nomination for President, and it is time to look ahead to the general election. It remains to be seen whether Bernie Sanders and his supporters can force progressive economic policies to the forefront. But the early signs are disappointing. So far, the Trump-Clinton race seems likely to be light on policy substance and heavy on negative personal attacks.


Murkins can start Social Security retirement benefits at age 62, not age 66 as the author alleges. Every month a recipient waits to start receiving benefits after they turn 62 gains them 3/4% more in their monthly check up to age 70 when the amount stops increasing, so 66 is the midpoint, not the low end.

If you don’t start receiving benefits at age 62 you need to live to be at least 76 to make up for the benefits you didn’t get in your early 60s. If you wait until age 70 to collect you need to live to age 84 to make up for the benefits you didn’t received during your sixties.

Long story short…if Sanders becomes president its probably a safe bet to wait to collect. If Clinton or Trump are elected you had best start collecting as soon as you can, seeing how the Democrats and the GOP are racing to see who can be the first to cut benefits, despite Obama’s recent lame duck claim to the contrary.


“Progressivity” is a torch in the darkness in the hands of Bernie Sanders. Since Clinton doesn’t give a damn about any kind of humanity in governance, I fully expect, wish I could join, and look forward to, massive civil disobedience both outside the Democratic Convention and, I hope, within it. If the party refuses to heed the peoples’ call for change, Bern it Down!


The more that progressives illuminate the Democratic Party for what it has become, the more votes Green Party candidates will get.

The Green Party is already an international party. There are Green Party electeds in Europe who have been in office for several years.


Hillary Clinton will not have “locked in” the Democratic nomination until such a thing is settled at the convention. Common Dreams should refuse to print an article that begins with such untruth.


Wow! “To be fair,” Anne? To be fair, yours is the first article that comes close to addressing the root of the problem. Fact 1: Hillary has not won the nomination outright. There has been no official vote yet in which the super delegates have cast their votes.

Fact 2: the tax system is progressive, barely, but once was far moreso, and at a time of higher moral standards in this country. Back in Eisenhower’s day the rich paid for their wars. Beginning in the '80’s the top tax rate went to a flat 28% that kicked in around just over $100K ish. To be fair, it takes no less than 40% average top tax rate for a country of western capitalist values to make ends meet. To be fair, any redistribution scheme requires a top tax rate over 50% to have discretionary funds to redistribute.

Finally, fact 3: the only way to fix it is to take money out of politics.
Bernie or bust (i.e. Jill Stein)