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How NOT to Resist Trump: Kayleigh McEnany’s Anti-Science Comments

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/22/how-not-resist-trump-kayleigh-mcenanys-anti-science-comments


Excellent Article!!! Thank you

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Dear Kayleigh,
I care not what your boss “thinks”.

P.S. If I can be used to end his reign of error, that is another matter.


What is the author attempting by this rubbish. softening the blonde bimbo’s comments on so many issues beside this one propping-up trumps fantasy world and deceiving the public? Poor trump & bimbo, to be so misrepresented and misrepresented by the bad old press! I call BS! Injecting truthful words or intent to this bunch is a fools errand; or something other.
McInane’s words were " “The science should not stand in the way of this.”

The WAPO statement according to author was “The science should not stand in the way of this.”.

Authors interpretation is “In other words, the White House is arguing that the science shouldn’t be a problem because it doesn’t stand in their way.” - that is a notion and interpretation of trump & McInane that cannot - and should not - be given any veracity!

How often has the trump regime and its various mouthpieces entirely trashed truth, excoriated experts in many fields, and stood hard scientific evidence on its head; and why should not think (and believe) this is not yet another atrocity by trump & bimbo?

So where is the misinterpretation? This regime and its mouthpiece do not deserve any leeway or consideration - they have been demonstrably guilty of so damn much misrepresentation and bald-faced lies How many angels can dance on the head of a pin Alan? Got nothing better to write about? No one more deserving of notice?


Can anyone imagine having this fluffy plastic bunny as your MOTHER? Imagine being 10 yrs old and trying to explain to your friends why your mother is as dumb as a post.

Imagine trying to explain it in Kindergarten to your finger-painting friends!

And yes Emphyrio, of course. What do you expect from the MSM corporate mouthpiece of Jeff Bezos the sociopath? Reality? Sensible argument? Anti-corporate sentiment?




Even here in response to this article TDS trumps (pun intended) truth when it comes to resisting this administration.

It isn’t good enough to disagree with the actual point of the administration, which both I and the article do The actual point was:

“The science should not stand in the way of this.” = The science does not stand in the way of this. Our actions are congruent with science.

It’s not enough to disagree and say, “No, the science does stand in the way of this, what you propose is not congruent with science.”

But that might lead to an actual informed debate about the science.

No, it’s so much better to just intentionally misconstrue it so we get sold a propaganda distortion as if the point of the administration was:

“The science should not stand in the way of this.” = We know the science does stand in the way of this, but we’re not going to let it do so.

Now we have a propagandized audience of Trump haters who will believe that Trump is just an idiot, an evil idiot. There’s no point in debating the science with his administration, after all he just told us he rejects science, we’ll just shame him in meme after meme until we feel so self righteous and ‘better than.’

From the start of this distortion, which began as memos sent out by the Clinton campaign to their controlled media in 2015, I have resisted this. Not because I support Trump. It’s that this method of resistance that intentionally creates strawmen will be used on the Left too. RussiaGate was used on Bernie and Tulsi. The racist/sexist supporter trope was used on Berners.

Jimmy Dore would tell us (probably) that the real reason for this distortion is so that the Established Democrats don’t have to actually resist the real agenda and yet can pretend they are doing resistance and use it advance themselves.

Why won’t they tell the truth on this? Well, because the science tells us we need to quarantine the entire country, including no school, for an extended period of time that we haven’t done yet and the only way to do that is monthly UBI, mortgage/rent relief, universal single payer health care, grants to small businesses, and real supervision that essential businesses actually enforce protocol. That’s expensive and it doesn’t work with their agenda of putting Trillions into the pockets of the super rich.


The authors ending synopsis reads:
(trump) " touted ineffective drugs as miracle cures and even suggested that injecting bleach into the body could cure the sick. This is in keeping with the administration’s general contempt for sciences, such as its grossly downplaying the threat of climate change, with Trump himself labeling it a Chinese invention, while claiming the noise from wind farms causes cancer."

" Unfortunately, this latest scandal perfectly encapsulates much of corporate media’s apparent resistance to Trump, in that it avoids a substantive critique in favor of catching the administration out on technical grounds. Resisting the reopening of schools on the basis that the White House press secretary misspoke represents a lost opportunity to actually oppose the administration’s scandalously poor handling of the coronavirus, and the dangerous, genuinely anti-science decision to force through reopening in the height of a pandemic.

“Most US adults including more than nine in ten Republicans, say they have lost trust in the media in recent years. This sort of sloppy faux-adversarial journalism in the pursuit of clicks will do nothing to reverse this trend. Is further eroding your industry’s credibility worth a few more eyeballs? Apparently, the answer is yes.” - (emphasis mine)

Re-reading Alan’s essay, slowly this time, shows me I miss-read his points/intent leading to my above half cocked eejit Pavlovian anti-trump/McInane rant - even if accurate in ways it entirely evaded Authors intent - an example of Alan’s point. - My apologies.


Amazing article. :grinning:

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