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How Not to Respond to the New York Attack


How Not to Respond to the New York Attack

Manar Waheed

We’ve gone down this irrational, knee-jerk path before — it never made us safer. In fact, some of our worst, most shameful moments in history occurred when we let fear get the better of us.


Personally, I think we should reflect and think about the victims and their families. even kids on a school bus were injured some of them critically. And what about the people who were instantly killed unexpectedly while just walking or riding their bikes? This is beyond sad. I can’t imagine how the families are feeling.


This horrible tragedy has sparked more call to action and crackdowns. Deja vu again, please. Give the people murdered their due respect and honor. Consider the Big picture for a change. Perhaps, just perhaps, the US government could decrease it’s rampant killing of Muslims and funding, moving illegal arms, arming others to kill, just Might, help keeping the radicalized from wanting to harm us. Sure there’s always those that give up and take out their pain on others, but they can’t use the killing us excuse for their heinous acts. Treat others with kindness and respect, don’t bomb the crap out of their countries and stop the killing. Perhaps humans have the need to kill, I don’t and find it deplorable. It’s hard to understand why this has to continue, but again, I’m a pacifist. Just stop the damn killing already. Respect the lives of the slain and honor their lives and goodness, we need more of that.


It’s not letting fear get the better of us to respond rationally to the fact of Islamic terrorism. It’s called noting reality, in which fear quite reasonably attends actual threats. Fear is not illegitimate. Many things justify the fear of them, and crafting US immigration policy to prevent as many Americans as possible from being killed by immigrants let in legally, is in order.

We need to cease the roulette wheel immigration from nations packed with fundamentalist Islamists. New Yorkers died, again, because we didn’t impose proper rules for immigration to the US.

We’re not divided by fear. We’re divided by folks who don’t wish to address the problem of Islamic fundamentalists entering the US legally, by keeping them out.