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How NYT Reporter Sydney Ember Uses Corporate Sources to Attack Bernie Sanders

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/29/how-nyt-reporter-sydney-ember-uses-corporate-sources-attack-bernie-sanders


I stopped reading Ember’s Sanders “reporting” when she clearly had no idea what Reagan’s Nicaraguan Contras were.

In that interview where she concern trolled Sanders’1984 or '85 visit to Nicaragua but clearly hadn’t done basic background reading, even the NY Times from those years would have been decent, she proved that she’s a broadly stupid and incurious person.

Amazing that Halper read through all those months of her garbage.

Didn’t know that Ember’s husband is not just of Bain Capital but the son of the head of Bain Capital.
Did know that Ember had started at the NYT’s corporate deal fluffing section known as “Dealbook”.

The Times has assigned someone as “bright” as the infamous Amy Chozick, Hillary puffer of 2014 through 2016, to the Sanders campaign. Only Ember’s lies are so flagrant that she may in fact be helping Sanders. So unlike Chozick who drove readers away from Hillary. (Yes, Chozick’s husband also works in finance, but no at the level of Bain Capital–he’s a maths geek of some sort.)


Our thoughts are language, so when when you control language you control thought.
Which is why we need to stop calling these propagandists “reporters” as that only serves to give them credibility.
If you work for corporate owned media you are simply not a reporter.
Propagandist, entertainer, pundit, pr rep or corporate mouth piece are all applicable. Reporter is not.


Not sure about that.

But true, Ember doesn’t do much thinking. She’s quoting and recounting received talking points. She probably “thinks” that’s her job.

It’s very good of Halper to have gone through these months of Ember NYT drivel. Hope Jimmy Dore has her on again–specifically on this FAIR piece. Just watched a disappointing Jimmy Dore unchallenging “interview” of Ron Paul where Dore allowed Paul to spout his Glenn Beck like anti-welfare and pro gold standard garbage.

Dore has a YouTube show if you don’t follow the reference.


[quote=“Jay, post:2, topic:65131”]
“a broadly stupid and incurious person”

That description perfectly fits this NYT streetwalker, Sydney Ember, who seems perfect material for the trump regime - maybe as replacement for Sara Sanders - shallow, lacking in integrity, and vapid …

The NYT has long abandoned any shred of the reputation they once had under older leadership that would cringe and roll over in their graves at the betrayals of journalistic and personal integrity; smearing Bernie Sanders like a right-wing radio stooge - certainly her MO is not even “reporting”…

With Ember’s style and sleazy partisan attacks, the Times is now a “National Enquirer” or “Sun” tabloid propaganda rag; betraying true journalism (and reporting) for slanted opinion and prejudice - “All the News That’s Fit to Print” made worthless tripe, the Times now a joke for even hiring low-intellect, vapid, “writers” such as Ember…



What difference does it make?  Per our all-wise POTUS, The Times is failing anyway.

Hmm, the article is a little confusing. Some paragraphs make it seem like Ember is fronting for Hillary and similar Dem candidates this year.

Other paragraphs make it seem like she represents mainstream Republicans. (end sarcasm)

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A few months back, former executive editor, Max Frankel, also la ong time foreign correspondent, wrote an OpEd pushing Russiagate crap. So I’m not so sure. Now correct, Frankel and the rightwinger Abe Rosenthal understood that they’d have to get basic facts correct. And basic fact about Ronny’s Contras was that they were largely detested rightwing death squads drawn from the state security services of the hated Somoza regime that the Sandinistas overthrew in 1979.

As I’m sure you know the NYTimes went along with the Gulf of Tonkin fable. In 1990, they neglected to mention that Saddam Hussein offered to withdraw the Iraqi army from Kuwait in mid-August 1990.

The NYT supported the overthrow of Allende in Chile.

They push the fable that is the Warren Commission, and have done so for 50+ years. Despite the doctors who treated the dying JFK saying clearly, publicly, and explicitly, that day that the president was shot from the front.

Ember is an obvious development coming from first Rosenthal’s push for more fluffy sections (now including not just home, but Style, T-Style, fake analysis like the Upshot) in the 1970s, and now “news” as click bait. It’s very telling that she started with the Dealbook blog, that’s largely drivel making up excuses for corporate mis-behavior.

Look up Ember’s wedding announcement in the NY Times. It’s pure upper middle class or very wealth vacuousness.

Remember in 2019, a good majority of NY Times newsroom staffers really think Russia helped to elect Trump and that Hillary was a solid candidate. When neither is the case.


How is it sarcasm to note as you have that Ember is running interference for corpo Democrats like Harris, Booker, and Gillibrand?

Or did you only want your last paragraph under the sarcasm heading. But even then those corpo Democrats are largely republican–Gillibrand was a republican.

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Thank you for this careful background research and reporting!


Always follow the money to see who’s behind the deeds.

Gotta remember that Ember is a young woman, not yet 30, who unless she has a trust fund that pays her at least a couple hundred thousand dollars a year, depends on her Bain Capital husband for the vast majority of the couple’s income.

Meaning like many women, yes women, she’s doing her hobby of “reporting” for the NY Times, it’s not a living to her. There are many assistant curators, again mostly women, at NYC museums doing much the same. The ibanker or corporate lawyer husband supports the wife who has this “career” in basically yesmenship. Right, once in a while it’s the reverse, the woman is the corporate head of something. (Gay couples are a bit less likely to be so obviously involved in fraud, and the one in the arts or press is more likely to be running some large part of it.)

However, Ms Ember is so tied to fake non-productive finance through her husband and father in law that of course she has to slight and mischaracterize Sanders at every turn. Sanders threatens non-productive “banking” like that done by Bain. Now her flailing attempts, which in past months have been noted by people other than Katie Halper, are so stupidly constructed that Ember likely ignorantly supposes her husband a productive member of society, when of course his ilk brought on the crash of 2008 and then paid themselves off.

A month or 2 a ago when I read her NYT bio (I refuse to look again) she was big into name dropping the famed David Carr, who would cringe at the garbage she’s writing if he were still alive. If her bio is honest, she managed to hang out in the NY Times’ offices and meet Carr in 2014. His advice was start a blog. Her reaction was to take a job in 2015 with effin’ Dealbook.


The NY Times has been a disgrace for many years now.

Not because Trump hates them but because they helped lead us into a war with Iraq.

They gave a third rate lying reporter like Judith Miller Front Page space to spew her Pro Israeli garbage about the distorted dangers of Iraq.

They gave Editorial space to another Pro Israeli warmonger Thomas Friedman who promoted the invasion of Iraq on a weekly basis.

And they gave space to Nobel Laurette Paul Krugman to Trash Bernie and Praise Hillary on a regular basis.

The NY Times promotes the policies of Israel, Promotes War against Israeli neighbors that sympathize with the Palestinians and promotes lies about Bernie’s pragmatic policies.


Friedman should have been fired after the Charlie Rose show “suck on this” crap.

Michael Gordon, who remained at the NYT until the fall of 2017, is worse that Miller, and he was the lead reporter on the “Judith Miller” WMD’s in Iraq articles from the fall of 2002.

Krugman is a disgrace. But then he worked as a consultant for both Goldman Sachs and Enron.
Look up the circa 1997 Fortune Magazine essay by Krugman where he extols both GS and Enron.
Then remember that in his first year as an NY Times columnist (2000) he pretended it was inconceivable that the likes of Enron (and Reliant) were gaming the California electric market to cause massive blackouts and make a quick “buck”.

True, it’s amazing the lies he tells about single payer and Sanders. And of course Krugman pretends that merged ibanks and banks didn’t largely cause the crash of 2008.

The NYT on Syria has been appalling. And the Ukraine fables have been even worse. “There was no coup in Ukraine in 2014” being right out of Nazi Germany.


I agree. The NY Times is a sham organization. Haven’t used it as a reliable source for 17 years ( Judith’s heyday from hell ) on much of anything.
Krugman is an iffy C+ economist, at his best.
The NY Times has been a disaster and a disgrace for everyone not striving for the exulted 1%er ranking. This whole article should be old news for progressives, by now, though. They loathe Sen. Sanders and his supporters.

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Halper sez:
“Ember … consistently paints a negative picture of Sanders’ temperament, history, policies and/or political prospects in the over two dozen pieces she’s done on him.”

Well, if the Times didn’t dedicate a personal attack dog to the senator, it would risk ceding the anti-Sanders propaganda battlefield to the Washington Post. Her hire is just “good business”.

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If that is true, that Dore allowed Paul to go unchallenged in a war of words against the poor. Then I do believe a message to Dore is in order. He’s normally very adept and willing to call out all bullshit, so this one can’t slide.

Ember could very well be the poster-child for ‘privilege’. A privileged ignorant woman whose ‘hobby’ can and will negatively affect the real lives of those who aren’t nearly as financially privileged as she is.

Eat the rich.

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Well you can watch the Dore Ron Paul video; it went up on Youtube 2 days ago.

Easy to find, it’s about 32 minutes. And Paul spends at least 12 unchallenged minutes spouting anti-Federal Reserve, “chaos in the streets”, “the gold standard will prevent this”, “the poor really wouldn’t be poor under my fantasy” garbage. And Dore never challenged him on this crap.

Yeah, there’s plenty wrong with the Federal Reserve and the favors it does for member banks. But it’s not like the government run Bank of England does any better.

Anyone still trust the NY Times?