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How Ottawa is Driving Up the Cost of Infrastructure by Listening to Wall Street

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/05/how-ottawa-driving-cost-infrastructure-listening-wall-street


Trudeau is like Obama…hope and change until he appoints old guard operators and you realize that hope plus three bucks buys a cup of coffee.

All Trudeau needed to do was head west to Saskatchewan, turn south to North Dakota whose state bank weathered the 2008 crash and provides a good model for what Canada could do.

Next Canadians will be performing Hamilton the musical, glorifying the guy who first empowered Wall Street banks and orchestrated the US’ fist large scale insider trading, much to Thomas Jefferson’s consternation.


The right wing nut jobs abhor government power. That is why government power is needed. Get it? It ain’t complicated. Power to the People. Not the corporations.


McQuaig’s latest book, “The Sport and Prey of Capitalists”, actually has a chapter on the topic of this op-ed.

Once upon a time, I used to think that only American politicians were stupid or corrupt enough to engage in schemes like this. It’s disheartening that Canadian politicians are also promoting these schemes.


The writing for that on the wall when NAFTA signed. NAFTA was in essence “we will do anything to enhance the profits of the Corporations” under the premise that the greater the profits , the more those Corporations invest and the larger the number of jobs created. It absolute crap.

Trudeau is the guy who forced his Justice Minister to resign because she was intent on charging SNC Lavalin with Corruption. This company was hiring prostitutes out to officials in Libya so as to ensure they got Contracts in that Country. When called on this Trudeau indicated that he would not apologize for trying to "protect Canadian jobs’.

They use that line all the time now to justify anything.


Sorry for the deceit Canada. The neo-liberal beast is one huge monster and BlackRock is the biggest monster devouring huge amounts of assets in a profit driven rampage. Fink should be in prison, not offering Kool-Aid to Canada. Is there any way Canadian citizens can shake some sense into Trudeau? Just borrow almost free money from the banks and use Canadians to build your projects. Good luck.

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Here in the US it’s always “national security” for anything dirty they want to keep secret.


For the life of me I can’t see why Hamilton the musical is so popular. Propaganda maybe? Like Jefferson I don’t like what Hamilton did, or stands for today.

Even if they grew the jobs, they were not ready to give fair pay to those new jobs.

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The much-ballyhooed Canadian inferiority complex is most obvious
in Canadian politicians and corporate leaders. An idea has no merit
unless it comes from the U.S., many of these dolts think, because
the U.S. is the best country in the world. So they willingly subscribe
to any U.S. scheme and act on behalf of Uncle Sam when the optics
of direct intervention look bad. vz. the ‘Lima Group’ of right-wing
U.S. allies in the Americas trying to undermine Venezuela.
Canada under Trudeau and Freeland is up front in the ‘group’.


Why is no one pushing for the Bank of Canada to again offer interest free loans to Canadian governments of all levels (*ahem; journos/politicos/citizens) - as it did post WWII, helping to build much of the nation’s infrastructure still existing today. Why are we determined to feed foreign financial institutions Canadian tax dollars?