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How Our Children Will Pay the Staggering Costs of Climate Inaction: Report


How Our Children Will Pay the Staggering Costs of Climate Inaction: Report

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children," is an oft-quoted proverb, frequently used to explain the importance of environmental preservation. Unsaid, however, is how much it will impact the next generation if the Earth is bequeathed in a lesser state.

Environmental campaigners NextGen Climate and public policy group Demos published a new study on Sunday that attempts to quantify the true cost of not addressing climate change to the millennial generation and their children.


"When we look at the consequences of this election, the choice between the candidates could not be more stark," Steyer said, "and the voice of millennial voters has never been more important."
Sara Jordan, policy manager at NextGen Climate agreed, writing, "Millennials have the numbers to elect climate champions this fall, but we have to show up to vote. Our future depends on it."

How about considering, also, the cost of unnecessary, illegal, immoral wars before voting?



and the article states:

"For the millennial generation," the study concludes, "today's status quo on climate and inequality is not only unjust but it is also unsustainable."

Democratic heavyweight and NextGen Climate president Tom Steyer said the report underscores the importance of the upcoming presidential election between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump."

I guessed I missed the memo on how HC is breaking away from the status quo. She couldn't even agree to putting a tax on carbon, ban fracking and stop taking money from FF industry. That is criminal.
There are certain things we can't do about climate change right now----by that I mean humans have locked in at least 2 C warming. She could have at least done these things-----and more, much more.



To: Hillary Clinton Supporters and Bernie Supporters,
One thing is for certain- Hillary will Increase the Tab of the Climate Inaction and kick it down the road to future generations, if there will be any at all.

Ah, but you have another choice, not the Donald Trump choice, but a choice that is ready to take a different path, a path of restoration.... a path to tackle this Climate Chaos.

It is a new way, The Jill Stein Way.... Vote Greens this year, 2016, not 2020.


Much Worse than the Status Quo.....


I agree with you razed awareness. Much worse and I don't get why people can't see this. It boggles my mind. This article is basically guilting people into voting for HC----especially the millennials who were so passionate about Sanders. It's sickens me.


Easy solution. End war. Bring all national guard troops and other troops home. Cut the military budget in half. End all Black Budgets that don't see the light of day.


The countries where she destroyed the government and replaced with a corporate fascist system only wishes they had the status quo prior to regime changes. Libya, Ukraine, Haiti, Hodurus, etc. She is experienced all right, in ending democracies and replacing with fascist systems of corporate control. Remember Berta Caceres!



For as long as I can recall, third parties have, without exception, been marginalized and not taken seriously, so The Owners clearly do not want their existence. As much as Dr. Stein is to be admired, she is not an exception.


"When we look at the consequences of this election, the choice between the candidates could not be more stark," Steyer said..."
This is a very cheap way for Steyer to hawk Hillary. He's figured it all out, doncha know?
Bollocks, sir.


Jill Stein is the only hope we have left. We're on a crash course to a disaster scenario where it will be too late to do anything about climate disruption. Once the atmosphere hits 450 ppm carbon dioxide, it's game over. We're going to hit that in 2027, which isn't that far away. Hillary and Trump will do nothing about this impending disaster; they know that their families will be protected with their wealth. You and yours, however, will starve and thirst. Be sure and thank the rich who brought on this climate disaster.


The situation is stark. There are no real choices. Jill Stein is a moral choice but she won't win. Donald is a chump who's working for Hillary to throw the election to her.

We're beyond voting. It's too late for that to make a difference. HRC will do nothing.


The national debt is already 20 trillion. Another 'gift' by that great 'leader' Obomber.


If everyone who has student debt votes for Stein (who will cancel it) + some Bernie supporters, she can win.


Much of this $9 trillion bill can be avoided if we:

  1. Promptly do the practical renewables product development that we need to economically heat buildings with solar, to economically generate renewable electricity at night and on cloudy days, to get economical automated urban transit up on cables above street level, and to stabilize the Arctic methane meltdown. We don't need the U.S. Government to do this research for us, but we need way more gumption ourselves to get the job done. Just as with photovoltaic panels, once the right economic threshold is reached the products will take off and we will win.

  2. We need to write Sullivan Principles for climate. Any company not meeting these principles is then boycotted. Any country not meeting its principles is equally on the outs.

  3. We have an effective world treaty for ozone-destroying gases. Now we need to get an effective treaty for climate-destroying gases. We also need a treaty to stop and reverse the Arctic methane bomb, currently out of control and feeding on itself, before it bankrupts half of the world.


They don't want to admit to their private innermost selves that it's there to be seen if they are willing to look. The deniers are cartoon characters whistling past the graveyard unsuccessfully acting not afraid.

I am afraid that next generation will not be there to pick up the tab. Leave to the financialists to look at the problem from a money "what's it going to cost" in dollars perspective. Even if there are enough people left, the economic system will have likely crashed and burned along with almost everything and everyone else.

If it can be fixed that would have to start now -- it should have started ten or more years ago. Waiting for the people who are today's children to grow up and be productive enough to have $8.8 trillion or more in disposable income over and above costs of living to with which to fix it all up especially since they were babies and children when the messes were made requires a degree of optimism beyond my capacity.


Its a very poor article when climate inaction is reduced to money. Climate inaction is about extinction of the human species. How does that work out for the next generation?


it certainly is tough for the millennials to be stuck with those bills, but this story is another price of everything value of nothing pieces. what i worry about for my grandchildren, and more for their children, is what kind of planet will be left. The Amazon rainforest may not even be here, not much left of the ocean, no coral reefs, and one shudders to think of the moonscape drilling for the last drop of oil will leave. No need to keep on with this- most people know what devastation capitalism will do to our only planet if they are not stopped, and there is no indication on the horizon that they will be. our great grandchildren would probably pay that price to have a whole living earth. paying to letus wreck it is beyond cruel.


Unmitigated climate change seems almost unthinkable. And to put it in economic costs seems almost absurd. If we go beyond 4C, which certainly would happen at some point with unmitigated climate change and very possibly before 2100 the world population will be reduced by up to 95% according to well known British climate scientist Kevin Anderson. This means a collapse of civilization. It is imperative get off the business-as-usual pathway. If there is any good news it appears that should happen if the pledges to reduce emissions at Paris last year are carried out. However, that is a big if, and to stay under the goal of 2C the pledges must be greatly strengthened.


Stein will cancel student debt how? By Executive Order?

A millennial was just telling me yesterday, "I really watched the primaries with a lot of interest, but now, I'm over politics. Boring. It has nothing to do with my life."

I'll send him this article, but if you're counting on everyone with student debt to support Stein, you better get working the phones!