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How Our Endless Wars Have Pushed the US Military to Court Young Gamers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/25/how-our-endless-wars-have-pushed-us-military-court-young-gamers

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Well in a world disconnected from reality why not fill the ranks with those trained via virtual reality? Sort of makes sense on the road to dystopia. I guess calisthenics can be eliminated from boot camp as well–hell why not the boots, too? Good thing I am too old to game and my thoughts are too ossified to care to learn. I shall just content myself to be a target, or absent that, collateral damage.

Hi WiseOw:
I remember seeing and hearing a video— I guess it was one fo the guys who sits in Arizona and then he works ing distance distance in the Middle East. The man said was that a chiId?} The movement looked Iike a smaII person—and the voice at the other end said, NO. It’s a dog," The chidor was it a dog0–was town to smithereens!
I think It was a chid. : ( But then—training to be quick in video murders is not the same as real life, but somehow the brain and body react that way if video murder keeps getting repeated. It was the same way the 2 men in the helicopter said in The CoIateraI Murder Video----when the van drove up to heIp the people that the Americans shot up—and one said ,“are those kids, " and the hearts one said, " They shouldn’t have brought their kids.”
Wow, a street where the journalist was murdered because one of America’s finest thought a teapot ease on a camera was a gun----and as this was a peaceful street in that city, why wouldn’t peopIe be near with kids in their van? Those soldiers acted as if this was a video game —I wonder if they gave themselves POINTs for the deaths they caused? Video games that are very realistic and do affect how people think and respond. Sometimes I think this must be what happens to so many poIice----miIitary video games seem to make people HEARTIess. : (


I thought this was the case, when I started seeing so many commercials for these type of games right after the 9/11 event. I like being correct, but hate I was right about this one.


We gotta reach the Lil’ Jimmies early.
We can’t have another Phoenix incident.

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This article shines more light on the reach of the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) that evolved from the military industrial complex when Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981.

Top Gun and Red Dawn were the first joint ventures between Hollywood and the US Military.

Goebbels would be proud to see how the US has refined his pioneering propaganda and brainwashing work.


Once again the answer lies in who controls the message. MSM is owned by a cabal of the same people.

How young can paramilitary groups that hire off the record hire these kids, do you reckon?