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How Our Intel Agencies Screwed Us by Letting Sessions, Trumpies Get Away with Russia Scheme


How Our Intel Agencies Screwed Us by Letting Sessions, Trumpies Get Away with Russia Scheme

Juan Cole

Adam Entous, Ellen Nakashima and Greg Miller at WaPo report from a US intelligence source that former Russian ambassador to the US, Sergei Kislyak, told Moscow that he had discussed campaign-related matters with Jeff Sessions twice in the summer of 2016. This revelation directly contradicts Sessions’ testimony before Congress.


Right. All based on information from an unidentified “US intelligence source.”

One of the same U.S. intelligence sources that have lied us into war after war? Or just one of the U.S. intelligence sources that lie before Congress and get away with it every single time?

Or one of the U.S. intelligence sources in charge of designing propaganda to use on the population of the U.S., which is now legal?



So happy the US doesn’t suffer from, like, crony capitalism.


There’s a pattern here, though.

A leak about a meeting is published. Denial across the board.
Confirming evidence emerges. Okay, it happened but it didn’t mean anything.
Details about meeting come out. Okay, but it’s not illegal.
Illegality is pointed out. Okay, it’s illegal, but what about Hillary?

Then Trump asks about his power to pardon.

Anyway, in a tweet, Trump confirmed the veracity of this report already, because the guy just isn’t very bright.

It’s an interesting approach you have, though. Just don’t believe what you are for some reason refusing to believe. Just like the climate change deniers, or those people who don’t “believe” in evolution. Still, when you find yourself siding with Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump, you might want to review your position.


The Putin government is corrupt and underpinned by billionaire cronyism.

Thank God our government is the opposite because it would then be difficult to make that assertion with a straight face.


Juan Cole is considered by some to be a consultant to the CIA.


Many commenters on Truthdig say the same. I don’t know for sure, but I tend to agree when I read his articles.


Good use of straw men: climate change, evolution. How about throwing in vaccinations and the moon landing?

I’m thinking of a different pattern. The one we have seen used to manufacture consent before every unjustified attack we have made on a third world country. When you find yourself siding with unnamed sources from the “intelligence community,” you might want to review your position.


Hmmmm . . . lemme see if I’ve got this right . . .

All the Hillary devotees, such Mr.Cole, are beside themselves with concern that Russia interfered with our precious democratic political process, conveniently ignoring the corrupt fix by the Dem party insider crowd revealed in leaked emails . . . but little to nothing about Israel’s ongoing essential control of Congress, most recently through an AIPAC bill (ref Brian Hauss’s 7/21/17 article, posted here on CD)


I dunno, sounds sorta like hypocrisy maybe.


The usual “new” suspects:


You’re “angry” because our intel agencies “screwed” us? Where did you grow-up, a greeting card? When haven’t our intel agencies screwed us?
Also quite the comparison between this and the Snowden affair, apples and oranges.


Et Tu, Juan?


Could it be that Putin and the Russian Mafia colluded with Trump to take over America without firing a shot? Corporation are not patriotic.


Thanks. I guess Corbyn is right that one can get motivated by social media. I saw this on same. I saw it on “same” first, though quite often I go to Common Dreams first when I get online. Now I run into this link of yours, kjsa, and many things are explained. So, I’ve learned. First reaction is concern for the prof. There’s no harm in the CIA going to the guy for information. The picture I had of him is that they should have. But if in Bush times they were looking for info of a personal nature, as Glen Carle says, then I don’t see how he was a hawk to begin with.


“On the other hand, Trump himself came out strongly in favor of the Magnitsky law earlier this year, a piece of news that was then and remains now a weird fit with the collusion narrative.” Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone 7/14 http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/trump-russia-russiagate-magnitsky-affair-linked-again-w492290


The fact remains that the gist of this article is “a liberal” asking for the Intelligence Agencies to promote democracy. Nough said.


All in vain. Present overlords too entrenched.


If it’s liberal it should make sense. But the pitch to repeal (if there was one) didn’t work. So, as a theory for a rationale for the meetings, does it make sense?


Well, if you’re right and I used straw men there (though I disagree), you’re even more guilty, because I’m pretty sure Trump isn’t a Third World nation that the US wants to plunder for resources, is he? An analogy must be, y’know, analogous, like how people reject information in order to cling to a disproven belief, ie, climate change and evolution.

Also, nice dodge about how these leaks keep proving to be true. Heck, Jr. even released his emails (bad idea, that).

Now we know that Deep Throat was FBI, and the FBI has a truly horrific history, as I’m betting you already know, so I guess all that info was wrong, too? It is if we apply your standard to it.

I guess what’s really just shocking to me is that so many here think only the USA is capable of doing bad things. That’s the most charitable explanation I have for this bizarre denialism. Is Kasparov a stooge of some secret US intelligence cabal, too? All of the “suicides” and accidents and unexplained deaths of people critical of Putin are all just coincidences as well?

Blinded by hatred, a person can’t see what’s right in front of him.


I agree and I’m mad as hell. Our every move is recorded somewhere and we pay dearly for all the foreign surveillance but we can’t stop the Russia/Trump train wreck? Hell, Shneiderman in NYC had the money laundering goods on Trump years ago. Why the hell did the “deep state” let this fraud go on?
Why didn’t Obama stop it and why didn’t Clinton scream about it? She plays in the same back yard as Trump I know she knew all bout him and his deals. We got screwed by the very ones that were supposed to keep us safe.
Trump has always been a crook. This mess shouldn’t have happened.


“This mess shouldn’t have happened.”

Right you are Dede. Tell that to the 132 Million who voted for the two most corrupt, hated politicians in history.

And, I would be willing to bet that in 2018 and 2020, those same people will continue to vote the same way, for corruption and hate.

Maybe, the end of humanity won’t be such a bad thing after all.


If Juan Cole may be a consultant to the CIA, that makes him a less credible source of information, I think.