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How Politicians Helped Create a Climate of Hate for LGBT People


How Politicians Helped Create a Climate of Hate for LGBT People

Sue Sturgis

Number of people killed in the June 12 massacre at Pulse, an LGBT dance club in Orlando, Florida, by a man who reportedly expressed animus toward LGBT people and who may have been a gay or bisexual person himself:


Two responses:

First, how often is it that the right wing Christian who intones loudest against the gay life turns out to have a gay lover or otherwise conduct anonymous bathroom liaisons?

Second, it would be funny--if it weren't tragic--to hear the various oh, so pious Christian Ministers talk a good game about love while making life unbearable for homosexuals, bisexuals, and those of transgender. And these spokespersons are so convinced of their own rigid orthodoxy that they are tone-deaf to the blatant hypocrisy of their so-called odes to Love, Jesus, and caring for others.


LGBT hating is just one of the many divide and conquer strategies that corporations, their media and politicians adhere to.


Of all the sorts of Hate in the world, by far the most destructive is SELF hate.
A young Muslim male, born, raised here in the US of A, the broader culture teaching that God Hates F@gs, perhaps his own teaching something equally as judgemental; maleness always an issue, always needing to be proved, to be recognized, to be distinguished from any hint of femaleness, any hint of unmanliness; that reflected in so many parts of the so-called civilized world; maybe he has feeling that don't fit in the mold, maybe he doesn't have what others say are all the right feeling to be having...where does all that unworthiness go? This young man sees two gay men kissing on the street, not feeling guilt or needing to hide, not being torn apart from the inside and from all remnants of his culture...how is he to react?

I believe this young man was a homophobe first and used the internet to hook up with culturally relevant ideology to justify and explain and normalize his self-loathing into acceptable hatred of the Other, the unmanliest of all, the man who does not have to deny himself to be a man.

The tragedy here includes not only those this man murdered and injured, but the utter sadness of self-hating gays, self-hating men, self-hating children and women.

And to hear republicans who have never uttered the letters LGBT unless ordering a sandwich (gouda?)
using the community to push their hate-filled agendas


The weird and interesting thing about homophobia is that it really is a phobia. The gay haters feel and believe that same sexuality is contagious and, though they won't admit this to themselves, they're afraid that if they show any tolerance, that if they don't express hatred for same sexualists, that they'll "catch" it. The phobic part of this psychodynamic is deep seated and embedded in their emotional natures that many can never get over it. Those who can and do change do so as they get to know gay people or experience friendly humanized depictions of gay people in the media and find themselves liking them as people which can undermine their phobic reactions and warm their hearts despite themselves.

The most difficult aspect to overcome is that for many homophobes their hatred of same sexualists is, to them, a demonstration to themselves of their own virtue. If they can be made to see that this is mean spirited prejudice, not a proof of Godly virtue, that can bring about a values shift.


You apparently have never heard of Missouri Representative Vicky Hartzler?
A piece of work, that. She owes her election to the issue, having established a prior reputation on gay bashing and right to life zealotry---it was really pandering to a constituency that required little convincing. And why not, the region surrounding her district was a hot bed of support for the German American Bund prior to WW II. Just as the Old South never dies for some, sentimental longings for the Third Reich persist for others---well, more correctly, longings for the culture from which such ghastly creation might arise.

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True, the reactionary politicians recklessly stoke the fear and insecurity of that sizeable part of the population that experience same sex attraction but cannot admit their own feelings. My impression is that in the past, such people ofte turned their conflicted feelings inward - I'm thinking of a cousin who killed himself in the early 60s and how the entire, very Catholic family continued to deny his reality even when it cost him his life. Who knows if that same young man today might not have turned his gun on people whose happiness he denied himself?