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How Privatization Cuts Us in Two, While Public Institutions Make Us a Better People


How Privatization Cuts Us in Two, While Public Institutions Make Us a Better People

Paul Buchheit

Most people looking to make big money are eager to disparage public systems as inefficient, wasteful, inferior. Many of those people are in a position to starve the public systems of funding, thereby making them less functional, and making the private options look more appealing.


In spite of it all, Saint Ron, whose regime did more than any other to convince Murkins that privatization is the solution is more popular among Democrats AND Republicans today than he was when he slept through his 8 year stint.


Several excellent observations, but I didn’t see a clear “call to action,” as it’s known in marketing-speak. What can we each do, in our little lives that may not be touched all that directly? Well, beyond the million little things like not buying Nestle products.

Btw, I noticed that all the family members I saw interviewed about the nursing home were Black. I’d like to know whether this was a Medicaid home, where profits had to be skimmed off the top of last-resort coverage. Of course, that wouldn’t leave much room for investing in things like solar panels.


Tell it to the people whose homes were demolished for the sake of building upscale. Or any of the others. How about the people of Flint MI, or the families of the folks who died in the nursing home. They could teach you a thing or two.


Starving the best


The US actually has 4 health care systems which puts ua way ahead of all those other single payer systems. We have fee for service, private insurance, Medicare and a totally socialist system, the VA. According to independent international medical teams the VA is by far the best system in terms of cost and outcomes.The patients have the worst conditions and have the best outcomes. The VA attracts some of the best doctors in the country because they can actually do medicine without consulting an insurance company. The govt. owns all the facilities and pays all the personell but like other effective public agencies it is being defamed and defunded to set it up for privatization. All veterans and military personnel should be wary and contact the congress critters with their concerns. Of course many of those critters take advantage of VA by going to Walter Reed Hospital.
Privatization of the commonwealth has been going on in an organized fashion that is well hidden for over a hundred years


Please cite an authoritative source for this conclusion, or any of your other assertions. And no, youtube is not authoritative.


I agree the VA system which is Universal Health Care, not Single Payer is one of the best systems and at a much lower cost despite the burden of 17 years of wars in the middle east. HR 676 calls for inclusion of military health care (after 10 years) into the Improved Medicare for All single payer plan.


There are various agencies that study health care systems, the World Health Organization and the NIH are a couple and actually many others. I disagree though that You Tube can not be used as empirical information. This is also of interest in how people evaluate the care being provided.


The authority (my actual word) of any youtube post depends on the poster and the circumstances. Empirically, it’s no better than anecdotal information, because there’s no peer-review process for youtube posts.


Right, youtube is a communication model but that doesn’t mean the content cannot be used to draw conclusions. There is a substantial amount of peer-reviewed data that is inaccurate as well.


Peer review is the best means we have to evaluate accuracy. It’s all a matter of critical thinking and trust.


The authoritative source for my assertion that the VA is the best system in the US comes directly from a member of the international team that did the analysis. I met him during a party he was hosting in his house in Boston April 2014. He is a German doctor working at Harvard. When the team took their results to DC and presented them to Congress, the reception from many was indifferent in that they seemed not to comprehend the results. Their market solution mindset could not comprehend. As Fern noted in her reply, I also have info from veteran family members that swear by the VA. The German Dr also said the second place system is Kaiser Permanente though they lagged far behind. That the VA is being underfunded and demonized to set it up for privatization, I have no authoritative proof. I am just using my eyes,ears and brain. I am sure I could find proof of underfunding from the CBO or the VA website. Go for it and disprove me. It wouldn’t be the first time I am wrong though the fact the the VA treats its members at half the cost of the other systems would tend to substantiate that. Watch the video link to understand how we got here. I am sorry it is Youtube, but it includes many authoritative sources.How Big Oil Conquered the World

How Big Oil Conquered the World
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=16888 From farm to pharmaceutical, diesel truck to dinn… | |

4 health care systems which puts ua way ahead of all those other single payer systems.
Please cite an authoritative source for this conclusion, or any of your other assertions. And no, youtube is not authoritative.Visit Topic or reply to this email to respond.
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I agree it is a good method but it is not the only method and it is subject to manipulation by the unethical and greedy. Think Monsanto.


Please tell me where the German doctor published his analysis, or at least his name. Otherwise, it’s entirely anecdotal, third-hand, and nonspecific. The “veteran family members” are absolutely anecdotal. Really. Maybe there’s been something published by the Harvard School of Public Health. I worked with a bunch of them 35 years ago on a startup journal called Medical Decision Making; these are smart folks and very careful scientists.


Doesn’t really matter who owned the buildings. The homes were what was lost.


No, I think you’ll find that the research you’re thinking of was not subjected to independent peer review; very little that involves “trade secrets” ever is.

OTOH, a quick look around the Internet will show you how few participants have any means to evaluate research of any kind. I roll my eyes (being myself only a lowly social scientist) almost every time I see the word “study” or indeed “science.”


Monsanto was probably not a good example only because of the swamp they exist in and the control they exert over their industry and our food supply. Maybe as a example of failure to apply scientific standards. At least investigation using this model if you look hard enough and long enough you find the truth.


The government of Flint was not the elected government, it was the manager appointed by the governor:

Nothing to do with ‘will of the people’ or elections here.


That’s because in comparison to Bush Jr and Trump, he looks like FDR.