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How Privatization Degrades Our Daily Lives


How Privatization Degrades Our Daily Lives

Paul Buchheit

The Project on Government Oversight found that in 33 of 35 cases the federal government spent more on private contractors than on public employees for the same services. The authors of the report summarized, "Our findings were shocking."

Yet our elected leaders persist in their belief that free-market capitalism works best. Here are a few fact-based examples that say otherwise.

Health Care: Markups of 100%....1,000%....100,000%


Thank you, Mr. Buchheit. I love your articles and find the data you expose to be infinitely compelling.

From the article:

“The public-minded sentiment of the 1950s, with the sense of wartime cooperation still in the minds of researchers and innovators, has yielded to the neoliberal winner-take-all business model.”

There is law and then there is the Mars’ favored rite: that of might makes right. And it is that ethos, preferred by heavy boots, machismo warriors, and dominator captains of industry that is now in vogue.

It’s seen in pornography that degrades the female would-be partner so that sexuality is coupled with aggression, domination, and everything other than LOVE.

It’s seen in how entire forests are mutilated by heavy machinery… with so much that nature took so long to weave together turned into instantaneous, efficient collateral damage without any afterthought.

It’s seen in lining children’s minds up like so much monoculture.

And seen in war after war, and wars on poverty, wars on terror, wars on Hispanic “aliens,” wars on the Black community, wars on drugs, and so much else.

THIS mentality is running rampant and destroying everything in its wake.

It cannot be countered with more force, more armed guards, more movies glamourizing war, or TV shows putting females into male serial killer/gun-wielding roles. It cannot be countered with more of same… only the Divine partner, as counterbalance, investments in the arts, gardens, beauty, councils on reconciliation, and LOVE can turn this monstrosity around.

And in anticipation of the site chorus… No. It’s not about WE as some singular uniform assertion about human nature. This is the law of the jungle favored by top dogs, those who have no compassion, no sense of society, neither empathy. They are a percentage of the population; yet one advantaged when any society goes to war and thus embraces the Dominator Ethos.


The “government” has sold out the citizenry. It is not doing its job. Instead, it is farming everything out to the privateers, whose only interest is how to rape the public. The garbage that passes as health care is ample evidence of this.


I have to laugh somewhat at how Americans were sold the privatization myth so strongly during the 1980s and how it’s really turned out. In social services, there is a great deal now of subcontracting services for the disabled, the job seeker, the mentally ill, homeless, housing, etc. The reality is that things are not working any better for it, however much people may rant about improvement. If anything, there are more people working in providing services yet fewer people proportionate to the population in need actually receiving them. A lot of paper and phone calls and maybe sometimes actual results. This article does not surprise me, it is just what I expected. Not that much work is getting done, at least not like the miracle people were led to believe would happen.


I tell people that the flag that should be flying over the Capitol building and at the WH these days is the Jolly Roger not the Stars and Stripes. America has been taken over by Corp. pirates. Our Gov’t is no longer one of “We the People,” its now a wholly owned Corp. subsidiary. We no longer live under the rule of law , we now live in a land where $$ rules and the law is just another commodity up for sale.


“It’s seen in lining children’s minds up like so much monoculture.”

That is a great line. Well said.