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How Privatization Sparked the Massive Oklahoma Teacher Uprising

How Privatization Sparked the Massive Oklahoma Teacher Uprising

Valerie Vande Panne

On April 2, an estimated 30,000 Oklahoma teachers walked out of schools across the state, some traveling hundreds of miles to the capital to protest. This momentum has not stopped: At the time of this writing, teachers are marching—by foot—from Tulsa to Oklahoma City.

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You shouldn’t be exempt from competition just because you’re a teacher or administrator or union official. The privatization of schools is a good thing, transferring the power and control over spending to individuals and away from the State. I know D’s hate this because it puts the onus where it belongs… on every one of them individually to spend their own resources at their own risk actually supporting what they claim to value, instead of the moral short cut of using the State to force everyone else to fund their ends.

No one is making you stop supporting your vision of schools the way you want them, aside from removing the ability to coerce other people into doing it for you. Prove ‘community’ starts with you and other people who literally volunteer to fund and perform your vision

The state used to rely too heavily on oil taxes. The price of oil dropped several years ago and hasn’t recovered. That’s really the only story here.

Thank you for your responses, for there have been many, and sadly, they all seem to be deeply mired in the system we were all taught to accept, as the “one true way”. We all need to understand, that if enough of us recognise a better, more equitable, more universally functional process, then, we may democratically change, and accept it.

First step is to accept that our present system has failed us. The list of inadequacies and failures is long, but may be summed up by reading the stats related to the, now huge, gap between rich and poor; especially those concerning incomes and personal assets.

Second step is to take back our Sovereign rights that enable us to print and issue our own, interest free, debt free money. A medium of exchange can be what ever our Government decides it to be. Money created and “spent” directly into the economy, does not create inflation.

We may now provide everyone with a universal social wage; this eliminates poverty and provides to every person, the means to share in this basic human birthright, the right to receive a share of Earths bounty, the basic right to be fed and cared for.

We now have a community of people living, basically secured, and insulated from the ravages and uncertain outcomes, concomitant with unemployment and other ideological interference’s. This community is now serviced by an economy, that is established and predictable, by virtue of the guaranteed social wage.

This same community includes the whole “gamut” of commercial and business enterprise. They are free to offer employment to anyone at whatever wage and salary they may decide; the community will take up employments when wages and conditions offered suit their individual needs, standards and abilities. Business operators would adjust the prices charged for product or “service”, they would survive or fail in accordance with the community support and encouragement.

From the foregoing you will detect the absence of “some” Government controls and regulations, however, those relating to “health and safety” would be kept in place.

Attempts to install regulations based on a left or right ideological purpose, and solely for the sake of ideology, would not be permitted.

Government would be printing and issuing sufficient money, that must all be “spent” into circulation, to pay for development of infrastructures and community services.

An essential element of any successful economy is the means to control the amount of money in circulation, especially that of the general population. To this end, Businesses and Corporations would pay a small annual tax; individuals would pay tax only after they deceased and at a rate of about fifty percent of estate value.

Obviously there is a great deal more detail surrounding this question, and maybe you can add some of your own, give it a try and see where it takes you? OH, and go check out the North Dakota State Bank, a State that never agreed to give up it’s own Bank, and you will discover that North Dakota has spared itself of all these ideological questions.

The article closes with this:

Oklahoma, says Cagle, is “not a poor state. It’s a priority state,” meaning where the money goes demonstrates the priorities of the state. Clearly, he says, “the money in the state is going somewhere.” And the answer to where it’s going, he says, is in “the hands of the one percent.”

“They’re pumping it from our home,” he says. “It’s our oil. Our water. Our land. And people are waking up.”

This is fundamentally true of all the massively concentrated wealth of the world. It does not “naturally” end up “owned” by a tiny group. It ends up in their hands because they steal it and call it justice, and then they create systems to keep the looting going and call that democracy.

And they do not want a healthy education system, empowered teachers and students, or empowered citizens. Among many other things they do not want.

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LOL @ this

“they all seem to be deeply mired in the system we were all taught to accept, as the “one true way”.”

And then this

“Money created and “spent” directly into the economy, does not create inflation.”