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How Putin's Leverage Shaped the Syrian Ceasefire


How Putin's Leverage Shaped the Syrian Ceasefire

Gareth Porter

When Russian President Vladimir Putin had a substantive meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry last week, it was an extremely rare departure from normal protocol. There was some political logic to the meeting, however, because Putin and Kerry have clearly been the primary drivers of their respective governments’ policies toward Syria, and their negotiations have already led to a stunningly successful Syrian ceasefire and possible Syrian negotiations on a political settlement.


The Syrian army just reconquered Palmyra and this gets little play in the Western media. ISIS had been in control of this City for years in spite of US claims it was bombing ISIS through that period.

What allowed Syria to take the offensive here was Russian air power doing what the US and Allies claimed to have been doing. What caused the US and western allies pause was in my opinion the actions of Turkey. Turkey blackmailed Western Europe by demanding billions in cash or it would encourage more refugees from the war to flood into Europe. This sudden influx of peoples created unrest and conflict inside the EU whereby many European politicians were entertaining the notion of leaving NATO to form a EU defense force.

Obama and the warmongers need to preserve NATO at all costs as it through NATO that they hope to topple Russia and exert western control into the Russian landmass. They see this as a temporary setback.

The reason the Western media is so silent on the liberation of Palmyra and of the defeat of ISIS there is they can not allow the populace of their respective countries to understand this was a Russian and Syrian success and Russia and Syria are at the forefront of defeating ISIS. Those countries must remain the "Bad guys with no respect for human rights and a desire to escalate the world to war" as far as that indoctrinated population is concerned .

Obama might be saying the right things but this no different than Ms Clinton saying what the people want to hear.


All excellent points. But what do you make of the report from Porter here, asserting that Obama rejected Kerry's plea to escalate bombing as a negotiation ploy? Wouldn't that lend some credence to Obama playing along with Putin?


Well he IS playing along with Putin as he works to develop another strategy. Putin won the first go round and unless the USA totally reveals that it supports ISIS and wanted to use it to topple Assaad , Obama has to give the appearance that the US has the same goals as Russia, that the defeat of ISIS and other such groups.

It patently obvious to Obama that the Russian strategy worked even as the US claimed it could not and would not. The reason it worked is because his bombing of ISIS and linked groups was real and not the fiction that the USA carried out for the previous years. If he followed the advice of Kerry he would in fact be ordering the bombing of Syrian units. That is his ultimate goal but you and I can not know that,


Did you forget about the attack on the Russian airliner in Egypt that killed a bunch of russian tourists?


There has also been several arrests made in Russia of groups organizing to launch such attacks. A group in the caucausus has announced it would operate under the ISIS flag. A whole lot of ISIS members are Chechen and included som eof their major Commanders. These persons fought Russia before both in Chechnya on Ossetia.