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How 'Regime Change' Wars Led to Korea Crisis


How 'Regime Change' Wars Led to Korea Crisis

Robert Parry

It is a popular meme in the U.S. media to say that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is “crazy” as he undertakes to develop a nuclear bomb and a missile capacity to deliver it, but he is actually working from a cold logic dictated by the U.S. government’s aggressive wars and lack of integrity.


One would think that this is rather obvious. “Why do they hate US so?”


Because we killed so many of them once upon a time.


I was being facetious. I was thinking of W and his, they hate us for our freedom nonsense. Or Obama’s drone campaigns. Anyone who reads critically knows why.


Thanks Common Dreams for posting Robert Parry’s excellent brief summation of the duplicitous and murderous actions of the US regime toward Iraq and Libya, that provide rational reason for Kim Jong Un to continue to pursue WMD to protect N Korea.

For anyone who missed it, here is another report that goes into detail specifically about the timeline of US military and diplomatic provocations toward N Korea:



Robert Parry: " There also has been virtually no accountability."

That is it in a nutshell. The presidents of past and current Administrations are US war criminals that have murdered untold numbers of American soldiers for lie after lie after lie ad-nauseam ! Not to mention lord only knows, how many innocent men, women and children.

Until the international courts have similar trials like the Nuremberg trials that indicted many Nazi’s as war criminals…nothing will change.

What more proof does one need that the US is a military dictatorship? Than the fact that unlike the leaders of Nazi Germany, none of America’s past presidents have been tried as war criminals and have not been held accountable even though the evidence of their culpability as war criminals is overwhelming and they would be convicted in an international, court of law !


Holy Cow!!! Thank you Robert Parry for telling the hard truth! I’ll bet you’re not too popular with mainstream media elites! I am in agreement. North Korea is simply being protective and defensive of their own interests and country. Iran should do the same in my opinion. It’s a sitting duck as it stands.


Yeah, to rephrase dim son: they hate us for our freedom to murder so many of them!


America runs the world.
F*** Seoul!


This whole issue is the absolute epitome of idiocy since North Korea would only use these weapons on another country if they were determined to commit suicide. It’s like those people who want to commit suicide but want someone else to pull the trigger so they threaten police officers with lethal weapons. I have no idea what Trump is getting so worked up about. Apparently NK offered to give up it’s nuclear programme if the U.S. would stop all of the massive military exercises with SK so close to NK territory but Obama turned it down … and he’s the intelligent one?


The Trump administration is trying to provoke NK into a first attack so they can respond and have a “justified” real war. Absent a real attack they will probably gin one up via a false flag operation aka Gulf of Tonkin.


The US is the country begging for regime change in N.K. If any country in the world needs regime change…it is ours!


I don’t think so. The Trump administration isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been U.S. policy for 64 years.

What the U.S. wants here is continued justification to have massive nuclear weapons pointed at China on China’s doorstep but having the cover it’s because of North Korea. The same way the U.S. (under Obama) used Iran as justification to park massive amounts of nuclear missiles in Eastern Europe on Russia’s doorstep.


Vladimir Putin as reported on the BBC World News:

"They’d rather eat grass than abandon their [nuclear weapons] programme unless they feel secure. And what can establish security? The restoration of international law. We should promote dialogue among all interested parties."
Citing a “humanitarian aspect”, Mr Putin said millions of people would suffer under tougher measures, adding: “Sanctions have been exhausted.”


The restoration of International Law !

Right about now I think every single member of Congress should resign, and find something useful to do - out of politics.

New people are needed - with courage and integrity.

These people exist, right now.

How to proceed ??


And there lies one of our major problems. We don’t have many critical readers! I’m sure that this site is an exception, but the majority either don’t read very much, or worse, read things such as the " Left Behind " crap. The sales numbers bear this out.


I’m pleasently surprised seeing Robert Parry on CD. Another excellent piece on the Korea story is this from the Grayzone Project at Alternet:


I second your sentiment. One place to start is to keep the message up in front of people.
I’m reminded of Samuel Clemens and think that early and often applies to sound advice as well as voting.


I don’t know. They should understand that only americans count as worthy. It’s like they don’t appreciative us for our kindness, I mean look at Saudi Arabia, one of the top five most repressive governments in the world. And who put them on top? It was us and our support for the royal family. And our unwavering loyalty to the Saudis for their support of the most intolerant and repressive version of Islam. As long as they keep buying weapons and using them, so they have to buy more weapons.
I am getting tired of these people who refuse to kneel before us and acknowledge the US as their master. We should get something for all the money we spend for our military bombing them, a little gratitude on their part. They have no respect for our exceptionalism.


What would the world look like if the US after WWII worked for peace-and refused to use military action except for the protection of the US mainland. The CIA seems to have a hand in many disasters around the world----maybe good for corporate interests,but not good for the American peoples interests.

I think there needs to be a history lesson of what the US did to North Korea in the 50’s. What would Korea look like today if the US had stayed out of the Korean War?


How can they hold that against us? We go around the world killing people, it’s what we are good at. What would we spend our money on if we couldn’t kill people? It’s not like we are suffering from natural disasters or have any problems.