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How Right-Wing Conservatives Have Laid Waste to America for 50 Years

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/14/how-right-wing-conservatives-have-laid-waste-america-50-years


The only credible trickle-down metrics are color…always yellow, and the ever widening US wealth and income gap during the same “50 goddamn years”.

Equally threatening has been the GOP getting away with ever more egregious crimes with each passing year during the same “50 goddamn years”. Even worse was the decriminalization of nearly all “white collar crime” during the Reagan, Bush 41, and Clinton regimes.

If Pelosi fails to heed Rep. Bill Pascrell’s demands and seats the seditious reps., and Biden ignores Pascrell and fails to launch indictments on January 21 that bring Trump, his appointees and other enablers to justice the GOP will become more empowered than ever, consigning the Democratic Party and democracy itself to the dust bin or history post haste.


All very true. However, none of it could have happened without the Democrats providing cover, “reaching across the aisle”, and listening to big donors over regular working people. The Democrats have been acting just like those right-wing conservatives ever since Bill Clinton came up with his disastrous “third way”, which was actually just being Republican. Both Clinton and Obama continued these horrible policies over the decades. So please, spread the blame around accordingly.


Very good article and I agree with it. Thanks Mr. Bucheit.
Mr. Phillips


If you think that only conservatives are to blame, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale at a very good price!
Unless of course, by “right-wing conservatives” you also mean neoliberal Democrats.


If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

When the young man heard this, he went away sad, because he had great wealth.

Children give their toys up sooner or later.

Need nothing is the way…share everything…


Although conservatism has existed for a very long time, for a definition from the 1970’s till today, I might substitute the term individualism with selfishism, or as I call the 1980’s the “me” decade, with no regard for limited resources or your fellow man/woman. This concept has evolved to what we see today in the fascist Trump supporters today who refuse to ware a mask to stop the spread of the virus.
I’ve posted this link on another thread here, it’s importance and relevance to this story also rings true. Liberalism’s goal of converting everything that was once considered public domain into private entities to extract wealth from is talked about by the guest in this vid.

“What You Need To Know About Money”
The Jimmy Dore Show


Per article, “For conservatives, individuals and local communities are better assessors of their own needs and problems than distant bureaucrats.”

What has that got to do with anything? Are they suggesting that it follows from the above that each local community should develop and distribute its own vaccine, should manufacture its own car, should have its own defense force, should be a self-contained unit for all things?

If it takes nonsense to believe in conservatism, then maybe conservatism is nonsense (or old-fashioned BS). Some things are better handled locally, and some aren’t, and feeling the need (by community) is the least of it in looking at the problems as a society we face today.


Dems are just as responsible for the demise of the Unions and middle class as the Reds. The difference is the Reds believe not in democracy or capitalism or socialism but in Reaganomics and Objectivisism. Obama and Clinton gave them everything they wanted as did Gore by surrendering the presidency without a fight. FDR’s experiment moved to Europe and Asia.


The Disastrous Effect of Placing Individuals Over Society

In other words - Capitalism


The “Chicago School of Economics” gave birth to all of this. Reagan, Thatcher and Mulroney and every other neo-liberal embraced the nonsense that that school was promoting. Those political leaders all die off but that school remains.


Withdraw from GATS and GATT.

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Obama went there. A legacy of terror in Chile, failed ideology in Iraq and general insanity.


Right-Wing Conservatives

As opposed to right-wing liberals, one supposes.

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Right. In the same way that hundreds of millions around the world nonetheless continue to vote for right-wing candidates.


Though not specifically mentioning democrats, the article made clear that the author is referring to the democrat neoliberals.

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“Right-Wing Conservatives Have Laid Waste to America for 50 Years” in grand part because the so-called “liberal Democrats”, with the help of elite funding sources, did all they could to silence and/or dis-empower progressive thinking or action. In large part this was done through the sold-out media who further commercialized and eliminated true and free journalism, making it dependent on ownership, and not facts.

The general public became ever more distanced from true information and varying opinions; and ever more influenced and even dependent upon manufactured explanations of “reality” designed to quell progressive or independent thinking which might question the changing structure of power and control as it became less and less a democratically influenced process and towards more and more of a profit-driven commodity.

Thus, “leadership” became tied to an ever-larger un-elected elite, who were more and more able to spread their vision and viewpoint, largely through media and the so-called electoral process, while quietly hiding other visions through combinations of media, public relations, and education.

The general public lost its history and understanding, justly as it more and more lost control of information and participation.

The role of the Democratic Party in this process cannot be overstated.

Among other things it led to the destruction of unions, leaving much of the working class with ever less influence and presence. Network “news” and Hollywood helped spread Core Lies of the Reagan Era, leaving the general population with less comprehension of the true forces at play with their lives, what role, if any, the majority working class might have in determining the direction of the nation.

Thus the 'successes" of right-wing conservatives relied on the ever-present collusion of so-called liberals to prevent dialog, and stop any resistance, much less rebellion, over the decades, making couch potatoes of potentially active citizens concerned about their dwindling democracy.


Let’s call that doctrine you describe here ReconFire and what Paul Bucheit illustrates and attributes to an older definition of Conservative (don’t forget before the use of tax-payer money by Woodrow Wilson to create the Creel Commission and contract the new Public Relations industry to propagandize the vast majority of Conservative Americans out of their Isolationist refusal to take any interest in Euro Imperial Colonial Wars and follies).

We still can’t find mainstream media discussion or debate on the policy outcomes and link to the greatest concentration of wealth in recorded human history or the finger prints of the Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrines and dogmas that put Washington’s early 20th Century continuity with early 21st Century proliferation of nationalist blood-shed into our Corporate Caliphate-captured Duopoly as a litmus test for national office. Trump was qualified by Neo-Liberal E-CON standards even before he found a way to win over that aberrant strain of Christian Evangelical Church that is widely ostracized by the Global Evangelical churches.

Once the Liberally Educated Paleo-Conservatives embraced Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrines and dogmas by the late 1960’s that Milton Friedman, his wife an even better economist named Ruth Director Friedman and the University of Chicago were richly rewarded to proliferate as Gray Propaganda. That it blew back after being directed by the CIA towards the Maoist and Stalinist Communist spheres is something we can thank the Feudal Lords of Trans National HI FInance, Tech\Telecomm\Life Sciences for. The wealth that built the Trump family fortune came from BIG GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS and MILITARY GUIDED ECONOMICS that became part of the prevailing ruling ideology. It led to the U.S. Civil War within the Conservative Right Wing Establishment that separated off from Paleo-Cons like America First nationalists such as Nixon and his inner circle.

Nixon himself was actually Neo-Liberal in outlook even while being a rabid Red Baiter in his early political opportunism. Nixon’s first job in government after his stint in the U.S. Armed Forces was with the now dissolved Federal OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINISTRATION, which shared some economic concepts with the Keynesians who used U.S. tax-payer money to rebuild Europe for so-called Free Market Europeans. Nixon was famously quoted during his Presidency for stifling internal dissent among his circle of Paleo-Con nationalist America First-ers with his declaration that after WW II “we’re all Keynesians now.”

The Neo-Cons came from the disillusioned earlier Socialists and equally disillusioned U.S. Paleo-Cons who loved the fantasy of a world ruled by FREE MARKET principles (as if that can exist given the laws of human nature and physics). Hence the contradictions idealistic Marx and his practical capitalistic global capital investing partner and sponsor Friedrich Engels were grappling with:

Internal Contradictions like the federal government secretly subsidizing the Cold War Propaganda industry despite that propaganda including the SHRINK BIG GOVERNMENT and “NANNY STATE” weaponized political memes within the U.S. Right Wing Paleo-Conservative movement. That Cold War Washington ideological line would bar CENTRALIZED ECONOMIC PLANNING (which includes propagandizing against National Military planning of economies despite U.S. designs on Indonesia as “The Big Prize” of the Cold War and that Washington via the Berkeley Mafia was training to direct the new Neo-Liberal E-CONomic Military Dictatorships in (Egypt) and Indonesia. Along with many of our Cold War allies in the face-off with the Commie Cults of Personality (and their 3rd Way Euro and Nordic state and North and South of the U.S. Border Socialist imagined allies).

This helps explain the corporate-captured mass media Black Listing of any debate or discussion much less analysis and post mortem on the policy outcomes of the doctrines and dogmas of prevailing Neo-Liberal E-CONomics.

Like here in the U.S. the way that in the late 1970’s and early 80’s young Reagan-Bush Right Wing campaign tacticians like Frank Luntz and Ralph Reed drew U.S. Christian Evangelicals out of their apolitical blind faith to church (and fascistic) social structures Authoritarianism of the deep south and GREAT DEPRESSION impoverished industrial north and Big Ag dominated midwest that such Neo-Cons as Jeannie Kirkpatrick had to explain away in comporting with federally subsidized propaganda work under the Paleo-Con circle around Nixon (if not Kissinger whose post government founding of Kissinger Associates drew its global client list from those who sought the unfettering of Global Capital and a return to Feudal Rule by the Corporate Caliphate).

Nixon actually began his career in Public Service after his stint in the Armed Forces working for this no longer existing federal agency called the PRICE ADMINISTRATION that shared economic concepts with the Socialists that Nixon red baited as demonic Commies:

Even as Luntz and Reed of the Moral Majority and Christian Right Wing demonized the word “LIBERAL” (that once described the elite education of ruling Conservatives in Calvinist U.S. history). That internal ideological and tactical contradiction or cross-purposes would shape Nixon’s response to the combined Double Whammy his 2 Presidential terms experienced with the OPEC Arab-led Oil Boycott on one hand that inconvenienced the motor-dominated U.S. economy and the natural monetarist inflation that morphed into Nixon’s FEARSOME RUNAWAY INFLATION . A scourge that in part came from massive Cold (and Vietnam Bloody Hot) War and Daddy Warbucks booming Wall Street profit distortions in so-called Free Markets. Like the soaring Dow Chemical stocks when the U.S. Armed Forces bought their AGENT ORANGE in bulk to defoliate the agriculturally based economies of Southeast Asia in general and war-divided Vietnam in particular.

Also, that threatened to break apart the Dixie Crats that were won over to the Eastern Establishment Republicans they once despised by Nixon’s brilliant campaign strategist Kevin Phillilps Southern Strategy. See Phillips excellent books on the HOUSE OF BUSH and its intimate alliances with the Saudi Royal Family.

Those Dixie Crats who rode the Cold War weaponized Neo-Liberal E-CONomic praise wave over and voted against their class interests in turning GOP Neo-Con RED. Kevin Phillips wound up losing his role in the network TV Golden Rolodex of political analysts with his own embittered analyses expressed in his historically savvy books, with the outcomes of that triumph in the Conservative U.S. War That Was Not Televised where Nixon’s Paleo-Con inner circle of America First-ers were vanquished by the Neo-Cons who embraced Neo-Liberal E-CONomic outsourcing of jobs and our national industrial base as “producers” of wealth as Wall Street won out in the grab for the goal of unfettered Global Capital and de-regulated trade that turned our economy into a Financial Speculation-based GDP drawing on Wall Street as providers of "Financial Services to their trans national Supermarkets of Financial Services. The rape of Main Street, USA by trans national Wall Street is where we stand today locked down and not likely to be revived without a new America First push that finds a way to cooperate with our Global Trading rivals who are also our partners.

Look up Chicago Boys on Wiki Pedia and their means of global propaganda distribution known during the Cold War decades as THE MIGHTY WURLITZER and involving universities and mass media businesses.

Look up also since there has been a U.S. News Media black-out dating back decades on the Shadow Government and Shadow Military contracting of The Berkeley Mafia .

Masters of War like The Berkeley Mafia were getting rich off the NANNY STATE and BIG GOVERNMENT contracts at University of California at Berkeley even before the FREE SPEECH MOVEMENT began taking aim at Washington’s DADDY WARBUCKS Golden Goose.

Less well known has been the federally contracted classified work to help bring regime change to resource rich Indonesia, then a non-aligned country with a Socialist leader who wanted no part of Soviet or Chinese alliance as that Socialist Indonesian leader soon to be overthrown by Washington and the Berkeley Mafia spoke publicly about how Communism had been corrupted into a Cult of Personality serving Stalin and Mao and was not any part of the Socialist Dream of sharing the wealth of the vast Micronesian Archipelago.

That Cold War “Great Prize” in Nixon-Kissinger Paleo-Con and Neo-Con parlance was so long exploited from the Dutch to the Anglos to the Canadians and Australians along with the French and Portuguese. Look up The Berkeley Mafia role in Indonesia on Wiki Pedia.

Or read U.C.-Berkeley Professor Emeritus of Canadian Diplomatic extraction, Peter Dale Scott’s book-length confessional poem COMING TO JAKARTA and take notes while viewing interviews with Prof Scott now posted widely online.


It would help to also spend some time with the latest Christian Gospel to be unearthed at Nag Hammadi in Egypt, the GNOSTIC GOSPEL OF ST. THOMAS with its credo of SPEAK FORTH WHAT IS WITHIN YOU as part of the continuity of Judaic practices and mystical as well as material principles of Atonement. Later codified by the Post Doctrine of Discovery Catholic Church for control purposes as the weekly Latin rites of Confession.

Thank you, though, Paul Bucheit for your much appreciated heroic yet lonely work speaking Truth to Abused and Abusive Power. This fine thoughtful parsing piece of necessary communitarian resistance you’ve published here to the followers (whether they realize it or not) of the Gospel of Milton Friedman and the Chicago Boys along with Rose Director Friedman’s disciples among the Neo-Liberal E-CON Cold Warriors prevalent within The Berkeley Mafia.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee

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Right wing liberals (social liberals and economic laissez faire liberals) are the founding cadre of what we in the U.S. historical political spectrum of the 20th Century call Neo-Cons or New Conservatives.

This is tied to the Revolution that was not televised as I refer to the Lewis Powell Memo of resistance to some of Nixon’s Paleo-Con policies for dealing with “runaway inflation.”

The Neo-Cons came to chuck the America First-ers of the Paleo-Cons, keeping only the rhetoric and facade while outsourcing U.S. productive jobs for decades, while demonizing everything called “Liberal.” Methinks social and economic liberals like the Kristol family of founding Neo-Cons Irving Kristol and son William Kristol.

Or like Richard Perle of Daddy Warbucks policies and budget expenditures at the cost of AUSTERITY on the rest of impoverished U.S. WAGE STAG-NATION here on the Planet of the Clock Punchers.

Methinks these socially and economically liberal Neo-Cons doth protest too much…as their own political tacticians in Ralph Reed of the Religious Right and Frank Luntz of the Moral Majority were the ones who needed to politically activate the formerly apolitical churched U.S. Evangelical Conservatives (or fascists if you find Church structures and blind obedience to Authoritarian hierarchy as fascism) and so began the work of demonizing everything tied to the word “LIBERAL” .

The Neo-Con tacticians and Reagan Democrats who rebelled against their own Union Organized and raised standard of living, they were not worrying that most of their intended target of apolitical church folk would have the higher education to be even remotely familiar with the set of doctrines and dogmas for centuries debated as Neo-Liberal E-CONomics.

That higher education that trained Conservatives after all, was becoming no longer affordable at the Public and Community Colleges. Meanwhile, those Ivy League and elite oligarch and robber baron endowed private universities of THE GOLDEN PASSPORT was called a "LIBERAL EDUCATION" and not ever an “ILLIBERAL CLOSE-MINDED CALVINIST EDUCATION.” But that was merely a problem solved by our racialist President Woodrow Wilson trying to woo Isolationist U.S. majority into volunteering to go off and fight in Europe’s Imperial Wars and Colonial bloodbaths. U.S. industry got rich arming all sides in that first World War thanks to the innovations in Public Relations and the industry launched by Edward Bernays whose psychological consumer interests were in part shaped by his Uncle Sigmund Freud’s work. Look that up on Wiki Pedia under either the key words PUBLIC RELATIONS INDUSTRY or EDWARD BERNAYS LIBERTY TORCHES GET WOMEN SMOKING

Best of all in terms of analyzing in post-mortem fashion the doctrines and policies of the U.S. shift to Neo-Liberal E-CONomics as weaponized for Cold War propaganda purposes and personal enrichment by Milton Friedman and his wife Ruth Director Friedman’s circle at the University of Chicago and by The Berkeley Mafia, read Robert Kuttner’s more recent essay on this continuing U.S. Mass Media taboo also in American Prospect magazine and more widely distributed by online media’s Alter-Net the summer of 2019 before the onset of PANDEMIC PLAGUE:

Neoliberalism: Political Success, Economic Failure

The invisible hand is more like a thumb on the scale for the world’s elites. That’s why market fundamentalism has been unmasked as bogus economics but keeps winning politically.

by Robert Kuttner
© June 25, 2019

Share and discuss. Use it to pry open some FREE SPEECH SPACE TO ANALYZE & DISCUSS THE POLITICAL OUTCOMES OF NEO-LIBERAL E-CONomics as weaponized by the Friedmans with their Chicago School and Berkeley Mafia disciples who now restrict such FREE SPEECH in corporate-captured U.S. Media.

Fortunately we still have the non-profit outlets like COMMON DREAMS

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee

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And yet these corporate conservatives remain firmly in control, owning both so-called partys.